Mnangagwa top aide demands R5m bribe

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed that one of his top aides demanded R5 million from a prospective South African investor, reflecting the challenge he faces to rid his administration of graft that had become endemic under his predecessor, Robert Mugabe.
Mnangagwa made the stunning disclosure while addressing central committee members on Wednesday.


He said his “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra has been appealing to foreign investors because it sends a message that things have changed, but corrupt activities have spiked, with some party and government officials charging investors money to facilitate meetings with him and government ministers.

“I have introduced the ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ policy and it has been attractive, informing investors that we have opened up the country for business and changed on the way we were doing our things,” Mnangagwa said.

“This has generated interest among investors. They have been coming, wanting to do business in the country, but other people are now asking huge amounts of money from them to facilitate meetings with the President and ministers.”

He added: “Some people say to the investors, ‘before I take you to the President or minister, pay me some money’. I have been told that one investor was charged R5 million to come see me.”

“The investor was told that three quarters of the money would go to the President and the (fourth) quarter will be given to the person who will fix the meeting. When I eventually met the investor in South Africa, he told me that he had been asked to pay R5 million to meet me. Corruption, corruption, corruption, down with corruption!” Mnangagwa barked. Ads

The southern African country is rated as one of the most corrupt on the planet, occupying 157th out of 180 countries in the 2017 ranking by watchdog Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index.

Mnangagwa told ruling party officials that corruption was ravaging government and immediate action was needed to clean up the country’s investment climate.

“If you shun corruption, you will stay and stay with us in the party, but if you are corrupt, you will be fired,” he warned.

Mnangagwa took over power in a coup in November 2017 before winning the disputed July 30 election against opposition MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa who says the vote was stolen.

He set up an anti-corruption unit based in his office, but its credibility has been tainted by allegations that it targets Mnangagwa’s political foes, mostly members of the G40 faction aligned to Mugabe’s wife, Grace.

Mnangagwa has pledged to fight corruption in his “second republic”, and several former ministers who served under Mugabe have been charged with corruption.

Former Energy minister Samuel Undenge has been convicted of issuing a $12 650 contract without due tender to a company that did no work, and was sentenced to four years in prison. He has appealed both the conviction and the sentence.

Former ministers Walter Mzembi, Ignatius Chombo, David Parirenyatwa and Saviour Kasukuwere all have pending cases before the courts, in what analysts view as a crackdown on officials loyal to Mugabe.


  1. God bless our President,so wise and full of Wisdom,we urgue all opposition supporters to support him thou we khow that even Jesus as holy as he was there were mny who hated him bck then evn now some dnt believve in him,pasi pezuwa haufe wakafadza munhu wese,chero mwari wakawengwa na Devil & some engels,jst grow thick skin uchingoTonga,we olso say zero tolarence to corruption to officials who tarnish our new dispensation

  2. Blackman we need people who are sincere. During the time of R.G Mugabe you were saying the same things and latter on you were running in the street of Harare against Mugabe. Don’t try to caught the bible for no reasons.

  3. Mr President please tell us what action you took against that corrupt aide instead of boring us with stories which we have seen for ourselves a thousand times before

    1. And also tell us if you refunded the South African investor his 5 million when you found out what had happened.

  4. If he has not dismissed someone he must be dishonest or not stating the truth.

  5. Eliasha and Farai Nhire

    Why can’t you say who that aide is…kunyepa chete..there are no investors coming to Zimbabwe.If ever that story is true then its either Mohadi or Ambi General who demanded that bribe, bcoz those are the only Mnangagwa’s official aides who receive and serve investors,if any.

  6. Comment…ED is the most corrupt of them all, specialising in small scale gold mining and this is why the machete killers emerged after coup becausr the police was incapacitated.

  7. Blackman,your comment has exposed you as a Mnangagwa bootlicker…where is Mnangagwa’s wisdom reflected in this story?Instead Mnangagwa is incompetent.What action has he taken against the aide?

