Shootings inquiry to subpoena Chamisa, Biti

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and one of his top lieutenants, Tendai Biti, and other opposition leaders implicated in post-election violence will next week be subpoenaed to give evidence before the commission of inquiry into the August 1 shootings, which left six dead and 24 others nursing gunshot injuries.


Ballistic and forensic experts have also been summoned to appear before the Kgalema Motlanthe-led commission, but it was not yet clear if Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga would be asked to testify in view of the recent High Court ruling implicating him in the deployment of soldiers who turned on unarmed civilians on the fateful day.

Secretary to the commission, Virginia Mabiza, said as the inquiry enters its penultimate stages that include public hearings, it would subpoena all people fingered by witnesses as having incited violence, both in pre- and post-election times.
“The commission will be subpoenaing all those who were implicated in inciting violence, pre- and post-election. The law empowers the commission to use legal instruments to bring these people before it so that they can answer to the allegations made against them,” she said.

Chamisa, MDC deputy chairperson Biti and Jim Kunaka, Zanu PF’s Terrence Mukupe, Chiwenga and former Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Josaya Hungwe have all been accused of inciting violence ahead of the polls.

Chamisa, who faces arrest after Zanu PF, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba, the army and the police fingered him and his executive as the main instigators of the violence which unfolded on August 1, will be the main target, according to insiders.

The MDC has taken a decision not to be part to the proceedings of the commission, dismissing it as a farce, set up with predetermined outcomes. ads Ads

After the army distanced itself from the shootings, the commission, which said it was armed with evidence that soldiers using AK-47 rifles fired live rounds of ammunition into fleeing unarmed civilians, would invite ballistic experts to give evidence.

Head of presidential guard,Brigadier-General Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe, said the soldiers under his command only fired warning shots and never shot at anyone, leaving the commission grappling for answers on who fired at civilians.
A commissioner, who refused to be named, said the ballistic experts would give evidence on the damage an AK-47 could cause and would also review video footage of military activity on the day.

“The issues that were raised by army commanders, especially that they did not shoot anyone and that the soldier captured on video kneeling while shooting, was firing in the air at 45 degrees, the commission would want to get an expert opinion on the matter so that it arrives at a conclusion as to who shot and killed the six now-deceased,” the commissioner said.

The ballistic expert, according to Mabiza, would be provided by the police, who have openly told the commission that they were still clueless regarding who shot the victims.

“The ballistic expert will give evidence on November 21 before the commission, I don’t have a name now, but the expert will obviously be connected to the police,” the commissioner added.

Journalists who shot the video footage, including South African Thulasizwe Simelane of eNCA, John Ray of ITV News, and the SABC news crew, could also be asked to appear before the commission to give evidence.

Some foreign journalists were reportedly assaulted by soldiers deployed on the streets on August 1 and told of the horror they suffered at the hands of the military. But Sanyatwe insisted that the journalists were only able to do the video footage because they were guaranteed safety.

Mabiza confirmed that the commission had reached out to established media outlets to favour the commission with credible video footage and depending on how it is availed, the journalists who were part of gathering the news could be asked to give evidence.

During the public hearings, commissioner Lovemore Madhuku, who has taken lead in fielding most of the tough questions, said the commission had evidence that the army fired at people.

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  1. finally all fingers are pointing to chamisa and Biti as the face of 1 august inspired by their father of anarchy Odinga, was a well calculated move to cause anarchy in zim its about time to unmask them for who they are merchants of anarchy then throw them were they belong #CHIKURUBI this should serve as a lesson to all opposition in Africa who ride on people sufferings to hv relavance as self made messairs

    1. Well articulated. Anarchy masters must be given what they really deserve. Why was Odinga’s aide here on the eve of the elections and violence. it was to give solidarity and backing to a fellow noise maker. You can fool your followers Chamisa and Biti but not the custodians of our security as a nation. Not even the rest of the nation. your tokunyengeterera kuti Mwari arikumusoro ndiye anoziva zviri mumusoro nemuhana mako. He knows better what Chamisa’s intentions are! He knows better who the shooters of innocent citizens were?.

    2. Whether Chamisa force marched the demonostrators is not the issue, the issue is why did the army fight its own citizens.

      1. and why did the demostrators fight their own peers by burning their busniesses, cars, looting shops and so forth in the first place ,these and many more questions are begging for answers from the drunkard and drugged marchers

      2. they were destroying property and needed to be stopped. Its unfortunate innocent people died.

