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War vets plot to block Chamisa


WAR veterans are plotting to force the ruling Zanu PF party to make a constitutional amendment that will raise the age limit of presidential aspirants from 40 to 52 years, which would effectively block opposition leader Nelson Chamisa from contesting against President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 2023 general elections.


The MDC leader is 40; the age limit for aspirants allowed in the Constitution while Zanu PF enjoys a two-thirds majority in the Ninth Parliament after a landslide in the July 30 elections.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association (ZNLWVA) secretary-general Victor Matemadanda also called on Parliament to come hard on “people who call for sanctions and economic sabotage and bar them from contesting in any election”.

Matemadanda said the war veterans will use the party’s conference to be held in Esigodini next week to lobby Zanu PF to use its majority in Parliament to enact the restrictive laws.

“The ZNLWVA condemns reactionary forces who go around the world asking for the extension of sanctions and calls upon the conference to ask Parliament to amend the age limit of those who can contest on the presidential election from the age of 40 to 52,” he said.

“This will make sure that anyone who contests for presidency is mature enough to run the country.”

Matemadanda, who is also War Veterans deputy minister, however, did not explain how the former liberation war fighters reached at the age of 52 as the threshold for maturity.

After the July 30 elections, when Chamisa was challenging Mnangagwa’s electoral victory at the Constitutional Court, Buhera South legislator Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) suggested the ruling party would use its two-thirds majority in Parliament to raise the presidential age limit to between 55 and 60.

The move, although resisted by Zanu PF youths, was targeting Chamisa, who narrowly lost out to the Zanu PF leader and still contends that his “victory” was stolen by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec), referring to Mnangagwa as an “illegitimate president”.

Mnangagwa won with 2 460 463 or 50,6% of votes compared to Chamisa’s 2 147 436 or 44,3% of the votes, according to Zec.

“We call upon the conference to declare all who call for sanctions against Zimbabwe and work against government efforts to resuscitate the economy as enemies of the State and nation of Zimbabwe,” Matemadanda said.

“(We) call upon Parliament to enact laws that cause an investigation and establishment of facts on people who call for sanctions and economic sabotage. If proved to be true, to make such people not eligible for election to district council, provincial council, Member of Parliament and President positions.

“We will also ask Parliament to classify economic sabotage and the calling of economic sanctions as third schedule offences.”

Third schedule offences include treason and murder, among other serious crimes.

The war veterans also endorsed Mnangagwa as Zanu PF presidential candidate for the 2023 general elections and hailed Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s economic stabilisation programme.

Matemadanda attacked some sections of war veterans from Kwekwe whom he accused of being liberation and economic saboteurs for supporting the MDC and castigating government’s command agriculture programme.

Matemadanda also distanced himself from the group of war veterans who petitioned Mnangagwa last week, demanding that he address the welfare of the former combatants.

But MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume scoffed at the war veterans’ proposals to raise the presidential age limit, saying it showed how much Zanu PF fears Chamisa in an electoral contest. He said although Zanu PF claims to have a two-thirds parliamentary majority, such an amendment violates peoples’ political rights in the Bill of Rights and, therefore, requires a referendum.

“They are cowards, they fear Chamisa. Old men have destroyed this country and if ever there should be an amendment, it should be on an upper age limit,” Mafume said.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Kaya Moyo said: “I am not the spokesperson of the war veterans, and any case, this has not been brought to us as a party.”

However, according to section 328 of the Constitution, there is no need for a referendum to raise the presidential age limit. The process can be done through a constitutional Bill which would need to pass through a two-thirds majority in both the lower and upper houses.

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  1. This matemadanda is becoming a biggest threat to national security, progressive nations are busy crafting laws of inclusion while regressive minds are crafting laws of exclusion, who surely in his right state of mind wud support such a foolish law, the country is burning while this matemadanda guy is busy thinking of some foolish constitutional amendments. it displays his absolute failure to grasp issues. in progressive nations or anwhere else even in africa, this matemadanda will not even fit to be a ward councillor.

  2. If there are some grey areas in our laws of the land there is need for amendiment. To be a president needs a person who is mature with highest qualities of a leader. A person who can unite all citizens, neighbours and world over. Here in Zimbabwe a person who is considered mature, according to our culture is, soro jena, grey haired, those are the people who can handle issues to do with all ages accordingly. Every political party has capable and mature people, who can one day rule Zim, lets do it now.

