I will publicise shootings report: ED

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he will make public the report by a commission of inquiry into the post-election violence that gripped Harare on August 1, in which members of the military allegedly shot and killed six civilians and injured over 20 others.


The commission was chaired by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Mnangagwa’s statement follows a public outcry after his spokesperson George Charamba claimed in the State-media that the report was for Mnangagwa’s “eyes only” and that its publication would be his prerogative.

“The hearings were done in public, so the report will be shared with the public,” Mnangagwa told heads of foreign missions in the country at a re-alignment workshop in Darwendale yesterday.

In a related matter, University of Zimbabwe law professor Lovemore Madhuku, who was part of the commission, said Mnangagwa was bound by his promise to make the report public.

“There is, in the law, room to be given to the President to read the report and thereafter to make it public. There is no law which says the President should make the report public immediately after being given,” Madhuku told a symposium to commemorate the International Human Rights Day, which was presided over by Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi.

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“The procedure at law is that he receives the report; he studies it and then makes it public. As far as we are concerned, the report will be made public.”

Madhuku, who is also the president of the National Constitutional Assembly, an opposition party, said he accepted the offer to be part of the commission of inquiry despite having been at the receiving end of State-sponsored violence, with his motivation emanating from the experiences of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

He said during the hearings, he was baffled at how opposition leaders, while testifying consistently, reminded him of how the Zanu PF regime assaulted opposition players as he had moved on and decided to give peace-building efforts a chance.

“Yes, I know they would be elements in the new dispensation that are of the old order, but they are a new thing and we have to move and hold on to advantages that come with this. I can also give you an example of Mandela, 27 years in prison under that apartheid regime, but he still came out to work with the once oppressors,” Madhuku said.

“I have colleagues, who kept reminding me when I was in the commission; hours and hours ‘you were beaten’. Yes, we were beaten and so on. Up to this day, I don’t understand why I should not have been in the commission that seeks to ensure we end such acts.”



  2. What an idiot, and how do we know it hasn’t been tampered with ?

  3. Maphozho Saruchera

    Well spoken Prof Madhuku, there is indeed a new thing in the New Dispensation and we all have to move and hold on to advantages that come with it.

  4. Madhuku ndosaka une musoro wakabhenda nekurhohwa ne mboma dze mapurisa e zanu. Scope dhonhoro

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Ibvapo iwe idiot kurwadziva nekuti akazvifundira hake akaita professor. He reasons far far beyond all mdca from the top to the bottom where you are.

  5. Nobleman Runyanga

    I marvel at ED. When the opposition raves, rants, froths and foams at the mouth over the Commission of Inquiry report anticipating him to withhold the document thereby presenting it with an opportunity for a fight, he simply follows the law and pledges to release it. The opposition continues to live in the bygone Mugabe era when such reports where locked unreleased. ED is not Mugabe. This is the reason why they lost the election. They dwelt on the past instead if addressing the electorate’s current challenges.

    1. Nobbleman you are nobble. in my own opinion the era of violence has since shifted from ZanuPf to the MDC. their accommodation of zanu pf rejects – well known (by their own admission) champions and ochestrators of violence, they now mix and mingle in the ranks and files of mdcs?? Guys!!!!.

      1. There was a celebration to welcome a murderer from prison who was incarcerated for murder and you say you say they are moving away from Zanu…hahahaha, the White City bomber was said to be Zanu by ED………

    2. Phunyukabemphethe

      Another Karanga!

  6. ED pfeee ne report

  7. Some comments sucks. I thought people were crying out loud wanting the results publicized and now that # 1 have confirmed he is going to abide by his words some people no longer want it publicized.

    What happened on August 1 was very wrong some of us need the report and those who found on the wrong side of the law should face the music.

    There are people who lost their loved ones on that day let the report be publicized.

  8. Seer you are disgusting. You are a shame and a disgrace. Your comments against Prof Mahuku is pathetic. If you have nothing to comment better not to show your anger and stupidity. Why do you personalise and attack individuals and how they have been created by God? Who are you to give such comments? Above all, Pro Madhuku has excelled to reach such academic and professional status due to hardworking.

    You are a shame and it shows jealousy and anger that you are a nobody in life. Comments, yes are good, but let them be comments which are not personalised. Comment on facts and not on how people were created by God.

    As for the editors of these comments, please do your role. Why publishing comments about how people look/

    Shame on the so called ‘seer’ . You see nothing but just have a myopic mind. Shame on you with regards on the Prof. Madhuku’s head. You are disgusting and may the God may you regret the stupid utterances you made .

  9. Socrates you are so right! Shame, shame on you Seer!! I guess you are not even a Quater Educated like Madhuku, with your nice round Head! Uuuuuuuuuu shem!

  10. This Madhuku Guy is employed by the state (1) To spoil the votes , despite his academic archievements he is simple singing for his bread and butter ………….

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      Stupid you want everyone to behave the satanistic way you behave in your mdca? Very rigid in mind. Madhuku is a Professor and thinks like that and never will he reduce himself to chanyiswa and mbiti level. When we tell you that there are no democratic principles in your party you refuse but look you now hate Madhuku because he does not subscribe to your satanic thinking, which make you celebrate sanctions as though you are not Zimbabweans.

  11. The bottom line is not whether the inquiry will be publicized or not but what will be done to those mentioned.
    Besides, what if it touches his closest allies not to mention if he finds himself there.
    I hope we are not going to be treated to another hoax, as has long been a formality.

  12. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

    mbiti imbiti chete vakomana. Yakatadza kuti ZEC server ribude to prove their lies allegations of rigging and want it now to prove his psychiatric behavior? Where did he got the figures that made him rush to announce results? That is the server he must bring to court so that we see how they claim chanyiswa won the election.

    1. Some doubting Thomases are at it again. First some people dismissed the very concept of appointing a Commission of Inquiry, next they started to complain whether the report will be made public or not. Now that President Mnangagwa said the report will be made public they are complaining on whether the document is doctored or not. It is this kind of behaviour which has caused the country to be stagnant. As Prof Madhuku has said let us embrace the new dispensation and all the good things that it is introducing for the well being of the nation.

  13. Prophet62/12/27 do not be obsessed with speculation. How do you feel if it is alleged that you are employed by the opposition hence your comments are meant to appease your paymaster the opposition The problem with us in general is that we speculate without any authentic evidence. There is need for us to shun from being obsessed. However, i salute your sentiments which are not targeted at Madhuku’s physical appearance as highlighted by the so called ‘Seer’.

    One major weakness we have as Zimbabweans is that we allow obsession to cloud our reasoning. Yes, we may differ in our the way we see political issues but let us not allow obsession to lead us into misdirected behaviour. Remember, us as ordinary man should not be sacrificed by politicians and be used by them as pawns in a game of chess. Yes disagreements are inevitable hence the perception of individual differences BUT there is need for understanding and respecting the other person’s reasoning which must not trigger personal emotions.

  14. Well said professor, thank you for clarifying such issues, surely there is no need to panic. If the document is altered, I am sure the authors are in a position to tell us the truth.

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