Poll killings: Chamisa faces arrest

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa

POLICE say they are still clueless as to the identity of people who shot and killed six unarmed civilians in post-election violence on August 1, but warned they would soon arrest MDC leader Nelson Chamisa for allegedly inciting his supporters and ordinary Zimbabweans to protest.


Appearing before the Commission of inquiry into the August 1 violence, acting officer commanding (crime) Harare, Detective Chief Inspector Edmore Runganga said the police thus far did not have any suspects or leads on who shot and killed the six.

“We have not made any arrests in relation to the death of the six people. We have not yet established what caused their death although we now have post-mortem reports which indicate that the deaths were caused by projectiles from firearms. We don’t know the exact place of shootings because there are no witnesses,” he said.

Pressed by Commissioner Lovemore Madhuku to explain if they had any suspects or leads on who had shot dead the six, Runganga said they had only questioned MDC activists arrested in connection with the demonstrations and had no other suspects.

“We only asked those MDC guys who we had arrested on charges of public violence if they knew anything on the shootings, and they did not know anything. But so far, we don’t have other suspects in connection with the shootings,” he said.

Runganga said despite not having any suspects and leads on the shootings, they had now elevated their three-month long investigation to a full-scale
murder investigation.

“Now that we have the post-mortem reports, we are now treating it as a murder case,” he said.

The police suspected the dead could also have been shot by business people or the military wing of the MDC, who they suspected to hold small arms.

Runganga was left clutching at straws when Commissioner Rodney Dixon challenged him to explain how small arms could have caused the death of the six when post-mortem results show the bullets were from high velocity weapons, in the nature of rifles.

Reporting on the progress of investigations, Runganga, who blamed the MDC for the post-election violence, said they had managed to arrest 41 opposition party activists, who have since appeared before the courts.

“So far, we have investigated the assault on people who reported. We also investigated the malicious damage to property involving various vehicles and shops that had been damaged. We are also investigating the incident in which six people died,” he said.

“The 41 who we arrested were demonstrators who committed the crimes we are talking about. The majority belonged to the political party, for example, Tendai Biti. He is a leader of a political party, Jim Kunaka is linked to a political party. So we concluded that they belong to MDC Alliance.”

On Chamisa, who is accused of having incited violence prior to and after the elections, Runganga said the police were looking to arrest him soon after investigations were completed.

“We have not made any arrests of people who were inciting violence prior to the elections because we are investigating to try and have concrete evidence on how they incited the violence. Once the investigations are complete, they will definitely be charged for inciting violence, as defined by section 187, as read with section 36 and 37 of the Code,” he said.

Earlier, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba blamed Chamisa for inciting his supporters to be violent and placed the blame of the August 1 shootings on his shoulders.

She said the actions of Chamisa were appalling and had been reported to the police, who were yet to take action.

Chigumba, however, condemned the army for using live ammunition against unarmed civilians. She said live ammunition could only have been used as a last resort.

The army has, however, denied shooting anyone during the operation where they deployed 62 soldiers as part of the National Reaction Force led by Brigadier-General Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe, to quell the protests which had allegedly turned violent.

The soldiers, armed with whips, AK 47 assault rifles and baton sticks managed to restore order in the central business district within just 90 minutes.


  1. plis arrest him wth immediate effect, throw him @ #chikurubi and throw the keys in the pacific sea akauraisa wanhu,pasi ne mhanduuu

  2. Zanu chi party che mbavha, mhondi nevaroyi.


    • Mdc vanguard or vagrants took the opportunity to shed innocent blood. we have the evidence kungoti chete vamwe vedu kuMDCA. tozonzi tatengesa!!!!!!! How can you randomly fire because kune pfuti dzirikuridzwa. Ngatiti mwari dai zvaibvira vanhu ivavo vakauraya ngavapengereke vatange kutorwara nepfungwa.

