Mupfumira speaks to London investors

London, 8 November 2018 — Zimbabwe is open for business – this was the strong message heard at the Invest Zimbabwe Forum held in London on Thursday.

In her opening address, Hon. Priscah Mupfumira, Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry reminded investors that Zimbabwe is now open for business, and highlighted that the country has been rated a top three global tourism destination for 2019 by Lonely Planet.

The forum allowed top government officials, industry experts and international leaders to come together to discuss Zimbabwe’s investment opportunities, and to address the challenges of operating in entering one of southern Africa’s most prospective economies.

The message is clear, invest in Zimbabwe.

The one-day investment forum — centred around the theme of ‘Unlocking Value Through Fresh Perspectives’ — was endorsed by the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) and addressed pressing topics for Zimbabwe’s investment community, including reassessing political risk in Zimbabwe, the ease of doing business and cross-sector opportunities.

A delegation from the newly formed ZIDA, led by Dr. Washington T. Mbizvo, Chairman of the One Stop Investment Services Centre, explained to delegates the regulatory and procedural elements of starting a business in Zimbabwe, also expounding on the opportunities available in Zimbabwe’s special economic zones.

Dr. Mbizvo outlined the advantages arising from the creation of ZIDA, saying that “the establishment of ZIDA sets the stage for a much more conducive investment ecosystem.”

The summit also celebrated the launch of ‘Invest Zimbabwe 2018,’ a 200-page business intelligence publication dedicated to providing an insight into the nation’s economy.

The high-profile event took place as part of policymakers’ efforts to promote Zimbabwe as an investment destination, and to assist investors in establishing and growing their businesses in the country.


  1. This minister encouraging alcoholism by urging people to run shebeens she is probably in London and will be doing her christmas shoppding while others are wallowing in poverty

  2. Mnangagwa has just rigged the recent elections and thus confirming Zimbabwe is still a pariah state ruled by corrupt and vote rigging thugs. How can a pariah state be open for business?

  3. For as much as I would like to see investment in Zimbabwe, reality is it’s not ready and conducive. I have personally tried, anyone with a successful business, if not a vendor, are likely linked to some corrupt Government official or involved in corrupt activities themselves one way or another. There is no level playing ground governed by law. The sad part is why these people who steal millions don’t invest themselves and want someone else to invest for their benefit? They don’t even bank the money to an extent of banks running dry, and they insist on people in the diaspora to send money, for how long? They are extremely greedy do, even the most useless MP was a free car.

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