Parly chaos as Chinotimba labels Khumalo a prostitute

ZANU PF’s Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba caused furore in the National Assembly yesterday after calling MDC Alliance leader of the House Thabitha Khumalo a prostitute, leading to her walking out with both parties trading insults which halted business for over 30 minutes.


The question and answer session was disrupted for almost 30 minutes as MPs hurled insults at each other over Chinotimba’s utterance, which came as the nation is commemorating 16 days of activism against gender-based violence.

“I am shocked that we have MPs that call us names, and Chinotimba just called me a prostitute – this is wrong – no one has a right to call me names. I am not a prostitute, I am an MP and a woman and I want to be respected. He must withdraw or I will take him to court,” Khumalo said.

Chinotimba refused to withdraw, claiming that Khumalo was the first to hurl insults at him. Khumalo walked out of the chamber.

Female parliamentarians, including MDC women’s assembly chairperson Lynnet Karenyi, recently threatened to approach the courts to report sexual harassment against some Zanu PF lawmakers.

Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda has instituted investigations into the issues raised by the female lawmakers.

Chinotimba then turned on Job Sikhala, (Zengeza West) alleging that the MDC Alliance legislator had called Zanu PF MPs stupid.

“I never said those words, however, if he wants me to withdraw that fact that he is stupid then I withdraw,” Sikhala responded.

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi had earlier torched a similar storm when he called opposition legislators hypocrites for raising points of order over truancy by ministers during the question and answer session.

Ziyambi said ministers could not respond to questions from opposition MPs if they do not recognise President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the appointing authority.

“According to the Constitution, ministers are appointed by the President and opposition MPs do not recognise the President – and we cannot continue in this House with hypocrites who on one hand say they do not recognise the President, yet they expect the ministers he appointed to respond to their questions in Parliament,” Ziyambi said.

“From today onwards, no minister is going to answer questions from the opposition,” he said.

Sikhala said Ziyambi’s remarks confirmed that there was a dispute on the issue of the Presidency.

“The minister knows that in terms of the law, there is a de jure and de facto President, and in terms of the Constitution ministers are public servants using taxpayers’ money and you must stop politicking and respond to questions,” Sikhala said.

After acting Speaker of the National Assembly William Mutomba ruled that question and answer should continue, Highfield East MP Erick Murai (MDC Alliance) asked Ziyambi to explain measures that government will take to solve the deteriorating situation in the health sector and the doctors’ strike.

“I am unable to respond until they (MDC Alliance) recognise the appointing authority,” Ziyambi said.

This led to chaotic scenes in the House with MPs shouting at each other. Ziyambi later said doctors were engaged in discussions with the Health minister Obadiah Moyo to end the stalemate.

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  1. Now, children, please play nicely! Can these politicians please concentrate in sorting out the many serious issues facing their voters !!

  2. Comment…I am disappointed to hear mps being addressed as honourable when their behaviour is worse than that of ecd kids. They cant discuss important issues like mature adults. Chinos is an uneducated idiot who should not be taken seriously. He is always seeking attention by making uncouth jokes.

  3. It was always a tragedy from the beginning to have clowns like Chinoz in parliament

  4. Ziyambi we are not paying you and your so-called appointing authority those hefty salaries and allowances for you to come and utter cheap boot licking politics in Parliament, but to fix the economy.

  5. Comment…vanhu veku Buhera vangavhoterawo Chinotimba mupengo zvawo

  6. Zvonzi nyika inganake nevanhu vakaita Dana Chinodiwa, mahumbwe chaiwo.

  7. So sad today an Mp can call my daughter,my sister,my mother,my grandmother such names. Really it’s very very wrong. Let’s respect women.

  8. The parliament is a joke.These people are paid to sort out the country’s mess instead they are dram queens and kings.For the MDC Alliance Mps at one point they walked out and the other didn’t stand up for the President yet they get allowances and salaries .What is this if not hypocracy. That’s why i down watch the Zimbabwean,South African and British parliament proceedings. Old man and women behaving like school children.

  9. Its unfortunate for such a seasoned politician to use such unparliamentary language.
    If anything, the word should be returned to the ‘sender’ for deviating from his parliamentary duties to other worthless and irrelevant affairs.
    In its simplest form, that is what political prostitution entails.

  10. What a sorry nation we have become ,with such pathetic leadership no wonder we are in free fall!

    1. BUT you MDC people refer to ED’s supporters as EDIOTS, so what’s the difference? The only difference is that you are hypocrites.

  11. Maphozho Saruchera

    The unfortunate thing is that the reporter deliberately left out what Khumalo said to Chinotimba which warranted such a response.

  12. chinotimba I grade 2 apana chinozikanwa paya ,zanu Mps are stupid ediots who always bootliky and their suppoters to .

  13. Honestly how can one allow people who are foul mouthed in a parliament of all places

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