  3. This Runganga should be fired. Saka hu detective hwacho huripapi imi muchisiya big suspects (armed soldiers)???

  4. It is a great tragedy that zanupf can attempt to take Zimbabweans for fools with such ridiculous fairy tales on such a serious matter. In this day & age we cant afford archaic political theatrics of the Mugabe era that only serve to take our country further into global oblivion

  5. Zanu PF did not start killing people on 1st Aug 2018. It’s in their DNA, blood, culture and even slogans. First prize is to arrest the terrorist who killed 7 unarmed and fleeing civilians, anything else later. That’s why the Commission is in full swing. Damaged property can be repaired, lives cannot be replaced. Only fools and murderers cannot figure that out they thrive on the blood of the dead like vampires.

  6. So some of you people think the demonstrators should have been left to destroy property, attack other people and so on in the name of their right to demonstrate or reclaim what they think was a stolen victory? Sorry. Whatever your reasons, you can never be allowed to use violence or advocate for violence to get that which you want. Even if it was an MDC gvt in power and they deploy the security apparatus as what gvt did on 1 August 2018, I would still comment them for a job well done. Yes we sympathise with the families of the six who lost their lives in the violence of the day. This is what politicians should learn, that they should not play with people’s lives by inciting citizens or their supporters.We should be asking ourselves this question and answer it honestly, had it not been for the protesters who gathered and resorted to violence in the CBD would these people have lost their lives in the manner that they did? I THINK< NO!


  8. hatidzori tswimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso…we shall rule until donkeys grow horns.., we died for this country it wasnt given on a silver plater..,its not our fault you chose a kid for a leader who talks big but hides in his mansion when push comes to shove

    • At least the kid had the BALLS to stay put in his country! Others ran away, skipped the border and the place they stayed still remain a mystery. Imi munotoziva henyu kuti the “kid” was in his mansion, where was your guy after he was kicked from the party?

  9. Muslims are very strong in their faith and can make the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs. Unfortunately, the white man, through mercenaries, affected the African belief, but only time will tell.

    • And where does this come into it? Anyway its not even strong in faith like you say, they’re just crazy murderers. Just look at how many people they butcher, kill for nonsensical reasons. They’re psychopaths if you ask me. There’s a story about Asia Bibi right now in the media, just go read and tell me if this is about faith.

  10. If someone steals from you and you catch them red handed. You deal with them, you take them to the Police. Now with these shootings, our starting point are the soldiers who fired shots. Get them first, their names and other particulars and we then interview others.

    Thought we are an educated nation?

  11. It boggles the mind on how and why a detactive,Runganga can tell the Commision that they still don’t know who shot and killed the civilians up to this day. The bullet cartridges can tell if proper job is done. The police,Chigumbas,Chaibvas of this world can bark and accuse the MDC but the fact of the matter is all of them are lying and trying to cover the heinous misdeed. Very sad to see/hear people playing with people/civilians’ lives.

  12. zanupf and the army i want to warn you and the zimbabwean police stock behaving like
    u dont know that the zimbabwean army killed unarmed civillians no soldier in his right mind will shoot unarmed civilians arresting chamisa will cause a war dont say i never warn you zanupf is an illigitimate govenment they stole elections we demand all chinese missiles out of zimbabwe and chinese looting to stop and chinese arming dicattors to stop

  13. Lets wait for the videos, those found guilty should be charged.

    The new twist in this whole saga is beginning to make some sense. Can anyone answer the questions raised by the PG Commander? I guess not.

    If the soldiers were captured on camera shooting like very one have been singing then the commander will be proved wrong.

    I remember soon after the shooting ED was asked about the soldiers and he said he is yet to see the video and a lot of people thought he didn’t want to admit but now its makes sense. They were just waiting for the right time becoz if they had defended themselves that time vanhu vaingoramba but now the commission will exonerate them.

    Chamisa have one problem of spying on himself achifumura ma plans ake now akukangwa nekuda kwemashoko ake.

