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War vets storm Mnangagwa office


A GROUP of 20 former freedom fighters calling themselves the War Veterans Welfare Committee yesterday stormed President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Munhumutapa office to hand over a 10-page petition demanding that he arrests “criminals around him”.


Part of a group of war veterans who protested over their welfare outside President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s offices at Munhumutapa Building in Harare yesterday

The war veterans, fronted by one Fredrick Ngombe, also want Mnangagwa to honour a pledge by former President Robert Mugabe in 1998 to pay them a monthly pension.

They however, failed to meet Mnangagwa, who was chairing a Cabinet meeting.

“We would have wanted to meet the President, but we have been advised that he is in a Cabinet meeting. Officials have signed our petition and we now await the response from the President,” Ngombe told journalists.

In the petition, the war veterans said they remained saddened by the fact that at independence “sell-outs” were being honoured, while real fighters were sidelined by Mugabe’s government.

“We stand today owed huge arrears in granted life-long Z$2 000 monthly pensions as against the paltry $234 monthly the State is unashamedly paying us,” said the veterans in the statement, adding that they were dismayed that the State was portraying them in “negative national perception to our deserved and lawful entitlements as tantamount to us being responsible for and holding the nation to ransom.”

The war veterans want Mnangagwa’s government to honour Mugabe’s promise to pay them a whopping $450 000 lump-sum “agreed in 1997 between him and our (late) leader Chenjerai Hunzvi”.

“Positively resolve the issue of ex-Zipra properties officially claimed to have been expropriated by government, account for the 25% shareholding for war veterans in Telecel (Pvt) Ltd to date, and hand over responsibility for its monitoring and performance to war veterans themselves and establish a database to account for every war veteran,” the petition read.

Zipra, the wartime armed wing of PF Zapu, had its properties expropriated by government at the height of post-independence tensions that culminated in the 1987 Unity Accord between the two major liberation movements.

The former fighters also want to be paid their outstanding pensions, back-dated to 1997 and “announce and gazette a policy declaration that every war veteran is a national hero or heroine, living or dead. We fought for Zimbabwe in total, not its districts or provinces”.

Some of the veterans who were waiting for their leaders outside the President’s office lashed out at the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association secretary-general Victor Matemadanda.

“We have been described as renegades by Matemadanda. It is wrong for someone with questionable war credentials to throw pot-shots at us,” a veteran who declined identification said.

“We suffered during the war, and it is not like we are making demands that are out of this world. We were promised under Statutory Instrument 180-181 of 1997 to get Z$2 000 each month and this was only paid once in the last 21 years.

“We want government to honour that. We are not fighting the President, the party (Zanu PF) or the government. Some people like Matemadanda want the world to believe that we are hot-heads; it is wrong.”

Matemadanda was not immediately available for comment, as his aide said he was attending a funeral of Hunzvi’s wife.

Hunzvi arm-twisted Mugabe into paying an unbudgeted Z$50 000 each to thousands of war veterans in November 1997, a move that economic commentators said was behind the downfall of the local currency.

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  1. What? You want $2,000/month for sitting on your bums? Your heads need to be examined. You might be suffering from PTSD. Get Zanu PF to pay you, not the govt.

  2. Wana sekuru, ambuya vakomana nevasikana vakarwa hondo kumamisha uko murikuti havana basa here.
    Wanowana chiiwo zvamurikuramba muchiti tinoda chino tinoda chino.

  3. Where is the Government going to get any money to give to these goons? Maybe they were inspired by Junior Doctors. These people should be real. They want to create problems for the people of Zimbabwe. I do not think they are true war veterans who have fought for the liberation of this country. If they truly are then something is wrong with their thinking. The nation is struggling economically and they want to inflict more harm to it. The people are being taxed so we have to improve revenue collection and boost economic activities that will spring up production and improve our economy. In the meantime, bogus war vets clamoring to useless papers toy-toying our streets and making unnecessary noise. This action is far from being that of responsible Freedom Fighters. Please spare us the wrath, we are trying to pick up the pieces from where Mugabe left so that our nation survives. Somebody should teach them that there is nothing for free because somebody would have paid for it.
    Someone should have taught them and they should have known by now that the majority of Zimbabweans were not liberated by war vets but by themselves. Takarwa hondo tose asi kungoti mabitire ndooakanga akasiyana. We cooked for the Armed Fighters and provided for their security and survival. We sabotaged the Smith Regime in a number of ways for him to agree to come to the table. Who is going to pay everybody for what they did for their country? Be real you shameless empty vessels, people who are not thankful that at least you got something from the nation and abused it. Start thinking like you are adults and work for your lives please!!!!!!!!!! No more demob.

