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VID raids fuel queues


GOVERNMENT is taking advantage of fuel queues to pounce on vehicle owners who have failed to regularise their licenses, Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza has said.


Matiza told NewsDay yesterday that government would be deploying officers from the Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) to flush out unregistered vehicles.

“People were given a deadline and those that complied have no reason to be scared. We are after those that have failed to regularise their licenses as required by the law. Beginning today (yesterday), we will have officers inspecting all fuel queues to check vehicle registration and related issues,” he said.

Government, according to officials, is already in the process of deregistering over 130 000 vehicles whose owners have defaulted in paying licence fees over the last two years to July this year.

Fuel shortages have triggered snaking queues across the country as motorists spend hours on end waiting for deliveries of the precious liquid. Government has, however, blamed hoarding for the shortages.

Matiza said some of the cars targeted for deregistration were being used for hoarding fuel.

“The latest move will also help us deal with those using unregistered vehicles as conduits to hoard fuel for resale on the black market,” he said.

Matiza said his ministry was working on robust implementation of the Zimbabwe Integrated Transport Management System (Zimtis).

“Technology is the way to go, and for us, it’s work in progress. The idea of having to trail every car, which at times results in anarchy, will end soon. We are working on Zimtis, and all our key departments, including from sister ministries, are working on this. Zimtis brings together key departments like the Zimbabwe National Road Administration, Road Motor Transport, the police, VID and others in an integrated system that will help us deal with all this chaos,” Matiza said.

The chaos on the country’s roads has been blamed for many fatalities caused by vehicles that are not roadworth as well as by unregistered cars and unlicensed drivers. There has also been a marked increase in the chaos following the withdrawal of traffic police in the wake of Operation Restore Legacy in November last yerar.

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  1. Good move munhu anodzonza mugweje wake wekuma 90s usina kana number plate achinohodha fuel for resale apa engine haina,ovharira isu pple with registered cars

  2. Bring enough fuel Mr. Matiza and deploy your Officers on the roads. So you are happy with the fuel queues just because the situation allows you to deal with those noncomplying motorists?

  3. Don’t be foolish and allow the government to divert your attention, how many cars in a queue of 100 cars are doing that ? Let’s deal with more important issues at hand !!

  4. This move clearly shows that this Zanu PF Government is clueless. Noone would buy fuel on the black market if it’s readily available at the pump. It is this failed Zanu PF Governement which is aiding and promoting these activities in the guise of creating 2.2 million jobs,my foot. Solution is to address the fundermentals and everything falls into place. What i know for certain is these hoodlums will never admit failure but find scapegoats like the old and tired song,SANCTIONS which they have failed to find solution to.

  5. kupererwa kwaMinisista of Transport, kutoshama muromo kutaura mararara akadaro kunyika yese, vangani vane mota dzakadai vanowanikwa pa queue?Kana makonewa makonewa kwete kuda kuhwanda nemunwe

  6. Not really guys. Its a move to make sure fewer cars go to the fuel queue as owners fear to be busted. This will seem as if fuel supply has corrected. Kkkkkk. Its intelligent thought, but its not the right thing to do.

  7. On the one hand the minister is boasting about a computerised system being implemented and on the other celebrating the manual task of staff moving from fuel station to fuel station “hunting” for unregistered vehicles? What a farce. Is a cost benefit analysis done before this stupidity is implemented? Get us more fuel instead of waffling about stuff you know little about.

  8. Proceeds from the licensing of vehicles will enable Government to speed up its road rehabilitation programme and the compensation of third parties in the event of an accident – so a little encouragement is ok for those with a different view.

  9. Yaaa mapererwa vakuru. Bvumai kuti basa hamuchagoni. The 1st question is why people are failing to register their car. Its because of ZANU PF so put your house in order first before you start bothering us . Apa tinezhara mouya modira jecha musadza macho futi haaaa yaaaa Mwari pindirayi

  10. The Minister is right FLUSH THEM OUT , unregistered , unlicenced, not even Insured , unroadworthy ,I for ONE support you human life is precious .Imagine people who boast in having women pregnant and they dont even bother to pay Tsvakirai kuno morally who should pay for the road maintanance ? The registered car driver while the same roads are being damaged by unroad worthy scoth carts.

  11. According to my observation ZANU PF does not have a large number of vehicles on the roads ,but dealers , crooks , thieves , cause the road carnage roaming up and down dealing nab them at the fueling hole ,even engage wistle blowers you will be surprised.

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