Mnangagwa dumps AirZim for luxury Swiss jet

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has once again ditched the struggling national flag carrier, Air Zimbabwe and opted to fly to Guinea aboard a luxurious jet operated by Comlux — headquartered in Switzerland.


The plane, according to sources, flew from its Swiss base to Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport on Monday morning to fetch the President although the national airline had an aircraft which could have flown him to Guinea.

“Air Zimbabwe was all the years been depending on presidential trips but since the coming in of President Mnangagwa, it has become very difficult to secure those deals.

“He opts to fly with a more luxurious aircraft. But this comes with a cost as the Swiss airline is paid in foreign currency while Air Zimbabwe would have been paid using the real time gross settlement process without stressing the national purse,” said a source at the national airline.

Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet responsible for presidential communications, George Charamba could not be reached for comment as he was said to be travelling with Mnangagwa, while Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza was not picking up his phone.

But senior staffers at the struggling Air Zimbabwe confirmed that Mnangagwa did not use their aircraft and opted for a foreign airline instead.

To show that Air Zimbabwe had the capacity, the airline flew to Tanzania although not at full capacity. It could have cashed in more had Mnangagwa chartered its plane.

In April, Mnangagwa reportedly blew $2,3 million to charter the same plane on his State visit to Beijing, China.

Attempts to get a quotation from Comlux were fruitless as their marketing department had not responded to e-mailed questions from NewsDay.

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  1. Airmiles ED on the road now.

  2. If he takes Air Zimbabwe this means there will be flight cancellations on scheduled Air Zimbabwe Flights given their current depleted fleet.

  3. Same charter company used to get to UN meeting in New York in September.

  4. He could have used a bus, though it would have taken a week or so to arrive but that’s what the country can afford for now, we eat what we catch in the bush

  5. Zimbabwe is cursed……

    1. Comment…cursed are the leaders not the nation

  6. And the president says he is the harbinger and personification of a new dispensation of saving as compared to former president Mugabe when it comes to flying out of the country! He is even worse and what is he doing in Guinea anyway? What benefits will accrue from this jamboree besides only depleting our meager foreign reserves? In the meantime, the ordinary man and woman in the street is struggling to find the same forex to buy basic commodities which are now charged in US dollars. He should stay at home and solve the economic quagmire we are in right now. Talk about misplaced priorities! He should know that the Francophone countries are so beholden to France that nothing will come out of this jaunt which will only serve to fatten some civil servants’ pockets through per diems etc. He should stay at home and solve the problems we are facing period!

  7. He did the right thing since there are still Mugabe employees at air zim who can not be trusted. Ti’s all about security.

  8. Stealing the presidency from Mugabe, stealing the presidency from Chamisa, stealing from citizens via 2% tax, corruption with Queen B, corruption at Hwange, corruption with Chivhayo, hiring private jets for Grace Mugabe, hiring private jets for S.B Moyo, hiring private jets for himself. The list of failures keeps getting bigger yet nothing improved since Mugabe gone

  9. we are more concerned about Pres Mnangagwa safety…Air Zimbabwe still contains toxic and suspects who is after him.i think he is doing a right thing. after all Air Zimbabwe cant close or make a loss because President is not touring with it. Air Zimbabwe don’t hide on the back of the President try to improve your standards and aim high ..President is not the key to the maximasation of your profits Air Zimbabwe

  10. Comment…@matigari u can say that again!

  11. Panashe Taruvinga

    Hazvina basa izvo we concerned with the health of the President only bcz the Mugabes are still working there

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