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Chief Gampu’s vehicle stolen


CHIEF Gampu (54) of Tsholotsho allegedly had his motor vehicle stolen on Wednesday night in Bulawayo’s Nketa 6 suburb.


According to a police internal memorandum, the traditional leader — born Ashel Sithole — and his 25-year-old son, Onasisi, drove his Isuzu KB250 vehicle to a garage in Nketa 6 for refuelling.

“The Chief…went home using public transport, leaving his son in the queue to refuel the car,”a police statement read in part.

After refuelling, Onasisi drove to a nearby food outlet, but left the engine running and found the car gone on his return.

“Inside the motor vehicle were the complainant’s three 20-litre petrol coupons and the chief’s date stamp. The total value of property stolen is $50 000 and nothing was recovered.”

The theft was reported to Tshabalala Police Station.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Chief Inspector Precious Simango, however, said she did not have the details as she was attending a meeting.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Chief Gampu confirmed that he had lost his vehicle.

“I went to sleep only to be awakened by my wife who told me that my son had told her the car had been stolen. I called him and he confirmed that it had been stolen after he left the keys on while the car was idling when he went to buy food in a shop,” Chief Gampu said.

“We went with a neighbour’s car to report the theft to the police at around midnight,” he said.

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  1. he left the car idling??? That’s so reckless and unsafe practice! After all nekunetsa kurikuita fuel munhu otosiya mota ichi idler. Otherwise panogona pakatorohwa zhet.

  2. That boy pocketed a big chunk of money from sale of Isuzu KB250, twin cab for that matter. Left the car idling to buy food, nzara yacho yanga yaita murumirei

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