Editorial Comment: Motlanthe’s rushed report raises eyebrows

THE speed with which the Kgalema Motlanthle commission of inquiry into the August 1 fatal shooting of six civilians wound up its probe on Tuesday, compiled its executive summary and presented it to President Emmerson Mnangagwa two days later, raises a lot of eyebrows and casts aspersions over the credibility of its findings.

Editorial Comment

This is so considering that the process was abruptly ended and a summary of the report submitted to Mnangagwa shortly after some witnesses had stood down from the witness stand while some key witnesses, including victims of the shootings were still queueing to give evidence.

The rush has raised a lot of questions than answers.

For instance, why did the commission decide to rush the process when it still had until mid-month to wrap up its findings? Why were some of the witnesses, particularly shooting victims nursing gunshot injuries locked out of the hearings? Why did the commission cherry pick political leaders for interrogation? After grilling opposition leaders Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti, it was only logical for Mnangagwa and Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga whose names kept popping up in the evidence presented by several witnesses to be interrogated as well.

Worse still, why were the killer soldiers not subpoenaed to appear before the commission?

This brings to concern the selection criteria of witnesses employed by the commission, and questions its commitment towards the attainment of justice in light of the dastardly incident. If Mnangagwa’s motive in setting up the commission was to administer healing to the nation, victims and their families, surely there was no need to rush the process and leave out certain elements of the fact-finding mission.

Despite our misgivings, we still expect the commission’s findings to be a true reflection of what happened on that fateful day — anything short of that will be considered a travesty of justice. We believe, as Mnangagwa has said oftentimes since he came into office, that he will not shelve the report , but make it public immediately for the benefit of all.

We also strongly believe the commission’s findings, despite its envisaged shortcomings, will somehow help law enforcement agents to expeditiously institute criminal proceedings against those implicated in the report and bring that sad chapter of our country’s dirty politics to its logical conclusion. The nation needs to urgently move out of the political mode and heal ahead of the next cycle of elections due in 2023.

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  1. This is especialy a very big problem with most opposition loyalists! You want everything to go your way no mater what real facts may prove. The commission was mandated to do its work the best way it can. Who are you to interfere and to preempt the findings? You cannot have Ed and Cc to give any evidence for the violence because they have always preached peace to their followers and there is plenty of evidence to support that. They never instigated their supporters to shut down Zimbabwe through violence. The one who has been doing so is welknown. Gues who uttered these threats: ” Hokoyo Mnangagwa hokooooyo! Hokoyo Zec hokooooyo”. And gues who tried to skip the Zimbabwe and Zambia boarder soon after triggering violence? As far as I remember, I have not seen any soldier shooting people on video. I have only seen on videos soldiers firing their guns into the air, proving the fact that they were surely under insruction to only scare the violent demonstrators.

    1. You said it all Nhire. Problems emanated from opposition leaders with a mindset congruent to this journo. You already have expectations from the commissions. Any result deviating from your expectation is likely to be bullshit in your own eyes. Management studies will also teach you how to face, manage and accept defeat. Successful people are those who have learnt on how to accept defeat learn some few things and upgrade to win. With such coward players definitely our political landscape will remain contaminated. This type of poison will surely leave some permanent traces difficult to get rid of. Even if Chamisa is to win elections today the opposition of the day will still tarnish his image by failing to accept results.

  2. Emerson and Chiwenga if they dont apologies they supposed to be killed

  3. Mr editor – do you have any experience in writing such reports. How many days did you expect it to take. Hadzisi nyaudzosingwi idzi adhala. We have legal minds in there, and you think they can’t and dont know how to write a report.

  4. there is something i have noticed with the comment section of the newsday, there are some cio agents who have the mandate to comment first and theirs is the duty to defend that which is evil and being done by the govt of zim and zanu pf. they defend the undefendable sometimes.actually it doesnt seem like they are many people but just one person who changes names and respond to his comments and support himself filling up the comment section. this started some months ago it was never so. You are singing for your own meals mr agent but just know zimbos are suffering including your relatives and they just try to voice their concerns which your bosses are silencing in every way.we know you. takavhurwa maziso naguramatunhu and can sniff out one of your kind especially when you are up to no good

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