    • France had a 37yr old as president, America had a 45yrs old and a 46 yrs old as presidents, Australia has laso had an under 40 as president, if these multi-trillion economies can trust their economies to young but capable leaders why cant our one million bond note economy not do the same?

  3. The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.War Vets your days are numbered, Zimbabwe is not for War Vets.

  4. I don’t think Matemadanda is a true war vet because the true war vets are not coward. They are afraid of the little Joshua now you want to amend the law because of Chamisa shame on you shame on you. To amend the law will not change anything the fact remains the same that people didn’t vote for Dambudzo we voted for Chamisa and Chamisa is the people’s president. Dambudzo don’t force yourself to be the president.

  5. old age and overstaying are synonymous with the ruining party. its pathetic for these cowards to have a clause in the constitition targetting just one individual.

  6. Zimbabwe needs people who has the right mindset. Age does not mean maturity. Remember even in the Bible David killed Goliath at a tender age when Saul and David’s brothers were there. They could not take on Goliath. We have been with so many physically mature people for 40 years, what did they do. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans not war veterans only. Let us not act selfishly. How can someone, a retired or pensioner perform to the required standard. If we talk sanctions fine what about this economic mismanagement. Account for diamonds from Chiadzwa, account for the US dollars looted to foreign banks. Fix the economy leave this young man Chamisa is not the author and instigator of these problems

  7. kwana iwe,ini kana ndikaita zvematongerwo enyika handidi masupporters anenge iwe vanotoura zvinyadzi….ko ukakurawo unobveyi nhai? ndimi vanhu munoshoresa bato imi

  8. These so called warvets will never learn, year in year out they are being used vamwe vachingodya. Even madzimambo vavakutodya kuvadarika ! shame to people who can not think !

  9. Matemadanda you are a very daft idiot.You do not ask foreign countries to put sanctions on you but you ask for them through stealing elections,killing innocent citizens in cold blood,misuse of state resources that should benefit all citizens,abducting citizens without a trace and torturing of real and imagined enemies.Chamisa has no power to influence decisions by Western countries.They actually do not give a damn about him but they give their ears and eyes to the entire population.If zanu pf reforms and stops killing and beating up opposition supporters,stops using the military and the police for their own selfish ends,stops using the cio agency whose duty is to protect the state but end up using them to abduct innocent citizens,adheres to all principles of free and fair elections,i will bet my last bond i would also be tempted to vote for them.Hnzi Chamisa akandenda ku America kundokumbira ma sanctions!Haakumbirwe se mari you zanu pf idiots.You bring them upon yourselves.You cannot keep on lying about sanctions being Chamisa’s baby.

  10. Comment…I don’t agree with matemadanda on age limits but on people who go around with world calling for sanctions again
    st their on country he is spot on.even western nations have that law

  11. What do the war vets know about the qualities of a good leader when they are the ones who produced the greatest disaster of a leader in the name of Mugabe followed by useless ED? And for Matemadanda to hold a presser for such stupidity is unbelievable

    • Maturity has nothing to do with age. We have so many old and totally clueless people. Progressive minds think about the future of the Nations instead of focusing on retrogressive ideas coming from shameful leaders. Laws cant always be changed to suit individual selfish gains at the expense of young people regardless of political affiliation. France has a 39 yr old President and its doing just fine, North Korea’s Kim is quite young and has done so well. Rather these people should focus on fixing endless problems befalling our Nation. There is so much to be done, the country is in flames and that’s where the focus should be

  12. Chamisa, here’s your chance to demand that this be put through a referenumber before our ZPF goons takes the nation on another wild ride.
    First it was war credentials now this? Truly sickening.

  13. I totally agree, the laws should be amended to exclude very old people who spend most of their time sleeping in parliament, clueless when it comes to problem solving. All these people must be allowed to rest with their grand children so they can at least die with honour instead of wasting time trying to exclude you and energetic people from participating in key national issues. We have young people in Zanu PF who have the energy and ability to move the country forward and so is the opposition. We all know power is sweet but this type of greediness can cost the country dearly. Is this the same Matemadamba who people stood for when Mugabe incarcerated him? Even the liberation war was fought by young and energetic people. Before we think about our selfish needs, lets think about the future of our beloved Nation.

