Editorial Comment: Chamisa’s doublespeak worrisome

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s indications that he will engage the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU) to intervene in Zimbabwe by pressuring President Emmerson Mnangagwa to a Government of National Unity (GNU) raise a lot of questions in light of contrary sentiments that he has made in the past.

Editorial Comment

It would appear the youthful opposition leader is dilly-dallying. On the one hand, he claims that Mnangagwa is an illegitimate leader and does not recognise him, and, on the other hand, now they are making overtures of unity — ostensibly to rescue the country from economic and political crises.

Chamisa told his supporters during a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday that “those occupying the high offices are not there through the democratic process of a free, fair and credible election, having imposed themselves” after the July 30 elections.

He then quickly claimed that Parliament was legitimate. How does it work then? How did he do his assessment when the same process was used to elect both the President and parliamentarians?

What is really needed is for both parties to find each other and make compromises because sticking to intractable positions will not help as none of the parties will budge.

The fact that Chamisa is now calling for a GNU creates the impression that he has had a change of heart, having earlier indicated that the only way forward should begin with officially reconfiguring the election results, which he claims should have been in his favour if the polls were credible.

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The fact that things have really become tough for the ordinary person means the two leaders need to talk and come to an understanding that will work in favour of the population.

Given both men’s political positions and social status, it means they are generally beyond the reach of the pain that ordinary citizens are going through.

Chamisa’s present demands for a resolution of the crisis of legitimacy and call for national dialogue among all key stakeholders to discuss, and resolve key issues including constitutional, electoral and legal reforms, harmonisation of Zimbabwe’s laws to the new Constitution, among others creates an impression that he is now forward-looking, which in a way is a good thing given that there is no way Mnangagwa is stepping down before he completes his term.

It is also important for Mnangagwa to also make certain concessions so he can work together with the opposition so that the country can move forward.


  1. Chamisa’s problem is elementary – he is dishonest and too stupid to hide the fact.

    1. Chamisa himself is illegitimate on Leading…so why is he trying to legitimize ZANU-PF Government?…

  2. Miracles never cease to happen. I NEVER thought I would see the day when Newsday would also question Chamisa’s logic in accepting one set of results while disputing the other yet the process was the same. That alone brings serious questions about Chamisa. Its akin to saying nhumbu ndeyangu asi mwana azozvarwa haasi wangu.

  3. Chamisa is a compulsive liar and has always been one.

  4. Those who take Chamisa seriously do so at their own peril. The young man wants power at all cost but what is more worrisome is that he has no clue about leading a country and he should be reminded that Zimbabwe in different from Harare Polytechnic Students Union

    1. @Peace – which planet did you post your comment from? Are you trying to say ZanuPf has done a sterling job since 1980? You must have some brains missing – you need a brain transplant. Chamisa is not a young man. A young man is around 19 years.
      Robert Mugabe started his political career in 1960 when he was only 36 years old. Back then nobody ever said he was too young.

      1. MUSONA, it’s not about Chamisa being young or old, but being childish. Even Newsday which has been his mouthpiece is now seeing that.

  5. By the time 2023 comes, Chamisa will have consigned himself into the political dustbin.

    1. isnt this political dustbin jus day dreaming, i once heard someone saying mdc is dying but here we are they are there and mobilising thousands. jus acknowledge tht this young man commands so much support than any oth politician in zim. figures tell not yo analysis

  6. If they WIN the accept the results if the DONT they don;’t concede. So when they won parliamentary elections there elections were free and fair, but where they lost they were rigged – that’s MDC for you

  7. @ WASHY,

    You made my day – nhumbu ndeyangu asi mwana haasi wangu.

    Allow me to add to that:
    (1) Mwana ndewangu asi nhumbu yacho yanga isiri yangu.
    (2) Bhegi nderangu as zirimo hasvisi zvangu.
    (3) Rowoko nderwangu as minwe aisi yangu
    (4) Muromo ndewangu as mazino haasi angu

    MDC as a party is lead by someone who believes in marine spirits and spiritual power from some papa in West Africa

  8. MaZimba kutukana ndiro basa. Nothing really constructive

  9. Zimbos are a stupid and foolish lot, busy denigrating and fighting chamisa. others talking of political dustbin kkkkk. the nation is burning and year in year out you are sold a political dummy, yu got no future at all, yu got no house or at least a small car, but you waste yo time on an opposition leader, dont be too stupid like this, some thing is missing in the way yu act. instead of demanding a better life and future fo yo kith and kin yu are wasting energy on a young man. what chamisa is doing is what the opposition shud be doing, if he agrees wth the govt on everythng then he can as well join zanu pf. there is no fuel, doctors are on strike, food is expensive, that yu cnt have a decent meal, no jobs, the country is broken, corruption is everywhere and yu wasting energy on chamisa, to hell with you foolish zimbos, its because of your brain bankruptcy that we are poor like this

    1. @Cliff, you are 120% right. Zimbabweans are poverty minded, they fool themselves that they are educated instead they are just brainwashed.Since 1980 the economy is falling apart and they still think that the same people who have been destroying it,will one day miraculously repair it.Even the great Einstein once said “You cannot solve the problems of today using the same thinking we used when we once created them.” Now they are busy thinking that the same Mangudya, who believes in the bond note that have catastrophically destroyed a sick economy, can wake up one day with a better solution.What a shame!!!!

  10. Chamisa ngaatipe maserious chete chete. Double minded haina kwainoenda.

  11. Chamisa himself is illegitimate on Leading MDC Party…so why is he trying to legitimize ZANU-PF Government?…

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