Mzembi has colon cancer: Lawyer

FORMER Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi, who is facing three cases of criminal abuse of office at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts, is suffering from colon cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy in South Africa, his lawyer Job Sikhala said yesterday.


Sikhala told magistrate Hosea Mujaya that his client was not in wilful default, but is currently detained at a South African hospital where he is undergoing treatment.

“Your worship, we pray that you issue an administrative warrant since my client is not willfully defaulting. The accused person is currently in hospital. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in June 2018, and we have managed to furnish your sister magistrates with current medical reports of the hospital where he is detained,” Sikhala said.

Sikhala told the magistrate that “with the engagement of the State, we asked for the postponement of the case”.

The Prosecutor-General was also aware of Mzembi’s health status and prayed that the court issues him with an administrative warrant, he added.

Mujaya issued Mzembi with a third administrative warrant and postponed the matter to December 4.

Zivanai Macharaga appeared for the State.

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