    If the soldiers shot those 6 people then they should be arrested, if Chamisa and company are responsible then let then be arrested that’s justice.

    Kana akambotadza kubudisa a correct V11 for handioni achipona apa. The name crocodile was not just given he is a one for sure.

    • Waiting for a video 3 months later when we have all seen a video of a soldier in uniform kneeling down and shooting at protesters is a clear sign that dunderheads really exist. With the security force in this country do you think someone would have shot the 6 people and 3 months down the line the person/people have not been identified. Some people should learn to use their brains at least once in their lives.

      • My friend if that kneeling soldier was firing live ammunition at people then how many did he kill and injure At that particular moment and also the six which died where they killed on the same spot or different places.its food for thought

        • Itss not about how many he killed but he is proof enough that the soldiers had live ammunition and some of them did kill the people! Come on!!! use your brains mhani, kwete kungoti food for thought for nothing.

  14. Very soon we will take the law into our hands, bloody liars they think we are fools, hiring the Chaibvaz of this world to lie to the world, kuti pfuti yange yakaiswa pa45 digrees haina kuuraya munhu, pfutseki chimbwasungata, we will deal with such malcontents and social deviance, kunyeba kwakadai kunofanira kuuraisa, better kunyarara kana usina humbowo. Nxa mhani musade kutijairira.

  15. Genesis 4 v 10 And the LORD said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. May every drop of innocent blood that touched the ground because of these men cry out loud. May heaven hear and avenge the innocents. May these men in this lifetime harvest the evil they have sowed. My God Almighty deliver us from these wicked, murderous, cruel killers

  16. Mapurisa anosunga Chamisa sei masoja akatumwa na Mnangagwa akapfura ari pamberi pemeso enyu.musava nedivi rimwe Sungai masoja akafura vanhu na Munangagwa.mukasunga Chamisa mazviparira zvaratidza kuty hatina mapurisa muZim.munenge mamupinza muhead office kupusa kwenyu munoty EU haisi kuona kudzvinyirira kwamurikuita.zvitunha zvevanhu

    • @Anonymous EU will just look at the facts provided and it looks like most people are just ranting their anger based on social media reports, etc. If you have evidence l urge you to submit to the commission asap so that the soldiers can be nailed but if no one can provide real evidece then we are back to square 1 just like what happened pa concourt.

      Also note that anger can spoil everything remember it is anger that led to the violent demos and maybe someone planted shooters ahead of soldiers so that Nelson can take the blame.

      If people just rant on social platforms instead of being part of the people providing evidence to the commission still mungofira mumbereko nekusachema commission will just reach a decision based on evidence provided.

      Revolting against the armed is not a good idea becoz its the unarmed that gts hurt, if reports are correct that on the 1st of August the town was cleared by only 96 soldiers then we better avoid violence.

      • EU has videos of opposition youths bashing people cars and they also d one of EU ‘s Prado and I was there ,I thought commission of enquiry was about finding what led to demonstrations and killings but alas the social media Pple crazy as before take it as a court case for murder

        • You thought wrong!!!!!!! The commission WAS NEVER tasked to investigate what led to demonstrations! Demonstrations happen everywhere everyday in the world including the first world countries. But when people die with state apparatus on the ground, then there has to be accountability! Otherwise, we have extrajudicial killings by the government. The commission is only there for the deaths of the people, this is where accountability is required. The cause of demonstration can be easily dealt with within the confines of the law.

  17. This is how civil wars begin, when those in power abuse state resources in order to opress & take other citizens for fools, one day is one day

  18. This circus will surely lead to CIVIL WAR you must handle it with care , the video clips are very clear , you killed and injured people and you think you will get away with it ?God all mighty will revenge accord to his word , which clearly says revenge is mine .May I prophesy that before the end of this season mumwe munhu ndiye acha vukura.

