Khumalo, Chinotimba kiss, make up

THE MDC Alliance leader of the House Thabitha Khumalo and Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) yesterday buried the hatchet over an incident where the Zanu PF legislator on Wednesday labelled Khumalo a prostitute in the National Assembly.


Khumalo had threatened to slap Chinotimba with a law suit over his utterances before storming out of the House in anger.

However, yesterday the acting Speaker of the National Assembly William Mutomba announced that the two had engaged over the issue and buried the hatchet. “I would like to congratulate Chinotimba and Khumalo for burying the hatchet over the Wednesday incident,” Mutomba announced.

Khumalo and Chinotimba then stood side by side, hugged and confirmed that they had amicably resolved their issue.

“Mr Speaker, we are currently observing the 16 days against gender-based violence (GBV) and by burying the hatchet, myself and Khumalo are trying to show people that we must say no to GBV in Parliament and everywhere because it is bad practice,” Chinotimba said.

In an unrelated matter, Harare East MP Tendai Biti (MDC Alliance) blasted Finance minister Mthuli Ncube for confusion in his 2019 National Budget statement where it is unclear whether the 2019 budget is $6,4 billion, $8,2 billion or $10 billion.

To worsen matters, Biti said Ncube had printed two contradictory budget blue books.

“There is confusion as to which one is the correct budget for 2019 because it is said to be $8,2 billion, but when you look at the blue book it is indicating that the budget is $10 billion, and I am requesting you Madam Speaker (acting Speaker Tatenda Mavetera) to direct the Finance minister to provide MPs with the Appropriation Bill.

“He has also published two contradictory blue books, and he should tell us which one is the appropriate blue book. He is incompetent and that is not the correct procedure because we have to appropriate what we know, but right now we do not know whether the budget is $8,2 billion or $10 billion — we are not prophets like Walter Magaya (Prophetic Healing Ministries leader),” Biti said.

Meanwhile, Parliament building which is over 100 years old is slowly falling after apart the roof of Hansard offices collapsed during yesterday’s rains, resulting in flooding.

Parliament is ISO certified. MPs have also complained of overcrowding as the National Assembly cannot take in all the 270 legislators.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week presided over a ground breaking ceremony for a new Parliament building to be constructed in Mount Hampden, which is supposed to provide relief for some of the housing challenges experienced by Parliament.

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  1. Comment…Chinos kissing and fucking Tabitha is not national news, please spare us the nonsense.

  2. Handidi Biti wakanga usimo during presentation…

  3. Stop putting lipstick on a pig.

    Chinotimba’s loose tongue and bootlicking record are well documented.
    We are how we talk!

  4. Biti is delusional, how can he call a whole Prof of Economics incompetent when he himself is not a Prof in his field like Prof Madhuku and Prof Welsh Ncube. Biti wants to be a ‘Jack of all trades’, during the COI he turned himself into a Historian

    1. Vazvinyanya Vanhu ava

      VaChihota musada kurwa nema facts. Even professors make mistakes and what Mthuli did is one of them. He needs to clarify which blue book is the correct one, simple. Zvekuti Biti is underqualified is irrelevant. After all during his time in the GNU he did well and right now there are some ministers who do not even have PHDs nor are professors of specialities relevant to their ministries. Monica Mutsvangwa, Joram Gumbo, Prisca Mupfumira etc

  5. Professor especially in Zimbabwe have a history of incompetence. So what is the budget 8.2 or 10b? Were those figures compiled by ZEC?
    Muthuli introduced an illegal tax, which by the way is a tax on another tax. That is the very definition of incompetent in my book

  6. Biti hapana chozikanwa,anogona kungozhambatata chete. Zvese zvaanotaura pamusoro peEconomics anenge avhunza wanhu wanenge saanaProf Hanke. Tendai haana kusiyana naTsvangison, anofunga kuti chese chataurwa nemurungu chakanakira munhu mutema.

  7. Biti hapana chozikanwa,anogona kungozhambatata chete. Zvese zvaanotaura pamusoro peEconomics anenge avhunza wanhu wanenge saanaProf Hanke. Tendai haana kusiyana naTsvangison, anofunga kuti chese chataurwa nemurungu chakanakira munhu mutema.

  8. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    Mbiti must just concentrate on his job of inciting violence and nothing else.

  9. Is this the same Biti who once called Tsvangirai “an illiterate dictator”? Is he the same Biti who said tsvangirai MDC is a “party of violence”? If he is, he should not be taken seriously?

  10. No one is perfect but in this case Biti is right. His question is not going to benefit him alone even you the criticiser. We need to move away from mixing politics and economics.The truth is Biti was minister of finance before so he is able to notice such anomalies and this require urgent attention and people need to know. Zimbabweans whether you belong to MDC or ZANU pf let us not politicize everything for the benefit of our nation. Zimbabwe is for us all not any of the political parties. I am against unconstructive criticism.

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