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Mthuli fires Green Bombers


GOVERNMENT has followed up on its word and cut loose over 3 000 members of the national youth service programme, commonly known as “Green Bombers” who were smuggled into the civil service under former President Robert Mugabe’s government as youth officers.


Mostly linked to the ruling Zanu PF party, the youth officers make up a huge chunk of what government critics claim are over 70 000 ghost workers on the State’s payroll.

In a bid to ingratiate government with multilateral institutions as well as donor countries after years of frosty relations, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube has announced government is ready to reduce its bloated wage bill.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has undertaken to rid the Salary Services Bureau of the group, and at the weekend, Public Service Commission secretary Jonathan Wutawunashe, in a statement, said in its efforts to reform the civil service, government had made the decision to retire the youth officers.

The proposal to get rid of ghost workers is contained in government’s Transitional Stabilisation Programme and the 2019 National Budget.

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  1. Tirikutongwa nemarabichi evanhu makore ose aya munhu achitambira mari yemahara coz anosapota zato pf GOD help us.

  2. Akange ati vatambiriswe must be held accountable……those are zanu pf employees who were on gvt payroll. Therefore zanu pf should payback the money. To me thats walking the talk if they pay back.

  3. This is a prudent move. Also, the move is not meant to apease any monetary institutions. It is comon sense that extravagance cannot help build a healthy and vibrant economy whether we borow from those monetary institutions or not. The government should go an extramile and make moves to retire the current crop of cartel captured judges and magistrates who aparently reverse government inititives to deal with coruption. Chivhayo saga being a case in point. Instead of the law arresting the criminal and recover the ill gotten wealth, the government is now required to compensate him 25 million dollars for stealing from the government.

  4. Fortunately aive ati vatambiriswe akatorwa neDenga. Ndi Border Hachigezi naChimutengwende chenhamo.

    Manje acharova vanhu ndiyani, achapisa dzimba dzema supporter eMDC ndiyani? Its an ill-timed decision. Ma decision anoda kuitwa Pfee ave kuma93 aya.

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