Norton loses thousands to illegal water connections

NORTON Town Council is losing thousands of dollars to illegal water connections by some unscrupulous residents.


Norton town secretary Kizito Muhomba recently confirmed the development and said they had since captured and penalised some of the culprits.

Although Muhomba could not give names, a senior council official named one of the culprits as Howard Muchoko, who like many has been using council water illegally for an unspecified period until he was intercepted recently.

“Our police department has captured one of the culprits, who they say was watering his garden using an illegal connection from his next door neighbour’s unoccupied stand. The accused was fined $575,” he said, adding that such acts constituted theft.

Muhomba said while council would naturally protect the identity of its customers, illegal water connections was rife such that there was need to stop the practice.

According to Muhomba, Muchoko, was said to have been caught red-handed watering his garden while illegally connecting to his neighbour’s house.

Harare City Council has also faced the same challenge with unscrupulous residents illegally connecting water.

The authority also reported early this year that there were more than 20 000 unregistered connections for water and water waste.

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  1. Its a shame that we still have such type of journalism who rush to publish stories that are not authentic and driven by corrupt tendencies. At least he was supposed to have verified this with the Norton Town Council. This Freeman Mukopa is a huge disgrace. Why are you getting into unnecessary internal politics. Please you will ruin your career if you continue on this path

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