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RBZ directors ‘clean’


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says it has cleared its four senior managers suspended in October following allegations of impropriety by former Finance ministry communications taskforce chairman William Gerald Mutumanje.

By Staff Reporter

In his short-lived employment as Treasury’s communications chief, Mutumanje, popularly known as Acie Lumumba, posted a live 48-minute video, accusing the four of running a foreign currency and cash-hoarding cartel at the central bank.
He was dismissed from the role soon after.

But central bank governor John Mangudya had already suspended the four directors Norman Mataruka (bank supervision); Azvinandaa Saburi (financial markets); Mirirai Chiremba (financial intelligence) and head of security Gresham Muradzikwa to facilitate investigations into the allegations.

“The bank and the law enforcement agents carried out investigations which concluded that Messrs Chiremba, Mataruka, Muradzikwa and Saburi were not involved in any of the corrupt activities, including impropriety as alleged by Mr Mutumanje,” Mangudya said in a statement yesterday.

“The bank would thus like to advise the public that the quartet has, accordingly, been absolved of any wrongdoing.”

Zimbabwe is gripped by acute shortages of United States dollars, which are, however, available on the black market. But the exchange rate on the black market attracts a premium of 250% compared to the official rate of 1:1, a development which has caused the prices of basic goods and services, including drugs, to shoot over the roof in the last few weeks.

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  1. Without an explanation on how that conclusion was arrived at (that they are clean), then entire rbz needs to be investigated?

  2. This is a big joke! It shows that all this so called zero tolerance to corruption is a huge scam. How can the rotten so called law enforcement agents and government officials be expected to investigate their accomplices and be expected to find them guilty? The whole investigations were a virgin one cover up to hoodwink the public. You can fool some people some time but not all the people all the time. You have no shame really!!!!

  3. Maybe it is Mr Acie Lumumba that needs to be investigated considering his activities. You just have to Google his name to be informed of his behavior.

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