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Creatives call for true national unity


SEVERAL creatives who would be joining hands with other citizens to commemorate Unity Day this Saturday yesterday said there was need to appreciate the true essence of unity and its significance.


Cindy Munyavi

The Unity Day has been commemorated since 1987 following the signing of the Unity Accord between former President Robert Mugabe and the late former Vice-President Joshua Nkomo.

The inking of the deal followed years of conflict that saw thousands of people mainly from Matabeleland and the Midlands killed by the North Korean-trained Fifth Brigade as government ostensibly sought to flush out suspected Zipra dissidents.

Music promoter and Jibilika founder Plot Mhako told NewsDay Life & Style that the country needed to renew the true spirit and essence of unity.

“We are highly polarised on political grounds. The post-election tensions need to be diffused and it’s sad that music and the arts, which must play a key role to unify the nation, are also caught up in the disunity which hampers development. We need to promote and foster more unity through all our works,” he said.

Chimurenga music publicist Blessing Vava said Unity Day was very significant in the country’s history and was particularly important to his boss, Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo, who is currently on a national blitz dubbed The Peace Tour.

“It has always been the call by Mukanya for Zimbabweans to be united as one people. For us, this year’s Unity Day is significant as we are currently on a tour dubbed The Peace Tour, which is a call to promote peace and unity in our country through music, and on the day, Mukanya will be performing in Kadoma,” he said.

DreamStar Zimbabwe spokesperson Tinashe Kitchen said there was need to appreciate that unity was deeper than the unification of two political parties.

“National Unity Day does not only symbolise the unity of two political parties. It represents the unification of our people as one proud and united nation, bound by tradition, culture and music. DreamStar Zimbabwe will continue to provide platforms for young and talented Zimbabweans to make their dreams come true,” he said.

Award-winning songbird and entrepreneur Cindy Munyavi, said the day spoke to the equality of Zimbabweans.

“The day symbolises the fact that we are all equals as Zimbabweans, regardless of language, tribe, totem, dialect or geographical location, so we should love and celebrate each other,” she said.

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