Mnangagwa, Chamisa head for showdown

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to proceed with his party’s anti-government demonstrations despite threats of a ruthless crackdown from President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.


Chamisa’s party secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, however, said the party has no appetite to remove Mnangagwa from power, but wants “key national questions” resolved.

“We do have plans to demonstrate and the aim is to force authorities to address key national questions, including governance, legitimacy and devolution.
Like all other previous demonstrations we have held in the past, these will be peaceful and the party leadership will go out of its way to make sure of that and exercise restraint,” Mwonzora said yesterday.

“It has never been our intention to depose anyone from power.”

MDC Alliance organising secretary Amos Chibaya said the date for the demonstration will be announced this week. “The demonstrations will be this month. We have a right and the Constitution gives us that right,” Chibaya said.

On Tuesday, Home Affairs minister Cain Mathema claimed government was aware that the opposition was plotting to unseat Mnangagwa.

“The government is fully aware that some elements want to register their displeasure on the recently announced economic austerity measures and whip up public emotion to aid their selfish political expediency,” Mathema said.

He warned that government would use force to break up any “illegal demonstrations.”

While Mwonzora claimed Chamisa has never agitated for Mnangagwa’s removal, the youthful MDC Alliance leader has in the past few weeks been telling his supporters to prepare for a showdown with government.

“We are planning to have the people’s vote respected. We won the election on the ground and it was stolen, but the economy’s performance is testimony to what happened.

“You must ride on top of those trucks bringing flour into the country. You must find ways to get to Harare when we give the signal,” Chamisa told supporters in the border town of Beitbridge last weekend.

The MDC Alliance denied it was planning an insurgency and instead accused the national broadcaster ZBC of spreading hate speech.

“As a matter of fact, the MDC is not and will not plan any insurgence, but will continue to encourage Zimbabweans to exercise the right to demonstrate peacefully in line with section 59 of the Constitution,” the party statement said.

Meanwhile, Chamisa will this weekend hold “thank you” rallies in Mashonaland East province.

“Basically, we are holding rallies to thank the people who voted for our president. We got victory against all the odds in as far as the presidential vote is concerned,” party spokesperson Jacob Mafume said.

“We are thanking them and explaining the efforts that we are making to get back the vote. We are asking what they want us to do going forward after we have been to the courts and engaged the international community. What we are doing now is to seek a mandate for peaceful demonstrations. So far the people want us to claim our victory in the streets and in the next two weeks, we should be done with the consultations.”

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  1. Here I can see Chamisa trying to forge his own legitimacy in the opposition at the expence of peace and tranquility of the whole nation and this must never be allowed. Chamisa needs to look for legitimacy in the leadership of Mdc properly at congress next year. Of late, he has been causing havoc in the opposition by suspensions and expulsions of perceived enemies and it must end there and Ed needs to make this loud and clear.

    1. Define havoc

    2. Comment…that’s it!

  2. fokofu wena nja farai

  3. The so called anonymous needs to be reminded that in order for him to understand the language of a dog, he has to be a dog also. Imbwa inotandara nekukurukura neimwe imbwa saka chenjera kuzvituka. Tinoda hunhu netsika dzakanaka muZimbabwe.

  4. Chamisa lost the issue of legitimacy twice, in the ballot box and at the Constitution Court. Its high time Chamisa should solve his party problems such as replacement of city mayors. Instead of thinking about legitimacy he should find ways of contributing to the economy of the country.

  5. Comment…iwe farai wakanwa zungunde chairo urika mbwanana kanozosvinura kapedza vhiki mbiri

  6. People with no facts like @Anonymous resort to insults and vulgar. Isnt this discord when the secretary general of MDC says they want national issues like governance resolved yet the so-called president of the party says they want to reclaim victory in the street? How does a person in the street claim victory without resorting to violence or clashing with the person in power? Musazoti hatina kumbokuudzai and very soon you will be claiming victims yet you always provoke. Makadyiwa zvakatopera better kubhadhara zvikwereti nemari yauri kutambisa Chamisa iyo. Trump will never see a second term in US muchasara mava pamhene

