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New local film on the cards


AWARD-WINNING filmmaker Igi Matope of Pikicha Africa is set to launch a new film titled Goodman, which touches on diverse contemporary issues.


Matope, who also wrote and directed the film, said the production was a Christmas present for film lovers and will premier in cinemas in Mutare this month.

The 1 hour 33-minute-long romantic film, which is Pikicha Africa’s first feature film, stars actors Farirai Clarence Borerwe as the lead actor playing Simba and actress Tapiwa Marahwa playing Jeanette in the female leading role.

“Goodman is about a decent and honest man who, after a corporate party, wakes up with a lady-of-the-night in his bed. The formidable woman soon blackmails him with pregnancy. When he discovers that the sexcapade was just but part of a conspiracy, it is too late and there is no turning back,” Matope said.

The film tackles issues such as love, blackmailing and some of the tough decisions people make in life.

“We used actors from Mutare and most of them had no acting experience such as Tinashe Murigo who played the role of the villain KC and a Form 3 student Melissa Magadza who played the character Cherryl,” Matope said.

He said before filming, they had a five-day acting workshop and the film was subsequently shot on location in Mutare without rehearsals.

“We wanted the actors to react naturally to each other and to have scenes happening as if it was happening for the first time. The results were truly organic and refreshing,” Matope said.

The film’s producer Kamo Phuti said although they had a low budget, the production team used its experience to come up with a quality product.

Phuti said the producers were going to rely much on public screenings of the film and they will embark on national tours.

“Our biggest task is to get rid of piracy by withholding DVD production and embark on public screenings around the country,” he said.

He said they hoped to attract international film distributors and market the product through television and international film festivals.

The film’s soundtrack was done by Sakubva-based Optisonic Studio, various artistes including City Boys, Mex Muneta and Harare-based Prayersoul.

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