    3. Chino tadzisa wanhu wakadzidza kusanyara chii?
      Kuti Mbudzi ine uswa pamuromo yozi ndiyo yaba nyama asi Imbwa ineropa pa mhuno ne pamuromo iripo?
      Some force,(evil)? must be forcing Civilization into the reverse gear.

    4. lol….silly and absurd…..why do you want to talk about the so called isntigators of violence and ignore the ones who did the killings. if there is evidence that people died….then before we talk about who incited people to demonstrate we should rather inquire about who did the killings instead….forget about chamisa and talk about WHO DID THE KILLINGS……

  2. Right move these two opposition guys need to tell the nation their part of the story as the brains behind the demostrations although they later developed cold feet and went into hiding to have a good time with their family and friends leaving a number of people to face the consequencies which later transpired.

  3. Oftentimes, most of these inquiries end up gathering dust on shelves after spending too much money.
    In my opinion, the same money should be spent in compensating the bereaved families now that the circumstances cannot be reversed.
    Lets learn to face the bitter truth at the expense of political posturing and ‘buying time’.

  4. This is just a sad story to the Zimbabwean citizenry, do we need to waste time on clear issues of concern? Wasting scarce resources to protect an evil empire!

  5. In my view, there are two important issues which the Commission need to address. Firstly, there is the issue of Violence. People need to know who incited/what caused the people to behave the way they did and ending up causing violence. Secondly,did the army use live ammunition to quell the violence. The possibility of a third force using live ammunition is next to none because there is no evidence.

  6. i agree with man kenya you are dead right mmy brother many enquires have been conducted but none are known of thheir findings dating back to the sandura commissions and most that followed no one knows what transpired. this is truly a waste of resources that might go for better causes. There have have much damage perpetrated by the government in the past no one paid attention, why now . Remember the guy kidnapped and made to dissappear. Remember Patrick Nabanyama and most stories that followed Jestina Mukoko and others known abusers of human rights are walking freely and found in the government upkeeps then we start making noise and calling the likes of Montlante who will be paid and all the money taken out ofthe country.

  7. It is also very suspicious that Chamisa never tried to aproach the commission of in order to represent his suporters. We heard him distancing himself from the protests instead. Mhosva yake anoiziva. Opposition suportes need to be very carefull about following such people who after dragging them into mud disown and dump them. These day, the boy is yet organising another uprising and those with short memories will join in to the slaughter. Very sad indeed!

  8. Everyone knows the heavens are already serving punishment on the perpetrators of this heinous crime, they’re not suffering from a mysterious illness for nothing

    1. true, Mwari vapenyu hama dzangu. ungagone hako kuti nyepera nekuti dzvanyirira asi idi chairo izuva hwani…pachauya Mwari pasina mwana wamambo mupurisa nemusalad

  9. Those who still think there is evidence out there nailing the soldiers forget and smile.

    The CDF would never say the words he said in front of the commission knowing that there is evidence somewhere that will nail him. This is their game they know it better than civilians.

    Most likely the CDF and company have already studied the videos but kuti vabudise iwo hazviite becoz nero’s cult will cry foul so the need to request from the four international media houses.

    You are busy asking questions like if the Police and Army are saying they dont know who shot the people so then who did? You want them to say it so that will accuse them of lying? No they wont do that its up to the commission to find out for themselves and soon they will find out.

    If there are any arrests to be made they will based on the findings of the commission so that no one will accuse the police, Ed, Army and Zanu.

    How about this possibility – Nero and Biti gets exposed, ED let them go but the nation and party shun them. MDCA goes for congress, Monzora or Midzi wins the presidency and Khupe is called back into the Party as on of the Vice Presidents.

  10. Proudly Zimbabwean

    Let the commission do their job. Yes some people may try to hide it for a while but it will come out at some point. Everyone (Opposition or ruling) should be brought to account for what they did that eventually lead to the unwanted deaths of other people. We don’t want a repeat of this ugly thing again. We are a peaceful country and it should remain like that. We resolve our issues peacefully, they may take longer but no one should die innocently.

  11. nehanda nyakasikana

    hahahahah i believe its one person changing names on these comments . The whole nation can`t be that foolish to trust this shitty commission . OMG Zimboz are better than that .

    1. I agree with you, who does not know that people started dying wen the army got involved, who can be that foolish. The soldiers opened fire and we heard the kneeling soldier saying he was only doing his job and also that he could have killed mo people. Demonstrations are a democratic right that do not deserve response with a gun loaded with live ammunition. We did not hear where water cannons and rubber bullets were used. Demonstrators were not armed.Vana Farai nana Eliasha are u that dumb or u are part of the monster and satanic elements send here to defend such a clear case. Mwari havadhakwi.Handei tione.

