Magaya faces lawsuit over HIV ‘cure’

THE Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights (ZADHR) has ordered Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Wlater Magaya to retract his claim that he had found a cure for HIV and Aids within the next seven days or face legal action.


In a letter written to Magaya yesterday and seen by NewsDay, ZADHR chairperson Brighton Chizhande also demanded that the cleric immediately stops distributing, marketing and selling the product.

The association noted that Magaya’s actions were in violation of the Medicines and Allied Substances Act (Section 15:03) and demanded that he makes a public withdrawal of the claim.

“While we have no dispute with innovation and discovery of drugs, we argue that due process of proving clinical efficacy and safety prior to any advertisement and distribution is of paramount importance. As ZADHR, we give you notice to take remedial action within seven calendar days of this notice by withdrawing all products that purport, claim or infer that they cure HIV and Aids from the market forthwith, and making a public statement that withdraws your initial claim to have found a cure for HIV,” Chizhande said.

He said Magaya’s pronouncement was “malicious” and “poses an existential danger as defined in the Public Health Act”.

Magaya’s spokesperson, Admire Mango, said he could not comment as he was attending a funeral.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged Zimbabweans on anti-retroviral treatment (ART) to continue taking their medication despite Magaya’s claims.

WHO representative to Zimbabwe, Alex Gasasira, said in a statement yesterday that people on ART “can enjoy healthy, long and productive lives”.

He said such people must continue with prescribed medication, as there was still no cure for HIV and Aids.

“There is no cure for HIV infection. However, effective anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs can control the virus and help prevent transmission so that people with HIV, and those at substantial risk, can enjoy healthy, long and productive lives,” Gasasira said.

“Zimbabwe has very well-established procedures for clinical trials. Clinical trials are the process by which any new medical approaches, including drugs, are rigorously evaluated to determine whether they are safe and effective in the prevention and/or treatment of any ailments.”

The WHO representative said it was important for every new treatment for any ailment to be subjected to the Health and Child Care ministry’s national clinical trial processes and procedures, and warned those on ARV medication to exercise extreme caution should they want to try new medicines.

He said Zimbabwe had experienced a reduction of Aids-related deaths by 63% in the period 2010 to 2017.


  1. This action raises a lot of questions. You wonder why, ‘hana dzavo dzave busy kurova’. The medicine is not being sold yet.

    Prophet Magaya in his own words stated that he will wait for Government to conduct clinical tests. He said it is the Government of Zimbabwe which will announce to the world if indeed the medicine cures HIV and has any side effects.

    One wonders why ZADHR is adopting such a hostile stance and not spearhead the systematic tests to verify or disprove the medicine. Only time will tell.

    1. Sungai its so unfortunate that we have muppets like you. Magaya cannot have his cake and eat it. He even said the concotion will go on sale this coming sat. If it is true he was suppose to follow due process not to jump the gun like what he did.Obvious the “night of turnaround” is ard the corner

      1. mutongi this is all double talk you obviously don’t have a clue of what was really said by Prophet Magaya. you are eating what the press is telling you .ZADHR why don’t you put the cure to test if it works or not .Asi zvozonyadzisa hazvowo kuti imi madoctors you couldn’t find a cure then mumwewo wamaishora ouya oti iyo cure iyo kunyadzisa kwazvo

  2. Proper place for criminals is jail, you were told bring it for clinical trials you do not want and you hold to it and you decide to fleece unsuspecting poor zimbos, make quick checks on the confiscated samples and publiscise results to expose this guy,never these tricks under ED regime you may have gotten away with it during Bobs time but now its a new team in control and they do not tolerate crap.

    1. Eliasha .from your comment it now all makes sense to me now.i wondered why you always have something negative to say about everything positive thanks for answering me .

  3. ZADHR is benefitting from AIDS levy. Once Prophet Magaya’s discovery is proved by the gvt, then AIDS levy will stop automatically and this fake organisation will become poor. I dont see any crime in discovering new drugs for our country. When ART was discovered, noone bothered in Zimbabwe and Africa at large to ask about the due process.

    Now a black man has discovered what cld be the largest forex earner for the country, people are talking of law suits. They are failing to see the positive. Upto when can Zimbabwe develop its own drugs whilst we sue the one who is trying at least. A lot of immunizations have come and affect our wives and children after the gvt announced that it had done all the due clinical processes, to the extend of losing life.

    After all, Prophet Magaya said he would wait for the gvt to do its tests and then go public. If you listen properly, he emphasized that people must not stop taking their ART. So where is the problem

  4. Uyu munhu wamwari mungango mutue henyu but kutaura chokwadi hapana paanombo kurudzira kuti vanhu vasiye mishonga yavanenge vapiwa nana chiremba he always say let the doctor stops you.Kuvenga munhu tingavenge hedu but sometime hazvirevi chinhu.

  5. @eliasha, much as it is your individual right to praise ED & crew, I find their chameleonic stance on forex and corruption very disturbing. It appears state capture by Tagwirei is in full swing at the expense of broader national development…IMHO. What happens if he dies tomorrow?

    1. What i know is that the new team in charge have no kind words for crooks and what happened prior to elections were the likes of Kuda splashed suspected party leaders including some key opposition figures is now all water under the bridge, its now time to tame con-artists ,corrupt guys and so the list goes on and on, its a new dawn and the bottom line is that under the new environment anyone who want to capitalise on the poor has no chance including prophets who conned congregates by coming up with miracle babies, miracle oil and so forth, the time is up and chikurubi doors are now wide open,you place a foot wrong and next time you are with the likes of Gumbura for a couple of years, thats how it is.

  6. Mapusiro akaita vanhu vanoenda to such cults masquerading as churches I personally believe they deserve to be fleeced. Black people munombobhaizika ne pfungwa sometimes. In developed countries tuma church utwu would be considered cults and placed on FBI watchlists.

  7. Why cant you give this man a chance to prove himself then we can judge.

  8. Even if his drug is tested, the govt wont reveal the true results. Scientists from developed countries will snatch the drug and make some innovations giving the impression that, the drug was manufactured in those countries. The very same drug will be exported to Zim instead of Zim Magaya exporting it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG IN MAKING EFFORTS TO FIND AIDS CURE. THE DOCTORS ARE BENEFITING FROM AIDS LEVY AND THE HATE ANYONE COMING WITH A CURE FOR HIV.


  10. And you talk as if these tests will take a month, efficacy and clinical trials take years. This Fella has already calculated his profits, done his adverts, he has no intention to put it through tests

  11. As one commentator said, Magaya should prove the authenticity of his drug by testing it on himself. He should get injected with HIV/AIDS first, take the concoction, and prove after 14 days that he has rid himself of the infection. Easy. Very, very easy. Otherwise he continues fleecing the less sophisticated and gullible.

  12. We are sick and tired of these so called ‘prophets’. They have been forcirg lies down our throats since day 1…i prophesy gold is going to rain from the sky, miracle money (currency ) in the banks, says another. These people do not respect any form of religion, they are blasphemous. I shudder to hear even the press / Government addresses them as prophet so and so… who awards them such accolades? after conducting what tests

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