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Masiyiwa’s story: Go out there and start something!


“There will be fat years and there will be lean years, but it is going to rain,” once articulated Don Diaper.

Motivation: STEVE NYAMBE

Dark skies don’t resemble absence of the sun. No, that’s not it. They remind us that the sky is just hid behind the clouds, but soon it will shine again. When it shines then everyone will be convinced that now indeed the sun is now shining.

Anthony Robbins in one of his great books,You Were Born Rich, went further and said something exciting. He said, “Zig Zigler maybe the best master motivator, Mark Victor Hansen, of The Chicken Soup For The Soul, may be the great story teller,” but is that all?

It can’t be so. Is the story complete? It can’t be concluded without you being included in that powerful success equation.

The ground might have disappeared from beneath you, but that’s not the end. You can still find it again. Wait a minute. There’s something on your way.

You can still get the new rhythm for the life’s carol. You can sing a new song. Weeping maybe for a season, but joy will come in the morning. Wait for the morning, don’t tire. Rise up and try once more.

You can emerge a winner. Get that thrilling sense and raise your head up above the dirty life murky waters. This will make you see the new horizon for your better future.

Yes, that’s the game of elites. It’s not preserved for the few. It’s for everyone who has the desire and the appetite for success. One who craves for victory in a manner that’s challenging, exciting and powerful.

The Masiyiwa story: Go out there and start something

The above belief system is further strengthened by what Zimbabwean business mogul, the Econet Wireless boss Strive Masiyiwa who once said: “Go out there and start something yourself. You may not work in a company in the accepted sense, but you can start one. I share my life story by linking people to the way people like me started. I started with $75. But I am not the only one who started with that money. The guys who started Gogovan in Hong Kong, were selling hot dogs on the streets. It’s not how much you start with. The pre-occupation should not be I have no capital. Whatever is in your hand, use it.”

Moses had nothing, but a rod in his hand. It might have appeared useless. But that was enough to kickstart the journey. With that he was convinced that he could face Pharaoh together with his armies. So he took to his toes and went.

Hannah was an ordinary housewife, who was surrounded by scoffers. People who were ready to make her a victim of life. But she had a prayer life.

She had a desire. She wanted something that appeared to be out of the world. Something that seemed impossible.

Samson just had nothing, but a jawbone of an ass. That was just enough.

“And he found a new jawbone of an ass, and put forth his hand, and took it and slew a thousand men therewith; (Judges 15:15)”.

Here is a man who had a thousand men gathered against him. They had come in their numbers. They were trained for war. There were real fighters.

It was really a difficult task for him. He had nowhere to go to. There was no safe place he could find.

But you mustn’t forget that battles always come to strengthen you. To give you a tougher skin.

Still Samson came out a winner. His determined soul was all that was needed.

The general

Like one general once said to one of his commanders who were about to start training for soldiers. He said: ‘’I present to you these men, make soldiers out of them.” Now there is a difference between men and soldiers, woods and trees, ladies and women. So which one do you choose to take?

You come to this world as an ordinary man, who goes through the burning furnaces of problems and is changed into something precious.

That’s how life revolves. Life bullets are fired towards you to create in you a heart of a soldier. To destroy the cowardice spirit. To make you stronger and firmer.

Bob Proctor said, “The human body, believe it or not is one of the most efficient electrical instruments in the entire universe. The human brain, similarly is probably the most efficient electrical instruments ever created.”

You have the most powerful instrument which has great ability to take you afar and that’s your brain. Use it. Stretch it. It can still take you to somewhere you never imagined. It can be done. Be blessed. Why do you have to worry?

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. Email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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