  4. kana nesu vana vacho toda mari we must inherit mari idzodzo tisu reserved army yacho saka musati hazvina basa toda nhaka yanababa vedu infrm of payments mhani.

    • Unoda kubhadharwa kuzvarwa neWar Vet? Tipewo serious. Its like a Doctor’s child demanding payment for him being a son or daughter to a Doctor. You want to destroy the economy as you have done in 1997. Tirikukuonai zvedu, muchatimotionawo kana mava vanhu…kkkkkkkkkk Sorry maningi.

  5. Get lost mhani isu tine hama dzisina kudzoka dzakafira ikoko tinobhadharwa nani, It was a good cause kuenda kuhondo but zvekuzoti munhu wese akaendako abhadharwe it not fair, Vanevana vakafirako varikubhadharwa nani,

  6. Get lost mhani isu tine hama dzisina kudzoka dzakafira ikoko tinobhadharwa nani, It was a good cause kuenda kuhondo but zvekuzoti munhu wese akaendako abhadharwe it not fair, Vanevana vakafirako varikubhadharwa nani. Kwanai. ruzhinji renyu hamuna kupfura chero rekeni chaiyo

  7. Just looking at the clear picture of the war vet face shown, he is very young, younger than the the author of this comment. The author of this comment was 15 years in 1979, a year before independence – he was in form 3. The author had on holidays participated in reconnoitering for the comrades, as a mujiba in Bikita. The author will be turning 56 next week on the 23rd. That purported war vet face in the picture looks 5 or so years younger? He could have been ten years in 1979? The real war vets who most likely to be men and women well over 17 years would be around 60 years old today. I think this war vet criteria is being abused by loafers.
    Finally these war vets have a sickening spirit of entitlement. they got some demob thing in the 1980s, got back for more in 1997, now 2018, they are back for some more? Am I missing something? The second world war vets in Europe, get a modest pension pegged when the war ended, or when they retired from the army, which is the earlier. They would not be allowed to be demanding more payments time and time again. It is time the public stood up to Government for this to stop

  8. Most of people in the rural areas were butchered by the Smith regime for supporting you war vets but today you say, you are the only ones who want compensation. We were fighting alongside in different capacities, some were catering department, some were for information and you were holding guns.Holding a gun does not make you special workers during liberation. Majority of us might go to the president for funds in the name of fighting during the liberation struggle.You were given land for farming but you are just lazying around. Utilize what you were given you war vets.

  9. im sorry to say this but kumhatta kwenyu mese do you have any idea how it was like to spent a day without knowing if you would survive muhondo.Matekenya akadya vanhu women nd young ones we killed brutally by smith soldiers.Hondo yakaitika pachimoyo moiziva herend you take that for granted pusy hole to anyone who dis the freedom fighters.
    Im nt siding them bt common sense nd conscience should simply say some into your mind.
    Its nt warvets fault that their coleagues became greedy nd began to loot resources,warvets fought for you to be free nd happy,so they are entittled to good healthy,school fees for their children,adquate monthly payment nd all that is needed for their life to flow smoothly

  10. Matauriro ako Galant kana wakaenda kuhondo wakauraya vanhu vasina mhosva so une ngozi iri kukunetsa saka unoda kuti ubhadharwe mhosva dzako. A true watvet haatuke munhu asi kuti anoonesa vanhu. How many times do you need to be paid your so called heroics? Do you know that most people claiming to be warvets today were refugees, war collaborators, dzakutsaku and bogus people? Why was vetting done 15 or so years after independence? All the connected to the vettors are all warvets. Warvets ceased to be heroes in 1997 when they demanded to be paid for their heroics. The more they demand the more they become mercenaries.

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