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Six Golden Tips of Betting


There are many out there who place bets once in a while. It is normal to enjoy betting occasional. Betting is exciting and fun as long as you do not let it stress you mentally, emotionally and financially. Nothing beats the feeling you get watching a game you have placed a bet at Betway and especially when your team is showing signs of winning the game. What you need to know are the golden tips of betting, and you will never have to worry whether your team wins or not.

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Always Place a Bet Half or Less the Amount in Your Account

Most fail to bet half of what they have in the account because they feel it hinders them from getting a big win. However, it’s the best way to put a safety net over your finances.

Give yourself chances of winning small amount but at the same time, the possibility of losing money that will not cause you a setback in betting. Losing money is always the problem, winning as little as $2 is still fun.

Make use of Statistics

If you can research online, you will get plenty of trustworthy information on various teams. Most sites are reliable, and their statistics will not lie. If you are betting a team that has never a scored goal in many matches, you will be wise enough not but they can score three or more goals. Some sites are very resourceful and will even help you predict the possible scores based on a team’s past performance.

However, remember it’s betting, and you never know, a team that has been doing poorly can still win, so think wisely while also using statistics.

Do Not Be If You Are Not Sure

Most bookies do not put team favourites because they want excellent odds. If you are not sure how to make the right call despite doing your homework, do not place the bet. When a bookie gives excellent odds, it becomes hard to tell the outcome of the match. You will find amazing odds, but just do not know which tea to bet on. This is a pit to drain your money; forget about and wait to bet later on another match.

Go For Games That Have a Loser and a Winner

Soccer is one of the best games to bet on. However, there are hardly teams that score many goals.  It is not a high scoring sport and draws are common. It is not a game that you can place a win or lose a bet.

You have to guess the number of goals team can score by looking at its past performance.  Games such as basketball have a high scoring capacity with a variety of points, and they rarely have draws. Basketball is a good game to bet on a win or lose bet.

Never Bet What You Cannot Afford

Sometimes you may feel tempted to place a bet because it looks easy to win, but you do not have the money. If you are in such a situation, just do not place the bet. Sometimes you may feel like you have the win for real, but bets are never sure.

Instead of spending hours regretting after a loss, avoid it by just not betting when you cannot afford to lose money. Ask yourself, are you in desperate need o a win because the money you have is for essentials? If yes, just buy what you need. Betting is fun when you do not need a win desperately. It is okay to feel disappointed, but terrible if you have to lack essential things just because you placed a bet.

Avoid Being Emotional

Sports bet are not for faint hearted, so once you bring your emotions in the betting industry, you are headed the wrong direction. Be free and bet wisely without pressuring yourself.  It’s a game, but a sensitive one because it involves your money and that’s why you must only bet an amount that you can afford to lose. Be consistent and place your bets on matches that can win. Avoid rushing to place bets in games that you know nothing about.

These golden tips will make your sports betting enjoyable and fruitful. Even pro betters lose money and make big wins; so do not lose hope if you lose. Just make sure you think twice before you betting. The above points are easy to follow and keep research for more advice. Talk to seasoned betters whenever you can and you will end up learning something new.

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  1. When newspapers start promoting betting, there’s something wrong with their moral fibre.

    Encourage people to work hard. Most people bet as a quick fix to the harsh economy. Be responsible Mr journalist.

    If this is a sponsored article, please make it clear.

    • its not a secret anymore,some are now making a living out of it.
      Just a way of spending time away from life’ troubles unless one goes way too much of his/savings.

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