Harare man found with human head appears in court

A HARARE man was arrested on Saturday after being found in possession of a human head. He appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday facing murder allegations.


Emmanuel Anesu Matsika (27), who pleaded guilty to killing David Arendi, told magistrate Elisha Singano that he pleaded guilty to premeditated murder in order to free his conscience.

Matsika told court that he stabbed Arendi on the neck several times until he became unconscious and chopped off his head. Singano asked him if he had suffered from mental illness, but Matsika replied: “Not to my knowledge.”

He was remanded in custody to January 7 pending indictment to the High Court for trial.

The State alleges that on December 21, at a disused toilet in Lyton Road, Workington, Harare, Matsika killed Arendi and cut off his head with a knife and went away, leaving the body at the scene.

Upon his arrest police recovered Arendi’s head, two blood-stained knives, which were used for murder.

Shepherd Makonde appeared for the State.

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  1. Comment…Musoro uwu ayida kuuendesa kupi uchinoshandisweyi?

  2. He was not alone he is hiding the way he is s so easy to accept the case a lot is involved.

  3. Poor reporting —- why did he kill him? How did he lure him to the disused toilet? Why did he only take the head and leave the rest of the body? Was Arendi somebody he knew…..please go back and get more details and write a more detailed article.. “Poor work, re write” 1/10

    1. AM sure if all those details were available u would hv been furnished with them.mind u this is a developing story which rely only on the details from the convict

    2. very poor shuwa

  4. Comment…What Zimbabweans should know is that there are ritualists out there. This guy is not working alone.

  5. he is aretualist

  6. Bad questioning, at least he should have been asked what the reason fro premeditated murder were. You leave readers in suspense

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