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Remaining positive in tough times


Complaining is a way of seeing everything in a negative way, and without considering any other positive explanation. Complaining is just a narrow road to dissatisfaction that builds up further as you travel in it.

guest column: Emmanuel Zvada

In actual fact, complaining does nothing to solve the problems that surrounds one. If you are around people who complain a lot, get away from them. Life seems broad, full of possibilities even when there seem to be impossibilities.

The uncertain business environment marked by repeated and prolonged crises on both social and economic areas has left a lot of people destitute.

Life for most people is a bad dream. Most people are continuously bombarded with a lot of problems and left with no hope.

During tough times, it is easier to complain, especially when you are someone who is moved and affected by the changes that surround you.

In tough times, you are to make the decision to be a positive light that shines brightly even in darkness. If you desist from the habit of complaining and focus more on how your quality of life improves, it will also help you.

In other words, soaking yourself in negativity has terrible consequences for your mental and physical health.

Negative thinking increases stress, which will then increase the risk of getting sick. One way to get started with positive thinking is to focus on what you have and being thankful of that, at the same time being hopeful that things will be well.

Complaining without potential solutions or the intention of positive outcome fuels further negativity, and is off-putting to those who complain.

Start from your thoughts

Just start from your thoughts, and everything else will get better. Everything will change automatically. In fact, if you learn how to feed your thoughts with positive things, distractions will not hinder you.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true to many. Most people have learned to do the opposite: they feed their thoughts with negativity all the time. If you are what you eat, your mind is what you feed it as well.

What we are saying is, if you just take most of your time listening to music, reading books and watching movies that have no meaning, even your mind will be shaped into that.

Read books that are encouraging and positive. It is not a secret that reading is the key to success; we have been told and taught this from a very early age. Feed your mind with positive thinking.

Guard your mind jealously

It is a fact that every thought you ingest is creating and shaping your future. Behaviour is the outcome of how you think and what you think.

This then means the things you think about mostly, will ultimately manifest themselves in reality. What we are saying here is when you fill you mind with positive thoughts, good and nice things will always happen to you.

But when you always harbour negative thoughts in your mind, your life will be plagued with sad and unfortunate things.

The mind is everything and it is the software for human beings. Once you corrupt it with negative things, even your life will not move. Your mind will always accept everything you feed it with, so feed it with positive things and guard it jealously.

Hang out with constructive and positive people

Constructive conversations are empowering and leave people a little better off. If you want to be positive, hang around with positive people. Eagles fly with eagles, and grasshoppers with grasshoppers.

Being surrounded by positive-thinking people can do great wonders in our life. But the problem with other people is that they do not know how and what it means to be positive.

You have to be vigilant about the people you surround yourself with. In simple terms, just say goodbye to the unconstructive people in your life and spend your time with positive, inspiring people.

If you have a co-worker friend who always complains and is negative, limit your interaction as much with them as possible and make a conscious effort to protect yourself from their negativity.

Indeed, we need more optimistic people in our life; it is better to stick to new friends who have a positive attitude than sticking with old friends who complain and are pessimistic.

You should be able to control the number of negative people in your life

Turn failure into lessons

You have to understand that everyone has a point where they fail in life. Also, one can fail several times in their life, before they finally make it. But that failure should not leave someone in negative thoughts.

A lot of people link complaining after failure as the way out, but everyone should let failure be part of their success story.

In other words, there is no true success without the experience of failure, as failure is only the chance to become a better version of yourself. With this positive mindset, it is important you start seeing failure as a lesson and not distraction. This will help in the way you tackle situations.

Instead of complaining, be willing to learn from your mistakes, and without condemning yourself. In actual fact, complaining in times of failure is not a solution, and rather, failure gives an opportunity to learn new lessons.

Develop an attitude of gratitude

Gratitude is an emotion similar to appreciation that most people are familiar with. What many people do not know is that gratitude plays an important role in our lives. Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to become inspired and increase your happiness.

It’s always good to give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step towards achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.

If you substitute complaining with gratitude, it will even help you in life. You are supposed to make giving thanks a regular practice in your life and being thankful for everything you have attained in life, even smaller things.

Don’t let the economy be your excuse

It is no secret that most developing countries are going through tough times when it comes to the economy. A lot of people use economy as an excuse, but you should not make it an excuse to complain. In hard times, a lot of people struggle, but also an equal number sees opportunities; be the one who sees opportunities.

At this time, when the economy is down, use the current situation as a warning and motivation to work harder and smarter, not as an excuse to back off and complain. In tough times, you are supposed to be hopeful and positive.

If you always see yourself as the victim, you will always fall victim to circumstances. But when you see yourself as a winner, with full control over your life, you will have victory over any situation you find yourself in.

If you decide that something outside of you, such as the economy, is responsible for your success or failure, you give away control of your destiny and your ultimate success. The only way to stop complaining is to remember that your success is up to you; you own it, and you control it.

As the saying goes: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Complaining about the bad economy will not change you, what will change you is working hard and seeing opportunities in tough times.

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