  7. Bikela Bikaz Janana madhogodhogo

    Wezhira Wezhara, you are totally lost in fact you are like an ostrich that hides its head in the sand and pretend that all its problems have gone away.The blunt truth is that the free fall of the economy is a result of Mnangagwa’s legitimacy issue.He knows that he did not win the elections fairly even if the likes of you continue to bark in his corner.Should people just keep quiet when their vote is stolen in broad daylight?People including Chamisa have a right to protest at anything that they believe is short changing them as enshrined in the Zimbabwean constitution.USA presidents have come and gone since 1980and you have never stopped calling them names.Donald Trump is not gonna be the last president of USA.In your warped and zanunised minds you think kuti ma sanctions anokumbirwa as you always say “Chamisa akaenderei ku America kundokumbira masanctions”Idiocy cannot come any worse than this. This is the highest level of stupidity.Chamisa does not have a say in the American affairs.They dont even take action based on hearsay,but by the situation prevailing in any country.Most of those in the USA Adminstration do not even know the existence of Chamisa but zanu pf fed you with all this sanctions rubbish and you fell for it.Dai ma sanctions aikumbirwa ,most of the countries where the opposition fails to win the elections would all be under sanctions on account the leaders would just go to USA and tell them to put their country under sanctions.The sanctions were a way of trying make the zanu pf leadership stop human rights abuses against their own people and to stop stealing from the govt coffers to avoid killing the economy that should benefit everyone instead of a few fat cats.Sanctions are just a way trying to make a govt accountable to its people.How nmany people have been abducted?How many people have been displaced?How many people have been tortured?How many people have been arrested on flimsy charges,how many people have been raped?How many zanu pf ministers have been involved in plundering the state resources with impunity?How many people have been maimed and killed for not supporting zanu pf?The list is endless ndopaunonzwa rimwe sascum richiti makadyiwa chete.Ndohwa hurombo huzhinji nevakadaro.They are not doing their children a favour of inheriting a well run economy devoid of the patronage system which is common with the zanu pf mafia party. In short all those that are supporting the status quo,mune hutsinye to the coming generation.Munopenga! to borrow the former first lady’s favourite way of describing thick headed people.

    1. protest after protest without strategy is what got the mdc in this position .this is the story of mdc since long ago.these marches they don’t change anything history is proof of this hazvibatsiri izvi

      1. sometimes you have to keep on persuing your dream no matter what, critics are evry wr i think MDC is right they have to fight for their own right and u knw the truth.

  8. I always wonder how some people still want us to believe that these will be peaceful demonstrations and when things go wrong they blame it on ZANU (PF). We all saw what happened on 1 August 2018, and the same people who agitated for the demonstration hoodwinking people that an election had been stolen later disowned the demonstrations. Mwonzora you are a disgrace and agent of the devil. Mwana wani warikuda kuita sacrifice. Will your mother, father, wife and children be with you in the fore front of the demonstration? Only agents of the devil want to sacrifice other people’s lives. Biti wanted to run away after the 1 August demonstrations. What I know is that whatever we do here on earth is being recorded by the Judge and if those who purport to be pastors and God fearing read the book of Revelations, especially Chapters 20 – 21, one day we are going to answer. Whilst people are dying on our roads, mumwe munhu arikufunga zvekuurayisa vana vevamwe vanhu because he is power hungry. I also tend to blame Zimbabweans who are gullible and want to be used by people who use high soundng words that mean nothing. Governance, legitimacy, are these in the MDC Alliance?

  9. Musazo tungamidza vafana wasina ma achievements kumberi nemiwo musiye mabasa enyu, nemhuri dzenyu, your studies mopindawo muma streets kana kuri kurohwa kana kufa mofawo kwete kuhukura makahwanga.

    I am not against your constitutional right as your toothless bull dog leader claims but chakashata kuswerotiitira noise muchiwawata pasina zvinozobuda. Vazhinji munotya munenge muri kudzimba kwenyu nekuma office wafana wemusombidhia wachirhwa kuma demo uko.

    As it is l dont see any change ichabuda apa kana makangwara start working towards 2023 otherwise muchati nyaudza futi marohwa muna 2023 macho. Mukaswera muchitsvaga zvakapfuura muchikangwanwa mucha funding for 2023 muchazotinetsa makuda tuma donations.

    Ngano dza Nero dzawandisa pasina chinobuda. wega nyika hauigoni mwanawe chitoshinga pwmwe ungazohwina maelections nerimwe gore izvi zvekuti l will force ED to step down kanganwa. You seem to forget ED’s back bone, last year this time the former head of state fired him but the army brought him back. Improve your intelligence first and only then you can start dreaming of state house.

    Too many you are now just an empty vessel zvawaii taura before election, during and after hapana kana one chawakazo budirira.

    You are fading away bit by bit

  10. Indeed .Well said Makombe. Kundo uraisa vanhu,iwo ne hama dzawo wakazwipfigira mu dzimba.

  11. God has a way for Zimbabwe the people`day will come

  12. Comment…

  13. Gata Mukwidzaunorwadza

    Comment…Chinodiwa chete imi vakuru veMDC-A ivayi muri pamberi mberi.

  14. Chamisa this is Zimbabwe endakumberi ufe kanazvaoma

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