Civil service strike looms

CIVIL servants yesterday threatened to down tools if government failed to reverse its austerity measures, including partial payment of bonus and payment of customs duty in foreign currency.


In a joint Press briefing yesterday, Health Services Apex Council chairperson, Enock Dongo and his civil service counterpart, Cecilia Alexander, said the situation currently obtaining in the country, particularly their conditions of service, demanded that government adjusts some of its policies.

This came at a time the economic situation in the country is worsening, forcing many companies to rationalise and turn to desperate means of survival.

“The Health and Civil Servants Apex Council jointly demand for a revision of some of the 2019 budget proposals by the Minister of Finance,” Alexander said.

“It is our position that any further move to implement the said proposals will certainly cause disharmony between ourselves and the employer and may in the end defeat the government’s well-intentioned objective to stabilise the economy.”

She said they were not consulted on the budget, a violation of Section 65 of the Constitution which guarantees government employees the right to consult and be consulted.

“The decision to pay a bonus based on basic salary is unacceptable to us and amounts to a withdrawal of a benefit, much against the law. The same applies to the 5% cut on the salaries of senior civil servants,” Alexander said.

Civil servants also demanded salaries in foreign currency and an adjustment to the cost of living allowances.

“If workers are going to pay duty in forex, it follows that salaries should be paid in forex. This proposal on forex will have the effect of excluding civil servants from buying vehicles and some foodstuffs. Our salaries are in RTGS (real time gross settlement), customs duty is in US dollar. If we convert our salaries to US dollar on the parallel market we get jailed for 10 years,” Alexander said.

“The budget does not at all mention a cost of living adjustment, which is an urgent matter given the massive erosion of our incomes since the continuous surge in prices of basic goods and service,” Alexander said.

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  1. They gobble 90% of national cake. Amongst them are many ghost workers. When the private sector was crumbling, they were celebrating. Most of them have multiple farms but not farming. They have gold claims but not mining. They are parasites. They boost that their company will never be liquidated. They abused the monetory system. Their money is no longer buying.

  2. Some people tend to reason in a very funny way! What sort of reasoning is that when someone asks for something which they know for sure is not available? Where do you want the government to get the money you are demanding from when you are against the government collecting taxes? Mukati dzenyu dzinodhonza mushe mushe here? When the government charges duty in forex, ndiko kuti iwane marika yekugadzirisa liquidity munyika kuti rtgs nebond note renyu ramurikushora zvive nevalue. I think you need to be reminded that Zimbabwe can only one president at a time and currently we have President Mnangagwa who has a constitutional greenlight of implementing whatever measures he belives will help with the revival of our economy. He has a five year mendate to do his best before anyone can lawfuly challenge his position. So those political players who want to disturb the government in the name of fighting for workers need to keep cool until 2023.

    1. komari yekutengera ma chiefs mota varikudziwanepi.ngavatsvake mari kwavarikuwana yemachiefs vopawo ma civil servants


  3. a revolution has never been a walk in the park. no pain no gain. what you want Gvt to do, is actually a repeat of what Mugabe did and brought the economy to where it is today.instead of armtwisting Gvt and envisage it as an all powerful messiah, Zim ought to embrace policy changes for the benefit of future generations. this is not time for manna in heaven guys.

  4. FIRE THE LOT OF THEM! Let them go to their stolen farms

  5. Ma graduates takawanda tikudavo mabasa

  6. Striking is not a solution, they should seek dialogue with the government. I also beg to differ on the those who complain about the reduction of 5% salary of senior civil servants, the reduction should not target civil servants boss only but all bosses who are being paid high salaries, some of the figures are not justified.

  7. These strikes are retrogressive and never achieve anything.

  8. kozva president zvabvepi nhayu Mr Farai Nhira dzino shanda here?

  9. Waste of taxpayers money. when have these strikes ever achieved anything ?

  10. Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue, confrontational approach wont work. Let the employer opne for dialogue. Gone are the days of enslaving workers.Talk to each other and find common ground for the good of the nation. Instead of engaging Junior Doctors, government is lying to the nation that the strike has ended. We are dying in numbers and nobody cares.

  11. Isu tongonoudza wa Chiwenga toti wanhu waye watanga potorwa ekisheni, Doctors jst tighten your belts mosiyana nezwe chicken inn ne kuda ka life kausinga afford,Rambai makashinga ma comrades zwinyanaka,isu ku hondo others sacrifed there life for free pasina pay bt for the love of their nation&people,this new generation leaves a lot to be desired its all about money and being used in political fights to tanish the gains we hv made as a nation,ko akauya ari mai wako doctor on death bed wodii????food4thought

  12. @Manduwe, We finished me. You have already died in your numbers

  13. I am afraid that the ignorance being preached by Chamisa and his MDC Alliance is sinking in among some people.

  14. My honest view is that the government should exhibit financial discipline in all its activities in order to show the general public the way to go for the future prosperity of the nation. Show it by reducing unnecessary international travels, expenditure on luxurious benefits for chiefs and many others. If the gvt does this, then the people will see that the gvt is indeed serious about austerity measures. As it is now, its hard to believe that the gvt is serious on the matter. We will support you if you display seriousness on this matter. Motor mouths should give us a break.

  15. Nguva yehondo ma hospital akavharwa vanhu vakafa asi hatina kupera. Ma Civil Servants vanhu vashomanana. Vazhinji havasi kumabasa kusanganisira vane ma degree vakawanda. Vese ngavabude mabasa kuti vamwe vamboshandawo vasina kumboshanda kubva vapedza chikoro. Hurumende ngairege kutambisa mari pazvinhu zvisina basa kuti vanhu varambe vachitsigira zvirongwa zvekugadzirisa nyika. Tikaramba takasvinga rwendo rwuno tinoona musandu kusati kwapera kana gore.

  16. Maphozho Saruchera

    Instead of making threats, civil servants should proffer alternative solutions to the austerity measures – for instance, voluntary resignation, so that the few workers who remain can get hefty bonuses – kungoonesana!

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