  14. Matemadanda unorwara. Hauna kubaiwa jikiseni re polio. ndinokunzwira tsitsi ne kusafunga kwako. Murwere we polio ye fungwa

  15. Maturity is a very important aspect when it comes to a national leader. Try and look even in the western world you love so much, most of their national leaders are much older than 40 years. Young people tend to be emotional impulsive and inexperienced and that is a recipe for disaster. Even when it comes to moral standards, young people are often prone to loose morals naturaly. As far as our current leader is concerned, I personaly believe he is the right person for the job. He knows the right things to do with the economy and he has started doing them right away without hesitation and all we need to do is to wait patiently for the results which will naturaly take long to show.

  16. This type of politics is very dangerous, it is akin to what Mugabe and Grace were doing towards their last days. If more advanced nations in terms of democracy and development are electing younger leaders for example the Austrians elected Sebastian Kurz last year at 31 years, he is leading a very prosperous country – what is wrong with us in this part of the world. Why don’t the same dimwits think of capping the upper limit as Mafume points out? Kana kangoma koririsa ….

  17. Matemadanda and lot sick in mind. These so called Warvets are to blame for the state of affairs in Zimbabwe after having supported Mugabe for 38 years. Why raise the minimum age to 52 from 40 and leave the upper open? Are you saying it matters at entry and doesn’t at end. Bullsh.t Matemadanda nevamwe vako vanofunga sewe.

  18. Matemadanda, if old age meant a lot in politics, Zimbabwe could be a first world country by now judging by the old gigolos in ZANU PF.
    What is needed in politics is youth who have eyes to see the future being supported by the old aged who have the history and experience. Cite Mthuli Ncube vs Eddie Cross appointment. Minister Ncube has a vision for Zimbabwe hence needed the history and experience of Eddie Cross which was brilliant, but again politics took over.

    We keep on citing issue of sanctions, this is hiding behind a finger. When someone in power sells a twin cab Isuzu for $ 1 500 – 00, was there Chamisa there? These are issues killing Zimbabwe, because it was done by an over aged War Veteran, Matemadanda sees no evil.

    Go ahead amend the constitution and make all MPs over 52 years. All government employees over 52 years. I will just give you two weeks to see if you last the distance.

  19. Matemadanda idofo, takatambura naMugabe for a long time, maWar vets achingoti pamberi naMugabe. Pavakadzingwa ndopavakatanga kuti Mugabe haasi right. Mugabe kusvika over 90 years achingotonga. Dai akasvinuka Matemadanda aito taura nezve upper limit because lower limit tatovenayo. 75 years munhu oregera politics zvachose.

  20. Anyone who believes maturity is determined by age is nothing more than foolish and very shallow brained and in this case selfish. History has shown some of the most notable and most successful leaders where young.These guys are just jealousy that younger people than them will prove them failures.

  21. We can judge with the way you scold elders that youths cannot lead. Chamisa is not a sacred cow, in an MDCA strong hold even if you put a dog to contest as MP it will win. Warvets are there and shall be there till God take us. There is no home that is led by a child, no.This should go ahead. God said no same sex marriages and you say thats what we want, respect your father and mother, you say no. If you dont respect elders there is something wrong with your upbringing. Chamisa has leadership shortcomings.

  22. Gukurahundi, corruption, killings during land reform, 2008 killings, rigging of elections, coup, August 1 2018 killings by soldiers. This is the kind of maturity we are getting from ZANU PF. Old aged leadership is the curse that we need to remove.

  23. I always ask myself whether people in MDC who claim to be lawyers are really lawyers. Jacob Mafumhe goes to town to say the age limit cannot be ammended and I quote, “But MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume scoffed at the war veterans’ proposals to raise the presidential age limit, saying it showed how much Zanu PF fears Chamisa in an electoral contest. He said although Zanu PF claims to have a two-thirds parliamentary majority, such an amendment violates peoples’ political rights in the Bill of Rights and, therefore, requires a referendum.”

    However if you look at Section 328(6) of the Constitution, you will realize that only provisions of Chapter 4 or Chapter 16 of the Constitution are the only ones which require a referendum. The qualifications of Election as President are contained in Section 91 which happens to fall under Chapter 5, Part 1 of the same Constitution. That is why we need to raise the age limit because kids rush to make comments before thinking or researching.

