Rusape accident death toll hits 50

The death toll in the road accident involving Smart Express and Bolt Cutter buses, which side-swiped each other on Wednesday evening, has risen to 50.


Police Officer Commanding Rusape District Superintendent Isaac Gowe said 45 people died on the spot, while five others died yesterday morning at Rusape General Hospital.

The accident occurred at the 156km peg along the Harare-Mutare Highway.

Following the accident, Transport and Infrastructure Development minister Joel Biggie Matiza yesterday read the riot act to public service vehicle operators, accusing them of recklessness.
Matiza, who was accompanied by Manicaland provincial Affairs minister Ellen Gwaradzimba and provincial administrator Edgar Seenza, among other several government officials, toured the accident scene before visiting close to 80 survivors at Rusape General Hospital.

“We are going to take strong measures against reckless drivers. There are some drivers with fake licences and the government, through the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID), we are putting systems to stop that,” he said.

“Owners of buses should make sure that their buses are fit to go on the roads. Make sure that you have correct drivers on the roads. We have asked the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe to foot the bills for the injured.”
Gwaradzimba said there was need to introduce speed limits targeting bus drivers. Ads

“Bus drivers should be limited on their speed. I was at the scene where the accident happened at Torish Farm. It’s a black spot and the government should be able to put signs to show that it is a black spot. I am pleading to you, the Minister of Transport, to assist,” she said.

“Our statistics indicate that at the moment 50 people were killed, while 80 were injured. From that number, two were discharged while three are critical and have been taken to Harare for special treatment.”

Gwaradzimba said President Emmerson Mnangagwa had donated $500 to each bereaved family and that the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe would help foot the medical bills for the injured passengers.

She revealed that Rusape mortuary was overwhelmed with bodies and Nyaradzo Funeral Services had come to the rescue.
Gwaradzimba said each bereaved family would get $1 350.

Local Government minister July Moyo yesterday said he had requested Mnangagwa to declare the accident a state of disaster and ordered the Civil Protection Unit to assist bereaved families.

“I have ordered the civil protection structures at Rusape and Manicaland province to swiftly and compassionately attend to the affected,” he said.

Meanwhile, national police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said preliminary investigations showed that the driver of the Smart Express bus, who was coming from Mutare, overtook a haulage truck and a Toyota Wish vehicle in a prohibited zone.

She said in the middle of overtaking, the driver saw an oncoming bus and tried to return to his lane, but failed.

“In a bid to avoid a head-on collision, he swerved off the road to the extreme right, hit the Bolt Cutter bus on the left side. Both buses sustained extensive damage, which resulted in the killing and injuring of passengers,” Charamba said, adding the police would close in on all vehicle operators, drivers and roads users who put profit and speed above human life.


  1. I have travelled Mutare road between 2009 and 2010 every weekend of that period.The first 2months of my stay in Mutare,I was travelling soon after work at 5pm.What I saw during those 2 months was just disaster and stopped travelling at night because of numerous terrible accidents along the road.I then swiched to day travelling on saturdays early morning buses.What I have noticed is these small bus operators employ non experience drivers who would have come from commuters kombis without experience of conventional buses.I remember one sunday I boarded a bus from 4th street to mutare and it took 3hrs and 15 mins and along the way I switched to gps on my phone and it was clocking 145km/h.I showed the conductor what speed he was driving and he laughed saying haasi kutomhaya.When I was disembarking at zuva service station I showed the driver again,he just smiled.

  2. 15 billion went miisng which could have been used to dualise our Harare Mutare rood. cry the beloved country. Biggie Watiza nemagonda blame yourself and gvt. LOOTING RESOURCES WHILE PEOPLE PERISH. MERCILESS PEOPLE. MASVINGO ROAD STILL KILLING PEOPLE.

  3. missing marange 15 billion. now the party sends condolence messages when the money looted coule have been used to dualise the mutare harare road.

    1. shunguhadziurayi mangarayi

      This shows how low your reasoning capacity is. Even my grandmother who never saw a highway code could easily tell that this was purely arrogance overzealous by the driver of the Smart bus. The Police even mentioned it that the driver overtook at a prohibited place. So where is the issue of dualizing and your dream of 15 billion coming from? You think talking of the non existent things like missing 15 billion will reverse the results of the elections? Shame on you psychiatrics satanists. MAY THE SOULS OF OUR DEPARTED REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.

  4. Dualizing roads can also be a solution. Zvorwadza izvi

  5. Vehicle fitness certificates for all buses must be revoked with immediate effect, and new ones issued to those who have installed a mechanical device that cut fuel supply after 80km/h.

  6. if you believe that 15 billion was stolen from Marange diamond you need a Physiocrats to examine yourself

  7. phanuel nyora shona kana chirungu chisingabudi wakaguma grade ani iwe, yo reasoning capacity is shallow pfutsek

  8. phanuel nyora shona kana chirungu chisingabudi wakaguma grade ani iwe, yo reasoning capacity is shallow pfutsek. haina kubiwa 15 bhiriyoni here? asi newe urigororo newe raiba madhayimani uri satan jus like cult ye zanu always shading blood is all u kno, people shot by soldiers u see nothing wrong with that, roads nw death traps still its cool with u haaaaa mbwa yemunhu

    1. i wish you have checked and understood the cause of accident. Driver overtaking 2 vehicles at a blind sport. to make matters worse one of it is a haulage truck. Hre Mtre road is one of the best in this country. 2 bold continuous lines and you support the madness of a single person.
      point of correction English is just a language its not a measure of knowledge

  9. blood suckers ma vampire anorarama nekusveta ropa revanhu

  10. I think ZRP inofanira ktenga ma tester kti vawongorore ma drivers aya kti havana kutora zvinodhaka hre
    Also Mars blocks mabuses aya haamiswe pese pese anoridzirana hooter vachivasiya vachienda vachimanya Vis ngaiwanike pa rd block sezvavaiita kare kare nguva Yana Kukura kurerwa busses. Vanhu kufa sehuku hre kdai sure be serious ZRP musaswera muchimanyisana nema Vendor muchisiya vanhu vakadai vachiita zvavanoda murd mushika shika chaiyo haumugone ku Controller renyu basa nderekumanyisana nema Vendor mutown nema Change money Shandai guys tinoda upenyu we anhu kwete mari.



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  14. Comment…I missed three accidents in two days. one along mutare Harare high way .and one in chitungwiza – Harare.

    I had a chat with a driver who was complaining that he was feeling sleepy. he told me that he was involved in a car accident a few days ago.he said they spend nights at filling stations to buy fuel , imagine going for days at ques and driving the following the morning. its summer and very hot that results to drivers driving in their sleep.

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