Fix Makodola bridge, motorists urge govt

TSHOLOTSHO Villagers and motorists have called on government to repair the Makodola Bridge, which was badly damaged by rains during the 2017-2018 season.


The bridge connects Tsholotsho Centre to Mgodimasili Village, home to the San community. The village is situated less than 30 kilometres from Hwange National Park, Africa’s third biggest animal and bird sanctuary.

Concerned villagers said the bridge posed a danger to motorists and public transport operators.

“The bridge was destroyed by heavy rains more than one year ago, and to date it, has not been repaired. Motorists, including buses and commuter omnibuses plying Tsholotsho — Mgodimasili route, use the damaged bridge,” Parliament Mlingo of Ward 12, Khangela Village, told Southern Eye yesterday.

Mlingo said it was imperative that the bridge be repaired as the nation had experienced numerous road accidents, some attributed to the poor state of roads.

“We challenge those in responsible offices to act on this bridge, because it poses numerous dangers to the community and motorists,” Mlingo said.

Another villager said the bridge was also impassable when there were heavy rains.

“There is no other way to access Tsholotsho centre except through that bridge, which hangs precariously and could collapse any time if rains are heavy,” said another villager.

Tsholotsho district administrator, Gladys Zizhou, confirmed that the assessment of the damage was done after the cyclone had damaged the bridge.

“The assessment of the damage was done at the site after the cyclone. The engineers visited the bridge and all was done, but I think it’s an issue of resources that holds it [repair] back. However, I am on leave,” Zizhou said.

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  1. “Hwange National Park, Africa’s third biggest animal and bird sanctuary” That statement is false… please fact check your facts before publishing

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