  24. Its not about the age limit but someone`s character even at 60 someone can still call for sanctions we need to be patriotic.

  25. Kusanyara. Kutya. The youngest leader in the world is Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz at 32 years of age. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern is 38, while the President of France Emmanuel Macron is 39. The Prime Minister (Taoiseach) of Ireland is 38 year-old Leo Varadkar.

  26. i think its a good idea for age limit both upper limit and lower limit kukurisa kana kuita mudiki zvese zvinematambudziko

  27. This will be the best piece of legislation ever. Who wants to be ruled nekamwana kadiki kema jiggies?????? You are finished Nero. Completely finished thats why your “stupid” supporters are going ballistic nezvinyadzi mu family paper.

  28. This Matemadanda and his gang are a lost cause. From being liberators they bacame a curse and the cross the nation has had to carry for most of Zanu pf’s period of reign. This new dispensation has now shown us the group that was really behind Mugabe’s reign of terror. And, sadly, they failed to show us the criminals around Mugabe except for a few political rivals they successfully failed to kill.

  29. We did not go to war to make Zimbabwe a repressive nation, We must allow youth youths to take up highest positions without any repressive barriers. Zimbabwe’s problems are not Chamisa’s creation, look here, problems escalated when Mthuli Ncube bungled on USD -BOND rate that they were now different, he went on to announce the unpopular 2% tax. Currently all the old ministers have dirty hands because of corruption. We are not even sure who controls diamonds. Chamisa has never been arrested for corruption, he has never killed anyone, in fact we hear his speeches they are not bad. We used to have Mugabe, who was old but he was destroying the nation. Chamisa ws the best minister in the GNU and Mugabe had to call him supersonic minister. Chamisa is a Zimbabwean who was voted for by millions of mature Zimbabweans both young and old. He is young but full of wisdom. he deserves respect.

  30. Small minds discuss people while great minds discuss ideas.
    It defeats logic how millions can be blown in a conference to forestall an individual’s Presidential ambitions.
    An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned. Chamisa like any ordinary citizen reserves the right to question the comatose economy and to criticize the govt’s futile attempts to resuscitate the same. Diverting the public attention by raising the bar higher for Chamisa will not obstruct the quest for the second liberation.
    Brace up for surging “Chamisas’ in the pipeline.
    For your information, age is nothing but a number. Our Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta clinched the seat at 52 in 2013 and has transformed the nation to status that his preceeding three septuagenerians had failed in five decades.
    Wake up and smell the coffee!
    The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expenditions.

  31. Matemadanda is becoming useless now. How can he become so low in terms of thinking. How many 52 year old are failing to run two beds of vegetables, this is not the issue of age but anointing for the job. The truth is that the country can not go forward with old people like Matemadanda. After all this country does not belong to the so called warvets. Real war veterans does not behave like what MAtemadanda is doing, he might be one of the refugees who were hiding in Mozambique during the liberation struggle. The real war veterans care about their fellow country men. Going around the world calling for sanctions is not about age and for your own information sanctions were not called for by anybody but by the government for not adhering to rule of law especially during the land invasions in 2000. Land grab was not done in good faith but was a sort of vote buying by our fellow zanupf leadership. Matemadanda you are a disgrace to this nation and you are the number one enemy of this country. Remember you also wanted the international airport to be renamed because of your hatred about R.G Mugabe. I refuse whatever you say in trying to demonize this country. Never will you rule this country forever, time is ticking very fast.

  32. The opposition and the private media never ceases to amaze and amuse. Since when did ZANU PF conference resolution proposals affect events in the opposition? Mafume, if anyone is afraid here it is the MDC. ZANU PF does not fear a puny pretender politician who it trounced on 30 July. It is the MDC which is quacking in its boots at the thought of a spectre of ZANU PF leveraging its Parly majority to ring changes which could affect its weak excuse of a strategy. The MDC should mind its hissing internal fissures and let ZANU PF go about its conference preps without hindrance.

  33. Manje tozvidira jecha.. They are scared of this young intellectual NELSON.. Busy crafting brainless laws while the economy is burning.. Mababie akutiramba becoz of this bond note economy imbwa dzevanhu.. Panyo pevanhu veZanhu Pf..

