Rhyme Assassin picks up his life

UNITED Kingdom-based award-winning rapper Rhyme Assassin and his long-time ally, T9yce, have broken three years of music silence with a track dubbed Pick My Life Up, which talks of the current economic hardships faced by Zimbabweans.


Rhyme Assassin

The track, which was produced by Bulawayo-based P2daoh, talks about hard life issues Zimbabweans are facing and trusting in God for divine intervention.

“The song has motivational messages that no matter how life can take you or kick you down, you still need to pick yourself up and keep going. This definitely echoes true in the current economic climate, where it has become harder to pursue one’s dreams,” he said.

“Determination will guide us, and faith will be our motivation till we reach our destination.”

Rhyme Assassin and his partnership with T9ynce, which has bridged many years, has yielded good music.

“We have always had a great chemistry when it comes to music since our days in high school. We understand each other, and we will always do more collaborations. We are currently in talks for a video for this new release (Pick My Life Up),” said Rhyme Assassin.

The musician’s last track was Tsiva back in 2015, which was also inspired by socio-economic challenges faced by rap musicians in their careers.

Rhyme Assassin’s previous singles collection include City is Mine, Ishe Tenzi, Tyoka, Handikusiye featuring Astral Vee, Black Hope and Amai featuring Trevor Dongo.

In 2013, Rhyme Assassin launched his 26-track album titled Grand Synopsis, featuring musicians like P.O.Y, T9yce, Promethues, Karizma, Vanessa and Crimzone Blu.

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