Parirenyatwa challenges Mnangagwa

Former Cabinet minister and Zanu PF secretary for health, David Parirenyatwa yesterday challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s appointment of an Anti-Corruption Investigation Unit, arguing that he was taking the issue to the Constitutional Court (Concourt).


The trial of Parirenyatwa, who is facing criminal abuse of office charges, was expected to start yesterday, but his lawyer James Makiya asked magistrate Bianca Makwande for postponement of the matter, saying the accused had engaged Advocate Lewis Uriri, who is out of the country and will be back after three weeks.

Makiya then filed a notice to apply for a referral to the ConCourt for a determination on whether Mnangagwa’s formation of the anti-corruption unit falls within the laws and did not violate any statutes.

The lawyer said a full application will be presented in court on the next remand date.

The State, represented by Brian Vito from the President’s Anti-Corruption Unit opposed to the postponement, saying the ConCourt challenge will not stop him from going ahead with the trial.

However, magistrate Makwande postponed the matter to December 11.


  1. All those who have sold their souls to Zanu PF please be warned. It will be your turn to be barbecued at some point when your usefulness expires. Nothing lasts forever and forever is a very long time!

  2. Parirenyatwa ngaarege kuda kurebesa nyaya, kana ane mhosva ngaasangane ne mhosva yake

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