  34. Comment…makakundwa naChamisa hamuchaziva zvekuita gadzirisai nyika vanhu tatambura panekutaura zvisina pundutso matemadanda haufungi ukwane

  35. Comment…makakundwa naChamisa hamuchaziva zvekuita gadzirisai nyika vanhu tatambura panekutaura zvisina pundutso matemadanda haufungi ukwane

  36. KKKKKKKKKKKK. Sure Zim is polarised zvakanyanyisa. They may be logic in raising age limit that is why there is age limit for one to be a senator. maturity is needed. Chamisa handimuchenese pakushatat kwezvinhu munyika. He always paint Zim black whenever HE SPEAKS. At times he telles the truth and at times he lies. That bad publicity affects Zim economically and we end up thinking that some people rely on protest votes sezvakaitika on 30 July 2018. Dont compare Europeans young leaders to Africans. handisi kuzvishora but Africans havadi kuzobva pachigaro especially in Zim. Takazzviona kuZANU neMDC. I say MDC coz initially they agreed to have a maximum 10yrs as president but in 2009 Mr Tsvangirai vakadzoka pachigaro till his death. macron is read to hand over power akadyiwa. Chokwadi Chamisa akaita president handioni achibvapo kusvika kuma90 yrs. Why do I say so? Inzwai nekuona zviri kuitika kuMDC internally. That points dictatorship. Honai Kabila anga asingadi kubvapo. That is Africa.

  37. Some said Kim, go and research how he got there. Others are 32 and 38, have you ever heard opposition parties behaving the way you do? MDCA made a very big mistake in appointing Chamisa the spoiler. In Zuva case he made 100 000 jobless, he lied about the Rwandan President, he threatened that this country wont be governable if he did not win, he promised to give away his 18 yr old sister if ED gets 10%, does not recognize reginal groupings and that US gave him 15b. arios Chamisa, arios amigo meet you 2028

  38. Zimbabweans are educated enough not to let a toddler play around with our
    Hard won Indepentence as if he has some jiggies No. Remember he is the same
    Nelson with his colleagueship that went to America for the Sunctions to stay
    untill they get into power whilst the majority is still suffering.
    No. Zimbabweans can not be all stupid as M D C A supporters who think kuti
    with ZIDERA still intact, they can change people,s lives those are jokes.
    Those who called for the suntions must be sentenced to life imprisonment
    and the age to the presintial candidate be moved to 52 years this will quickly fix our economy period.

  39. By the way in 2028 Nelson will be 50 not 52. So see him in August 2033 instead. By then he will be mature indeed at 55.


  41. kkkkkkkkkkkk enda unotema matanda kkkkkkk age inotofanira kuenda pa18 unofunga kuti uchiri musango by the way iwe wakarwa hondo kupi

  42. Jecha thank you for scolding ZANU PF supporters what else can we expect fm MDCA. Those who claim to be cdes you are not real.The issue here is not about disabling MDCA but protect the past, present and future like what is happening in western countries. If a leader of any party takes over everything goes smoothly. Now with Chamisa, though he is educated but he is not yet ripe. We dont want a situation where a president ordering his supporters to kill all against him.

  43. Sebastian Kurz is only 32 and he has been Chancellor of Austria since 2017. King Hussein of Jordan ascended the throne at 16 years, King Mswati III of Swaziland ascended the throne at 18 years.
    Italy is an exception where a person has to be 50 to run for Presidency. The average age is 30 years. In France you can run for the Presidency at 18 years.

    You cannot amend a whole Constitution to fix or suit one person.
    I bet if Victor’s son was, say, 35 and wanted to run for the Presidency, Victor would want to age lowered.

  44. One sentence above should read “I bet if Victor’s son was, say, 35 and wanted to run for the Presidency, Victor would want the age lowered”.

  45. warvet leader, its now time to focus on economy,using your energy on politics and elections will expose your shortcomings on the economy.

  46. Comment…haaa twuma war vets twenyu utwu, nyaya is not about age, but we want reform measures in our economy. its shows kut these people are not after reform, but protecting their interests.

  47. Victor Matemadanda want Zimbabwe to be back in the stone age era. Zimbabwe is doomed. Ma War vets are a disgrace in our country.

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