Set up one-stop shop for promoters

AWARD-WINING music promoter Tich Mharadze of 2 Kings Entertainment has called on the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) to set up a one-stop shop that would help with the integration of all promoters’ work for ease of doing business.


Mharadze told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the one-stop shop would even help to curb the alleged corruption in the music promotion business by some people in organisations such as Immigration and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra), whenever promoters bring in international artistes as the tax collector would have to work directly with NACZ.

“The trends of showbiz are changing, so we also have to move with time, that is why we are suggesting the establishment of a one-stop shop where all music promoters would pay a fixed amount for clearing international artistes with NACZ who will then deal directly with Zimra, immigration and other bodies that are involved when we are bringing foreign acts,” he said.

“This one-stop shop will also help to address issues of corruption as there were reports that some promoters are being charged less whereas some are charged more to clear the same international artistes.”

Mharadze also said it was high time NACZ moved away from dealing with estimations of the venues’ holding capacity when charging promoters, but standardise music promotion by putting a fixed price tag depending with the regions where the artistes will be coming from.

“We are saying it is not ideal for music promotions business to charge a promoter simply by using venue estimations that HICC’s holding capacity is so much, so we are charging so much. What if the promoter fails to reach the holding capacity?” he said.

He said there was need for constant engagement of relevant stakeholders in the arts sector by the arts mother body so that they are kept abreast of the sector’s issues.

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