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Dialogue can save Zim: Majongwe


Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary-general Raymond Majongwe has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government to stop political grandstanding and prioritise addressing the deteriorating socio-economic situation in the country through dialogue with key stakeholders.

By Tafadzwa Mutacha

Speaking during AMH Conversations on the topic: Election Promises – Is Zanu PF delivering? Majongwe said the real enemy was the socio-economic conditions that citizens are facing rather than placing blame on individuals and institutions.

He underscored the need for dialogue between key stakeholders, pleading with political antagonists Zanu PF and MDC to stop placing demands for talks to take place.

“This country needs a new start, but it can only come through positive engagement of all of us as equal partners, then we will surely liberate ourselves,” Majongwe said.

“Another most important aspect is, let us put our health first, education, national housing, job creation and economy and political power and authority and everything else later. Let us get back to basics on how we can take this nation forward.”

He said the economic hardships being experienced in the country have the potential to breed revolts.

“It is only a matter of time before things get haywire, and I think this country deserves better. We are a peace-loving nation. But slowly, I do not see it remaining as such. We have people that are bitter out there over the August 1 killings, Gukurahundi and unemployment,” he added.

#ThisFlag Movement leader Evan Mawarire said citizens have suffered for a long time as a result of Zanu PF’s poor policies.
“What we know as citizens is that things have not worked out for sometime now under Zanu PF. Whether it is (former President Robert) Mugabe or Mnangagwa, Zanu PF is incapable of getting the country where it deserves to be,” Mawarire said

“They ask for help from China, but have never asked for help from citizens. Finance minister Mthuli Ncube first engaged with foreigners before talking to Zimbabweans about what needs to be done in this economy.”

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  1. Majongwe dai wangoziva zvekumiririra maticha wosiana nezvakawanda. Our Zimbabwe is a very rich nation not the grim picture that you want to paint. Our nation is so blessed in so many aspects and I know this for sure but some foreigners are aware of it and they have found traiters in your mold as a very useful tool to cause havoc and dispondency in our country for their selfish ends. What dialogue are you talking about? Why don’t you ask your kith and kin to stop advocating for sanctions on our nation if you are sincire about your sentiments? Zimbabwe has a constitution to abide by and so far our government has neither turned left nor right as far as the supreme law of the land is concerned and it has the obligation to reign in those of lawless disposition like you and the mawarires of this world should you be used by our ditractors in some shenanigans for their selfish agenda. Leave our president alone as he and his team implement their plans to fix the economy and other pressing issues.

  2. I will also address the gukurahundi issue. Please, do not try to delve into tribal maters thinking that you will get political scores on that basis. Gukurahundi is truely a sad chapter in our nation’s history and this issue is very irelavant as far as your complaints as Raymond Majongwe are concerned. Unles I am missing something which Raymond himself may inform us about. Please Mr Majongwe, make a contribution on this platform, telling us what gukurahundi has got to do with you and your grievances. I am just wondering because you seem to be worried that gukurahundi happened while on the other hand you apear to be eager to cause another one. Gukurahundi was infact a conflict that was triggered by some extreemists elements like you who used to commit attrocities and then use innocent villagers as human shields and I gues you are not planning to copy that same mistake.

  3. Comming to the August 1 shootings, I am just clueless about who shot those six individuals but it’s reasonable to suggest the same hand that organised the violence of that day organised the killings to soil the peaceful electoral process which saw president Mnangagwa and his party romping to a comfortable victory. Who realy organised that lawless and distructive march should come out in the open and exonerate themselves. As far as the army is concerned, I saw people who had been solely instructed to controll the violent mob rather than to attack, with a gun in the left hand and a button stick in the right one. They were mostly giving verbal instructions and on rare occasions used the buttons when their instructions were not heeded and would fire their guns in a scaring maner when faced with more violent and dangerous individuals. Maybe Mr Majongwe has more information on who shot those individuals as well as who organised the vilent march and for what reason.

  4. Farai Nhire Your comments are not a surprise…you are just doing your job (CIO).:..and where is your partner-in-crime,Eliasha,today?

  5. In the abundance of water, a fool is thirsty.
    What economic breakthrough can one expect in an environment where politics remains the yardstick of entitlement?
    No foreigner can resuscitate the ailing economy; change will only come from within!

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