      1. yes demonstration are a democratic right but it can become a right if it is done in a peaceful manner not zvakaitwa apa izvi zvekupisa midziyo nekutorera vanhu zvinhu zvavo zvavanotengesa kana kupwanya mashops zvanga zvinechokuita nei nekusabudiswa kwema result…i am not supporting the shooting of the people but on the other hand we people should learn not to sacrifice our lives for the sake of a person who is not even ready to die for himself…look at it today chamisa is calling them stupid kkkkkk dzidzai vana veZim kana ukavhota pako watoita womirira ipapo ukada kuzoyenda kumberi semhino hameno hako

  12. if people were nt murdered on the streets there wldnt be any enquiry commission wat wat, so toda kuziva kuti ndiyani akati vanhu vapfurwe nema AK47, musatinyaudza nekuti who incited protests, bullshiting us, even if people protest, burning things thats rioting and we have riot police why shooting them

    1. True that, we have ana Farai nana Eliasha here send to defend this satanic regime coz they are also part of the system but mwari haadhakwi guys. Chamisa na Biti ndivo vakaridza pfuti here. we have not heard where water canons and rubber bullets were used. The kneeling soldier said it all, he said he was only doing his job and could have killed more people ?????????? How can u defend murders?

    2. True that, we have ana Farai nana Eliasha here send to defend this satanic regime coz they are also part of the system but mwari haadhakwi guys. Chamisa na Biti ndivo vakaridza pfuti here. we have not heard where water canons and rubber bullets were used. The kneeling soldier said it all, he said he was only doing his job and could have killed more people ?????????? How can u defend murders?

  13. thats true nehanda, makava van satan ava

  14. true nehanda, zanu pf are foolish and evil, u cn fool some people sometime but u cnt fool all the people all the time

  15. Zanu PF soldiers “ndimi makauraya” as the Shhona funeral song goes…..”ndimi makauraya”. You proved to be Zanu PF not Zimbabwe’s soldiers.

  16. stupidity. why wasting taxpayers money. Who doesn’t know about the source of Killings, demonstrations have always been held in Zimbabwe since Tsvangirai’s time , but it is the involvement of AK 47 into play that shook the nation. I tell you if there were no soldiers the demonstrators would soon disperse and go home as in other cases, without any reported death.

  17. who shot people?

  18. You are right Chamiboy, it’s there in the public domain. You have to expound on ‘haivhiyiwi, tozvidira jecha’,etc. At White City Stadium you also told a capacity crowd that acts of hooliganism perpetrated and witnessed during your days of student activism were nothing compared to the post-election violence you could unleash…

  19. Zanu pf soldiers shot people period

  20. What were those demonstrations for? You don’t just complain about being shot at without taking responsibility for your own actions. Nyika ino inemurawu and inotungamirwa nelawyer. What were the demonstrations for and who organised them? The commission needs to know that. They alson needs to investigate a rumour that on the day of those violent demonstrations, a Delta truck came to deliver beer at Harvester House earlier in the day. Imhosva iyoyo yekupa vanhu doro kuti vakonzere nyonganyonga. Would there ever bee any need for the deployment of soldiers if there were no disturbances? Even in the bible, people will harvest what they sow. ( Galatians 6 Verse 7) Even the late Kofi Anan warned Chamisa to do his politics, adhering to the laws of the land but iye zvimiti munzeve ndo ndo ndo! Let him come before the commission. He must also be pressed to name his connections whom he himself talked about who are in the military. Hatidi kuramba tichingoyaudzwa nezvisina nebasa rose.

  21. Nyaya haisi pakuti ndiani akakonzeresa zhowe zhowe asi pakuti ndiani akauraya atumwa nani full stop.

  22. A regime that yens to be embraced by the International Community but back home butchering its own people. What rubbish. The army killed people.

  23. Janana Bikaz Bikaldo madhogodhogo

    People went into the streets because ZEC had decided to deliberately delay the announcement of results that they already had and people knew that ZEC was up to no good,they were busy cooking the figures in favour of Mnangagwa.ZEC iS the one to blame because they incited people through holding results for areas where the mafia party was severely bludgeoned.Ask Priscilla and her gang why they delayed to announce the results for particular constitutions.Without taking ZEC to task this whole exercise will smack of window dressing.

