State capture: ED cracks whip

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly cracked the whip on top ally and State residences principal director Douglas Tapfuma, who has been implicated in alleged corrupt deals, including the disappearance of $6,4 million at Hwange Colliery.

BY Everson Mushava

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Tapfuma, who replaced, Dzapasi Tizora, a top ally of former President Robert Mugabe in January this year, has now been relegated to a less influential post of principal director (PD), monitoring and evaluation in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC).

Coxwell Chigwana is the new principal director of the State House, according to tweet by the Information ministry late Tuesday evening.

“We have noted a number of media inquiries regarding the position of principal director at the State House Residence. PD Douglas Tapfuma has been reassigned as PD monitoring and evaluation in the OPC. Coxwell Chigwana takes over as PD at the State Residence,” the ministry said.

The tweet came after NewsDay tried in vain to secure a comment from the same ministry during the day, with secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana professing ignorance of the shake-up.

“Reassignments and redeployments are a normal part of civil service life,” Mangwana later told NewsDay yesterday. ads Ads

Well-placed sources said Tapfuma was facing several allegations, including

abusing Mnangagwa’s name and using letters from the President’s Office to facilitate the importation of vehicles for friends and relatives duty-free.

The same letters were also allegedly being used to evade paying Zimbabwe National Road Administration toll gate fees.

According to the sources, the reassignment, instigated by Mnangagwa, has been done to pave way for investigations into Tapfuma’s alleged misconduct.

The Zanu PF leader was reportedly irked after his name was dragged into the Hwange Colliery saga where $6,4 million meant for exploration could not be accounted for.

“He (Mnangagwa) had received many complaints about Tapfuma before, but the Hwange issue was the last straw,” a well-placed source said.

Last week, the Zanu PF Midlands central committee member was implicated in the Hwange Colliery scandal where the company’s board members claimed he was working with one Shephard Tundiya to call shots at the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed company.

Mnangagwa and Mines minister Winston Chitando’s names were also dragged into the scandal after Tundiya reportedly summoned the Hwange Colliery board members to State House where they were met by Tapfuma, who claimed he was representing the President.

The board members and senior managers claimed they were abducted in mafia-style by Tundiya, who claimed he was well-connected to Mnangagwa.

They also claimed they were summoned to State House to see Mnangagwa, but only met Tapfuma in the company of Tundiya, who ordered the reinstatement of fired managers.

Tapfuma is also accused of abusing his office to prejudice the State.

“He is accused of abusing State machinery and apparatus by giving friends and relatives letters from the President’s Office for them to be exempted from paying duty,” an official said.

“Apart from that, he is also being investigated for nepotism after he facilitated the employment of his relatives in various government departments.”

Tapfuma, a former Zanu PF provincial administrator, was promoted to principal director in Mnangagwa’s office when the latter was still Vice-President in 2014. He was roped in as principal director based at State House in January.

Sources claimed Tapfuma used the letters from the President’s Office to assist a fellow Zanu PF official from Midlands to import Toyota Quantum commuter omnibuses without paying duty. He is also alleged to have imported some farm and industrial equipment from South Africa without paying duty.

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  1. Who else is using ED’s name & office who he’s heard about but is still “conting the counts” before taking action?

  2. That’s why we never get anywhere,corruption, patronage, nepotism and impunity. Why is the guy not fired or suspended? These are serious allegations that warrants sacking and imprisonment. “Demoting” him makes his case so light. I do not see how he has cracked a whip here. They are just recycling criminals just so they keep their hold on power.

  3. To quote Tendai Biti it is without any shadow of doubt that judging by its performance since his inauguration ED and his administration are the worst performing government since 1890. I can even add that King Lobengula could have administered a better government than this bungling administration. To think that this is the same man who wants to fashion himself as a “listening President” and a “servant- leader” all his actions to date have been the direct opposite of that. Even his so-called “100 day benchmarks” have yielded nothing but disaster for an economy that comparably makes Mugabe’s performance seem progressive.

  4. We dont expect this in this new dispensation. its preposterous and shameful. while the majority is wallowing in abject poverty, fat cat are busy lining their pockets…. sis

  5. why has he not been arrested?

  6. One wonders if the whip-cracker is afraid of a back-lash from that same whip !

  7. Don’t rush, the mater is under investigation. Ed is a law professional. Justice must not only be carried out, it must also bee seen to be carried out. Vanhu vanofanira kutongerwa mhosva dzavo chaidzo pasina kudarikidza.

  8. Comment…hurumende iyi ndoo murakwani zvawo wakaora


    1. hoo nhai

  10. These ED!OTS do not even get jailed. They loot and loot and loot and loot until there is nothing to loot. Since 1980, the have been looting and thats why they are crying for the travel bans aka sanctions to be removed so that, they can loot big time.

  11. Sanctions or no sanctions, nothing will ever change.

  12. Mucharamba muchingotongwa,muchitongwa,muchibirwa,muchingotambura muchingoti ED pfee muhupfu imi pfee munhamo.Svinuraiwo veduwe.

    Those that were in doubt about Mnangagwa’s ability to govern,i think he has displayed it himself that he just doesnt have the stomach to let corrupt people arrested on account he is also involved in corrupt deals in one way or the other.

  13. Your Name (required): Special Black

    Racists must not comment. It is clear that some of you dont believe that a black person is a human being. I am suprised to hear such utterances fm you RICO this day and age. You are the very people that are causing confusion amongst Zims. A layman always sees a person alleged to have done something already in prison.

  14. Rico, Rico, people did not choose to be black, yellow, white or brown, it is God’s creation. Now, dont judge other races created by God, we are all equal. Please adjust your thinking, we all found ourselves here. Hitler was not black but what did he do, killing people like flies. Slave trade, auctioning blacks like cattle. Let all races unite, thats what God wants.

  15. can the real queen B please stand up

    1. All the good things the nation wants is what this president says and promises . Economy! economy ! economy , New dispensation, Zero tolerance to corruption, Zimbabwe open for business, Listening president, Will involve all Zimbabweans for the development of Zimbabwe, we are a democratic country, People are free to to choose who they want to lead them, We have many investors waiting to come in soon after elections, Beit bridge Harare road dualization has started in earnest, We will name and shame those who do not bring back the externalized funds after the expiry of the grace period. But the sad thing is none of the above has been done. These were meant to be priorities of this presidency but what a yawn his performance has been so far. There seems to be no sound plan as to where we are going. Looks like all has been left up to Muthuli Ncube to solve problems of the entire country. Where is the president and the rest of his team. Where are we going and how far are we to our destination or we have not even left the Blue Roof? clearly looks like there is more confusion than before nd no one seems to care . Is this the trade mark of the new dispensation ?

  16. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Strange, strange, strange, soon after the appointment of Prof M Ncube some were saying lets hope the president would not interfer with the Ministers programmes. Now some are saying everything has been left to the Minister. Which is which now.

  17. Wnga uchiba uri panumber 7, ndombokuchinja womboba uri pa5. Hapana hapana. Shiri dzine muririro wadzo. ED is the major thief anyway.

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