Ex-MDC senator Msipha dies in horror crash

MDC founding member and former Senator Sibangilizwe Msipha has died.


The wreckage of the pick-up truck which killed Msipha on Thursday last week

Msipha (53) died in a traffic accident early Thursday morning along N1 highway in Limpopo Province on his way to Johannesburg, South Africa. Five people, including Msipha died on the spot.

“The party has lost a giant of a man, a loyal cadre who was committed to free people of Zimbabwe from Zanu PF slavery. We blame the loss of Msipha on Zanu PF which only knows how to fix elections and not the economy forcing our brothers and sisters to cross the borders to other countries in search for food for their families,” MDC Bulawayo deputy spokesperson Edwin Ndlovu said.

“Msipha was a cross-border transporter who was trying to provide for his family. Had the Zimbabwe economy been good, Senator Msipha would be alive today working here at home or running a business here in Zimbabwe, but because of this government, our colleague is no more. We mourn with the Msipha family.”

Mourners are gathered at house number 389, 9th street Makokoba, Bulawayo.

Ndlovu said Msipha’s body will be repatriated back home on Thursday.

Msipha was the MDC senator for Makokoba from 2006 to 2008 and is survived by his wife Debra and five children. He will be buried at Bulawayo’s Lady Stanley cemetery on Saturday.

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  1. What does ZANU PF have to do with a road accident in South Africa?

    1. saka hauna kunzwa zvataurwaka iwe Rand. Anzi ega ndikuudze nechishona mayb unganzwisise. Anzi dai zimbabwean economy yanga yakanaka dai vaMsipa at his age vanga vasiri kumboita zvekucrosser border instead dai vachitorunner kabusiness kavo kana kunyatsozvigarira kumba kwavo vakazorora havo. Now since ZANU PF is party iri kutonga anzi ndoiri kutadza kutonga ndosaka zvinhu zvakamira mamiriro iwaya.

      1. Mubi you think that careless driving is ZANU PF. Kwasara iwe ifa tigare zvakanaka. Akazviuraya ega muNdevere uyu.

      2. grace mubi are you daft or what? The occurrence of a road traffic accident has nothing to do with any political party in power. Even in advanced and prosperous economies accidents still occur. There is no guarantee that if any other political party was in power and the economy was way better than it currently is, accidents would not occur in Zimbabwe or involving Zimbabweans inside or outside Zimbabwe, never mind what business the persons will be involved in.

      3. grace uri dofo chauri kutanzwa kunzwisisa ipapo chii? Rand is very correct. Kuitika kweaccident hakunei nekuti arikutonga ndiyani or the victim of the accident anga achifambirei or chamuita kuti ange ari paroad chii. shandisa brain woita semurume anenjere nhaika kwete kuita kunga dununu.

  2. Kunaka kwe economy kana kushata kwayo doesn’t mean anything pakufa kwemunhu coz chinouraya munhu inguva. You have to accept kuti nguva yake yanga yakwana. Musaita hudofo hwunonyadzisa kudai


  4. If Msipha was a cross border transporter, he was a businessman. The words that we speak with our mouths, one day we are going to eat them. Let us not heap all the bad things on other people. How did the accident happen? Instead of trying to be sympathetic to the family we selfishly bring in politics. How insensitive have people become. Pese pafiwa i ZANU, who ever told Zimbabweans that ZANU has the power to kill, even vari kufa nehondo ku Yemen i ZANU. Iko kusaziva kuti who controls our lives is what is killing Zimbabwe. We are just being reckless with our words just to please other people and trying to satisfy ourselves with useless things like vana vari kutamba mahumbwe. May the sould of Msipha rest in peace. May the Lord comfort and strengthen the family and may His providence be upon them always.

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