Teenage boy to be caned for sodomy

GWERU regional magistrate Pathekile Msipa has ordered a 13-year-old boy (name withheld) to receive three cane strokes at Whawha Prison for sodomising his family neighbour’s three children aged nine, seven and six respectively.


The boy on several occasions lured and indecently assaulted the minors before buying their silence with biscuits.

It was the State case that sometime in November last year, the teenager went to his neighbour’s house to watch television.

While watching television with the neighbour’s children, the boy told the complainants that he wanted to have anal sex with them, but the nine-year-old refused.

The juvenile, however, seduced the nine-year-old with biscuits before sodomising him.

The boy went on to sodomise the nine-year-old on several occasions while his two siblings watched.

He also sodomised the other two minors on several occasions until the matter came to light early this year when the three brothers spilled the beans to their mother, leading to the teenager’s arrest.

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