Music divas invade ghettos

LOCAL female musicians will from Saturday take their music to high density suburbs in a series of shows dubbed Divas’ Ghetto Invasion.



The gigs kick off with a show at Usahwira Bar in Highfield’s Cherima section.

Project co-ordinator Sasha, famed for organising similar shows under the banner China Chemadzimai, said reaching out to the ghetto was the only way female artistes could get recognition in the dog-eat-dog music industry.

“We want to challenge the male artistes in their favourite hunting ground, which is the ghetto,” she said.

“So, we will be taking the divas into the ghettos from Highfield to Mufakose, Mbare and St Mary’s in Chitungwiza.”

Musicians expected to be part of the gigs include Tendai Chimombe, Ammie Jamanda, Lady Storm, Pauline, Mama Rachie, Mel B, Wanai and Alice.

Sasha, who fronts the group Talking Guitars, said she was mobilising resources for the gig on her own, although a handful of promoters have come on board.

“I will be using the funds that I am getting from my other gigs to host the ladies while some promoters are willing to support,” she said.

“The owners of Usahwira Bar are bankrolling most of my projects. They are more like project partners.”

Sasha, a former backing vocalist and dancer at Progress Chipfumo’s Sound of Motherland, said female musicians should not sit on their laurels and challenge their male counterparts.

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