MDC scoffs at ‘maverick’ Cross

THE opposition MDC has reacted angrily to suggestions by former party policy chief Eddie Cross that Zimbabwe’s economy is on “sound footing” and set for a take-off.


Cross, a founding member of the opposition party, retired before this year’s elections, but has always been outspoken, with comments running at tangent to those of the party’s position.

And at the weekend, he went one step further.

“The emphasis of ‘being open for business’ and the start made in returning to the international playing field has elicited considerable private sector interest and I, personally, have a list of private sector projects that, if implemented, will involve the investment of $30 billion and will generate many billions in new exports and hundreds of thousands of new jobs,” Cross said in an opinion published on his blog.

“This was impossible under [former President Robert] Mugabe.”

In response, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume said Cross was a known “maverick” prone to seeing things that do not exist. ads Ads

“Eddie Cross has always been a maverick prone to see colours with different eyes. He can look at a green object and tell you it’s black or red,” Mafume said.

“He is retired and a living example of why it is important to retire when you reach a certain age, lest you harm yourself or society.”

The Harare councillor said Cross was suggesting that, unlike most businesses, he was getting hard currency from banks through normal channels.

“We hope all is well because he sounds as someone getting his pension in hard currency or as well as money from automated teller machines [ATMs]. The country he paints looks like some other place that is not Zimbabwe, but then, this is Cross and we have to forgive him. He is an old man,” Mafume added.
Cross was not available for comment.

In August, while the opposition was claiming that the July 30 election had been stolen, Cross opined that the country had gone through its best electoral process since the beginning of political contestations 54 years ago.

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  1. Ngondi Kamupinya

    Eddie Cross is at the “crossroads”.

  2. Maphozho Saruchera

    MDC Stupids scoff at ‘maverick’ Cross – ma chinja agara haadi kuudzwa chokwadi.

  3. But Mafume why hate on Eddie Cross honestly? does it mean kuti if you are in opposition there is nothing gud u can say about what would be happening. I dont think u are being an opposition here but rather doom sayers.

  4. but why hate on Cross really? he is saying what he thinks is happening. suddenly he is subject to ridcule nana Mafume. MDC is more of doom sayers than it can be an opposition. Ndoska varikuramba kuita Official Office of the Opposition, because zvemumatrench ndozvenyu

  5. Jacob Mafume is always on attacking mode. Eddie Cross is a revered economist and is entitled to his opinions. For sure under the new dispensation, the economy is on the rebound. Export value has increased by 18.1% to US$3.01b from US$2.55b realised in the period Jan to Sep 2017. The country has broken its production record output in gold & tobacco.
    – 2017/18 season Zim broke the 236 mil kgs produced in 2000 by producing 252.5m kgs (US$737mil);
    -1st 10 months of 2018, gold production yielded 30.3t (US$1bn), surpasing the best output of 27.1t in 1999

  6. where did Cross went wrong here. He just commented on what exactly is happening, the economy is growing and showing positive signs not zvesabotage dzeopposition.. Zim is rising..

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