Public no longer respects the law, police: Matanga

POLICE Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga yesterday admitted that the general public no longer respected the law and its enforcers.


Officiating at the Zimbabwe Republic Police Staff College 2018 graduation in Harare, Matanga claimed police officers were now being harassed by members of the public.

“The reason why I was late for the ceremony is because I was briefing my superiors, they were asking me why the police were being harassed by the general public. What’s going on?” he said.

“I could not respond to that question. The only thing that I could say was that we should also look at the people themselves and see how they are and how they behave. These days, they are colour blind. When they see a red robot, they just proceed.

“These days, it does not surprise us to see people drinking while driving, getting involved in an accident while on the phone, that is all I could say.
The police are the aides of the king, that is why they are given uniforms. If you see yourself arguing with the police or beating up the police, then something is not right.”

The Staff College principal Senior Assistant Commissioner Angeline Guvamombe said the year 2018 ushered in a new dispensation of academic excellency, as the college moved a step further in rebranding to become an affiliate of the University of Zimbabwe.

A total of 436 students, among them 131 females, graduated with certificates and diplomas in various fields related to law, security and business.

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  1. It’s true and you don’t know why? The Zimbabwean law is designed to oppress the public and the public have come to know about it and have taken the bull by the horns. A law is meant for every citizen including the police minister and the president. That’s not the case in Zim and to hell with that law. Every police detail is pretty much a thief including the police minister and they think is a right. The president steal public funds for his own benefit, meanwhile people can’t afford basics and expected to abide by those oppressing them? No politician pays tax in Zim and is a law? Every politician gets money as they please from the bank and is a law? The police swindle money from the public at will and is a law?

  2. They are only getting what they deserve. They abused innocent civilians for too long. All because of money and greed. I don’t feel sorry for them

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