  8. Thumbs up for ED stance on corruption

  9. I’m at least happy that ED has broached the subject of corruption in his party meeting. What is required is to ensure that a clause on corrupt activities be included on the job description of every member of the civil service clearly outlining the consequences. One hopes this corrupt civil servant has been fired. Action speaks louder than words.

  10. And Mr President you think you are going to solve this corruption scourge just by barking “down with corruption?” Expose these so called aides and/or arrest them!!
    Zimbabwe is not open for business if these people do as they wish and get away with just some bark from a toothless Bulldog!!

  11. Who is that man Mr President we dont tolerate nensense ndivo vari kutiuraya vanhu ivavo ngaadzingwe pabasa munhu iyeye

  12. Eliasha and Farai Nhire you are confused. I wonder who copied my name Farai to give it to you. And if you are Nhire for real, I wish it was possible and I would definitely ask you to bring back my totem. Open up your eyes Farai, investors are comming to Zimbabwe. What do you know about Carol Resources? Most of these are very big enterprises and they take a bit of time to complete setting up and start their production business in ernest. You just need to learn how these things work instead of listening to opposition media which is not capable of noting anything positive. Right now our fiscus is being corrected by our learned finance minister and it takes a serious economist to confirm that something very positive is ticking. Zimbabwe recently registered a monthly budget suplus for the first time in 2 decades and that is a real fact and you will never see such good news in those opposition mouthpieces. Just give Prof Ncube the whole of 2019 and you will be shocked by the results.

  13. haiwa tibvirei apo president moita kunge mukutaura nevana vadiki here tisiyeyi zvedu u are too corrupt mudhara iwe plus une godo dnt even try to say mugabe was bad no no no ndiwe waponjesa bhasikoro uchida kuzotsvaga legacy asi nyika haisi village yekuti inoda sabhuku aiwa waita mutete pakutungamira nyika ipa vane zvipo MENE MENE TERKERE UFARSINI.

  14. Ndini don’t be egocentric as your name implies. Why not accept and appreciate progressive acts. Its time you give credit where it is due. If the President highlighted and exposed ill deeds why not appreciate the decision.


  15. Comment…The President is lying, he just wants to make a point that he is fighting corruption, if there was such a person, surely we shld have seem heads rolling.

  16. ED is a lier, he lies more than he speaks the truth. the man wants to make a point of fighting corruption, surely if such a thing happened, we shld have seen heads rolling from high offices

  17. Mnangagwa chituta chaicho ,if you catch a person who is corrupting why not firing him.

  18. Comment…F.J Nhire it looks like you are learned someone but dont take everybody for fools,we can see for our selves kuti nzara is sending people into the streets not opposition,Farai,mwana wababa look further shall see for yourself.nhamo,kushaya chaiko mwana wamai not opposition

  19. Vanhu vacho ndivanani

  20. So was this guy arrested for demanding a bribe? What happened? Or is this a story to make us believe like things are changing….

  21. President Mnangagwa has shown he is against corruption at all levels in Government. I am sure the President has a solution to the corruption activity by this Minister since he is the one who has revealed this action to the public.Government officials should focus on economic activities and refrain from corruption.

  22. Mwaita henyu Mr Blackman, zvese zvemwabhuya tazwa, asi kana mwaona zveitambudza zvechingezi nezviperengo itai zvandaita izvi kutaura ngemutauro wamai.

  23. I want to hear him say ,so and so are fired from the government for demanding bribes from would be investors or he shouls just keep quite ,action is what we want no mere talk

  24. Nyikayaramba Sanzureni

    The issue here is President (as declared by ZEC and ConCourt and not the people’s will) Mnangagwa and his technocrats need to come out clean. This R5mil is not the first corrupt issue we have seen. This is just public gimmick, for us to have comfort that the leaders are acting on graft. The legitimacy crisis is catching up with this old administration and it is a matter of time for it to explode.

  25. Why hasn’t this guy been arrested if the president is serious kana kungo munema zita. I think kungovhariwa uku

  26. Comment…lies lies and lies.lf something of that nature happened why was the perpetrator not named ,shamed or even fired

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