  24. But the day the presidential poll results were anounced, Morgen Komichi of Mdca said there were no results that had been verified yet. So which results were being cooked and who had verified them who Komichi was ignorant of? Musangonyora muchiita semunonyorera vanhu vasingafungi. The party that is filled with confusion is Mdca. Chese chaiswa pasocial media nebenzi zvaro nacho nacho.

    1. It’s always Farai J. Nhire vs 99.999999999999% f participants on this forum and you can’t rig this one boy.

  25. They should go and explain to the commission about who incited those protesters. I know he will deny the allegations and say the protesters were not MDC members.

  26. WhoShotCivilians?

    That Commision is a farce. They are working from Backwards. They already have an answer. Why not just say Chamisa shot the People, charge him with Murder and we continue with our lives….. The evidence is there but im Surprised that senior Police and Army Personnel have the audacity to lie under Oath…. GOD FORBID!

  27. By the way things are going I would not be surprised to hear allegations that Nelson Chamisa armed himself with an AK47 and fired at the people thereby killing all the six people and injuring the others!

  28. Now that High Court Judge Mangota has publicly stated that it was VP Chiwenga who deployed the army, presumably with orders to shoot to kill it is only right the the Motlanthe Commission imperative that VP is given the opportunity to comment, if he chose to do so.

    General Ancelom Nhamo Sanyatwe of the Presidential Guard, has appeared before the Commission already; he is the one who insisted the soldiers had their guns pointing at 45 degrees up in the air contrary to all the video and photographic evidence showing the guns were pointing at the protestors. It would be very helpful to get VP Chiwenga to confirm that he is the one who deployed General Sanyatwe and his unit.

  29. A real waste of time and money ZEC Mwari vachainyadzisa time alone and time will tell

  30. This Commission of Inquiry is an absolute joke. Why are the commissioners going along with this charade? Not one commissioner stood up to tell those making submissions to be serious and not tell puerile lies. Murder dockets are being opened over 3 months after the shootings at the say-so of unreliable, partisan witnesses and hired witnesses.
    Unarmed civilians were “shooting themselves”, unnamed business men were accidentally discharging firearms on the day, and unknown people were shooting people from unnamed high rise buildings.
    Totally ludicrous.
    Nelson and Tendai Biti must hammer the Commission on Wednesday. This is their chance to put the record straight. Never let a serious crisis go to waste. Turn the tables.


  32. Why is it that the videos show the shooting soldier but not the victims being shot? nemhaka yei pasina vedio rintaridza vanhu vachipfurwa vachikuvara? It may be true that there may be some people who took advntage of the presence of the soldiers to shoot at civilians so that the elections and ED’s effort of new dispension were discredited. Chokwadi kufA kwevanhu was bad for ED and good for Chamisa mungaramba henyu maChinja. Nokudaro masoja haangapfura vanhu zvaizonyangadza zita raED kunze kwekuti masoja acho aive apanduka vachidawo kuzora jecha.

  33. vanhu vakatumwa na nzara,kushayamabasa,zvipatara zvisingashande,kushaya chaiko chaiko,na corruption,nevamwewo vavanofambidzana navo,sana nhamo,etc.uyuwo chamitisiwa na biti varikungo svetukira a runaway train hoping to…saka varipa crossfire/being in the wrong place at the wrong time

  34. commission of enquiry is not a court of law so bit cannot be forced to come n talk mupfeerorist ngaatange #this ruins u shall see them no more

  35. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    What about male lecturers who are forcing female students at Universities and colleges to love them in return for good marks? What must be done by the government? We need a commission of inquiry

  36. Honestly speaking, there is a motive behind this commission and the plan is to arrest influential members of the opposition, CHAMISA being the Main Target and also Tendai Biti ,and inject them with poisonous substances that will slowly kill them . Whether people were sent by someone or whether they demonstrated on their own , that is not a crime because the country`s constitution allows people to peacefully demonstrate and if the demonstration is not done peacefully,then the police should arrest people for not abiding with the country`s constitution.The country`s constitution does not allow SOLDIERS TO SHOOT AND KILL DEMONSTRATORS. SOLDIERS WERE CARRYING AN ORDER FROM THEIR BOSSES AND WHO GAVE THE ORDER TO SHOOT ? We leave everything to God to protect all the SCAPEGOATS including NELSON CHAMISA AND TENDAYI BITI, and also to expose the evil doers. DARKNESS WILL NEVER PREVAIL OVER LIGHT , IT`S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE ZIMBABWEANS ARE LIBERATED !

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