  19. Chamisa is largely to blame for this. People went into the streets after he claimed that ZEC was withholding the election results coz he had won and he had overwhelming evidence to support his claims.

    • I need you to answer the following questions Prophet Whatever.
      1. What made the people demonstrate?
      2. What do does the constitution say about the time frame of the release of election results?

      Next tym musafunge neku mh@t@ muporofita wenhema.

  20. Sad that this is our reality. Chivi hachieri musi wacharimwa. They can hide behind their powers today but their crimes will catch up with them chete.

  21. There are so many characteristics about Shumba Yekwamapanzure called Dambudzo which many of you take for granted but you might regret as a result. 1. The man knows law. Anoziva mutemo zvokuti bhe. 2. He is very calm but very descrete. Haatombopapariki Kana nepadiki pese asi akangwara satsuro magen’a.3. He is very brave. Zvivindi zvemurume uyu kana shumba chaiyo yemusango inosara pasi. 4. The man is very patient also, so it’s very easy to misinterprete his inaction as cowadice. 5. The guy is very decisive when the situation demands it. Paanenge azofunga kutora action, haadzori tsvimbo. Saka machinja furiranai Kuita rebellion yenyu but you should also brace up for possible concequences. Chamisa used to incite his supporters during campaigns and even the late Koffi Anan tried to caution him but he did not listen. When disaster struck he distanced himself from those violent demonstrations. The commission of inquiry is almost done with its work but Chamisa never bothered to show up to defend his rupporters. Sad!

    • All those points can be discredited,
      1. The guy NEVER practiced law in these lands. And even after years in gvt and heading the justice ministry he still couldn’t properly appoint a cabinet!
      2. Calm in personality does not constitute calm in leadership, there is ZERO benefit of his personality. 100 days plan? Cash crisis? Heavy handedness on August 1 response? Basic commodity crisis?
      3. He is not BRAVE at all, he ran away from Bob and hide somewhere unknown to this day. Why didnt he lead his troops then?
      4. Patient, yes of course with his adversaries not leadership.
      5. Divisive not decisive. Joice Mujuru ouster he was involved, denied lacoste and led to the firing and incarceration of his supporters (Chris, Pupurai et al).
      When disaster struck he runs away as usual (Tholotsho declaration). the guy akaramba all his lacoste guys in front of everyone so dont talk about Chamisa

      • May I also add that we never hear of his bravery during the currency of the real war of liberation but only after against innocent civilians during (i) Gukurahundi (ii) 2008 when Bob had conceded defeat to Tsvangirai, and (iii) 31-08-2018 when Chamisa had reportedly crossed the 2million mark ahead of him. I also agree with you Nhema Dzako that these so-called characteristics are typical of a gangster and for personal survival only, for they have never added anything to the country’s Gross Domestic Product for all the more than half a century he has been in leadership and can only be celebrated by an imbecile.

  22. Mthreezero wataura zvandanzwa chaiko social media reports dzakuvadza mafungifo edu last time we were happy thinking ma V11 aripo wanikwe hapana iyezvino we are basing with social media vidios tichazonzwa zvonzi hazvisizvo futi plz vanema evidence endai nawo kuommission nokukurumidza

  23. This is akin to accusing the sons of the Gukurahundi victims of murderering their fathers. So with Gukurahundi is the primary evidence available, pane proper video footage of the ‘genocide’ here, if not then ingori ngano, chasara kungonzi vaiurayana vega ma ndebeles. Zimbabwe inorwadza vakomana. Nehanda ndozvaakafira here izvi.

  24. INI NDINOTI are you telling me that the soldier who was aiming at unarmed civilians belongs to CHISA then CHISA must be the President then to have such heavily armed army asi unoona ne nzweve here kana kuti ne the fifth word in your contribution thank you.

  25. Comment…the true and only true shall set you free. We might be wish , eloquent , brave or even powerful but when the days of rupture come , we will be left on an open space

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