Young musician dies in ‘hit and run’ accident

UPCOMING musician, Takunda “Dada” Deve (26), died last Friday after an unidentified motorist hit and dumped him at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals’ casualty area before leaving under the ruse that he wanted to remove his car from the receiving bay.


Takunda Deve

Takunda was the late arts critic, human rights activist and veteran journalist Thomas Deve’s son.

The deceased’s aunt, Priscilla Duri, told NewsDay Life & Style that they were still in the dark regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident, besides the little scraps of information they gathered from the police who informed them of his death at Parirenyatwa Hospital on Saturday morning.

“He left Zimre for the CBD around 1 o’clock on Friday. No one knows the exact place he went to, but a friend saw him around 5pm and urged him to go home and he proceeded. Somebody also says he saw him along Jason Moyo Avenue on his way to board kombis for home,” she said.

Duri said the police found a business card belonging to Takunda’s friend and called him as they wanted to locate his relatives.

“So he (the friend) went on Facebook and found three relatives. One who was in South Africa then called and told my sister to check if Takunda was home.
He then advised that we should rush to Parirenyatwa Police Post to check with them,” she said.

“Initially, they said he was alive when he was brought to the hospital, but he was dumped at the casualty reception by the person who brought him.”

Duri said no one knew where the accident occurred or how it happened. To the relatives, the event was strange because Takunda was hardly ever alone.

Another relative who was among those who went to identify his body said it had a deep cut on both the left leg and left side of the head, while his clothes were dusty.

Takunda’s manager, Admire Maramba at Rocks Records, said the musician — who was well-known as I-Ancient in music circles — was supposed to pitch up for a recording on Saturday.

“It came as a surprise as we were waiting for him to come to the studio on Saturday, only to be told of his death. We were working on an album with him and only one song was left half-way through for the album to be completed,” he said.

A post-mortem has been set for tomorrow.

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  1. Rutendo Mlilwana

    Im really hurt he was like a brother to me , a friend and my neighbour as well ….may your soul rest in peace Dada…you will be forever missed.

  2. The casualty area at Pari needs CCTV cameras. But, I don’t buy this hit and run thing. Where would an accident occcur in the CBD without witnesses?

  3. I-Ancient you will FOREVER be remembered bro. I am deeply hurt my BRO….someone knows 100% what really took place…and he or she is silent…But he or she cant run away forever.

  4. ..these government hospitals needs to improve technologically I mean a camera in the reception is necessary because some of these nurses do ignore people who are on critical condition.

  5. rest in peace Takunda mwana wamai Justice shall be served….someone killed you i agree hakuna accident inoitika muCBD igoshaya mawitnesss not in Harare musha uzere vanhu

  6. Bro im hurt bgtym.apa jus 2 days before we met after 4years.Friends 4rm highxul till nw.ul 4eva b luved bru.Som1 killed u.mhosva hairove

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