Prophet stirs controversy

PROPHET Blessing “Hitman” Langton and founder of Epworth-based Christ Realm Ministries of All Nations has sparked controversy after he urged his congregants to consult the spiritual leaders first before seeking medication at hospitals.


Prophet ‘Hitman’ Langton

Addressing hundreds of his followers during a Sunday service in Epworth, near Harare last week, the charismatic preacher, who claims his name means ruthless to the evil and demons, said people should not rush to hospitals before consulting the “man of God.”

“The majority of diseases are spiritual and they require spiritual answers. Demons are real and cannot be treated by scientific methods. Do not rush to hospitals if you are sick, rather consult your man of God first,” he said.

The man of the cloth’s advice is in sharp contrast with government policy which urges sick people to seek medication in clinics and hospitals to enable early diagnosis and treatment.

Some people who spoke to NewsDay Weekender yesterday expressed mixed feelings over the cleric’s advice.

“This man of God needs to be reminded that life is so precious, he must not mislead people about his miracles, people must go to clinics, death is real,” said Jasper Gurupira of Overspill, Epworth.

But Langton said he was not worried about the criticism he was receiving, saying even Jesus was denounced and criticised over his miracles.

He referred to his church as a home of miracles, claiming people were being healed and prophesies were being fulfilled.

“All what I want is to help people who believe God is the answer to everything in their life. We are here to demonstrate the power of God by eradicating demons as revealed in many testimonies that are coming,” he said.

He said he was happy that his church was experiencing tremendous growth, having started with less than five people.

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  1. i may not agree to his source of power but he says the truth that Jesus is the universal healer evn before hospitals were there the power of God was at work some diseases are spiritual were a doctor says i cant find a problem wth you but you will be sick he evn refers you to healers problem is sin has swallowed this generation so much they just dnt believe in God but human solutions

  2. whats wrong with the prophet ,its good to check spiritually whether your disease is natural or demonic before going to the hospital and spending a fortune on disease that are hidden .

  3. Cry My Beloved Country

    Don’t look for deep spiritual revelations where just common sense is required. These so called boys of the cloth need to be punished severely in the event of death of a misled congregant.

    1. Comment…pple died @ the hands of doctors; must the doctors held accountable?

  4. Let me explain something here, spirituality is not necessarily Christianity. There is a big difference. The bible say seek first the kingdom of God. If one member of the kingdom of God is sick they should call the elders first. Now Doctors do have there place. The Apostle Luke was a Doctor. Jesus is not against Doctors. However, God must be consulted first before any doctors. Please let the bible speaks for it self and not men who like to push their own ideas. Thank you

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