Knives out for Mutsvangwa

WAR veterans in Mashonaland West have recommended the recall of Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association leader Christopher Mutsvangwa, accusing him of being selfish and disrespectful to President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

By Everson Mushava/Nunurai Jena

The decision was reached at a meeting in Chinhoyi on Tuesday.

Headman Moyo is tipped to take over.

Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Cornelius Muwoni confirmed the meeting and the decision by the former freedom fighters to recall Mutsvangwa, but was not at liberty to divulge the reasons.

“Yes, I can confirm that the Mashonaland West war vets provincial council recommended that Mutsvangwa be recalled from the leadership of the association with immediate effect, but I cannot give reasons at the moment. Get in touch with me tomorrow (today), and I will furnish you with all what you want,” Muwoni said.

But sources who attended the meeting at Cooksey Hall in Chinhoyi said the presidential adviser was recalled for, among others issues, being “unfaithful and self-centred”, disrespecting Mnangagwa and the executive, as well as creating divisions within the organisation.

According to a communiqué produced after the meeting, the war veterans claimed the decision to recall Mutsvangwa was unanimous, accusing the former War Veterans minister of causing divisions in the association through his utterances that also put the name of the ruling Zanu PF party into disrepute.

“At the above meeting held today at Cooksey Memorial Hall in Chinhoyi, it was resolved that Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa be recalled from the ZNLWVA national executive committee of the organisation with immediate effect,” part of the communiqué read.

“Reasons for the recall: unfaithfulness, self-centred, lack of respect to His Excellency and the Executive, creating divisions in the organisation and making utterances that brought the name of the organisation in disrepute, a thing unexpected of a member of the politburo.”

According to the communiqué, Mutsvangwa would be issued with the dismissal letter in due course.

However, Muwoni was quick to point out that the provincial council had no power to recall the ZNLWVA chairperson, but could recommend to the national executive like what they did.

“He (Mutsvangwa) has made many utterances that are not good, and we have decided to recommend his recall because we are afraid the utterances will take us all in the mud. Recalling him is sending a message that we are not part of his utterances,” Muwoni said.

Mutsvangwa, who has been out of the picture because of ill-health for the better part of the year, two weeks ago stirred a hornet’s nest after he accused fuel mogul and command agriculture benefactor Kudakwashe Tagwirei of capturing the State.

He claimed Tagwirei was given preferential treatment in Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s foreign currency allocations, which the mogul would then use to fuel the black market.

The war vets chairperson claimed there was need for the liberalisation of fuel procurement.

Attacks on Tagwirei forced Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, responsible for presidential communications, George Charamba, to go after Mutsvangwa, describing him as Mnangagwa’s ex-adviser, who had now resorted to fake politics after failing to penetrate the fuel industry.

Tagwirei has close links to both Mnangagwa and his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga.

“That is where we differ with our colleagues. Go and provide evidence because culprits are not dealt with by headlines, but they are dealt with by handcuffs, and if he has got some information, please, can he help the system?” Charamba said last week.

“It’s not that if you are fronting a rival planning to bring fuel, then you retreat in the political deck because you cannot stand the heat in the boardroom. No! That is not acceptable.”

Mutsvangwa yesterday declined to comment, describing the developments as a charade.

“I will only comment when there is gravity, not this child’s play,” Mutsvangwa said.


  1. We must understand here that the Zimbabwean Government is essentially a kleptocracy whose sole purpose is the primitive accumulation of personal wealth at the expense of the general populace,Mutsvangwa has rocked the boat and threatened the collective interests of all corrupt and unethical individuals both in the public and private sector and so the thieving club has been regrouping over the past weeks and they are now coming after him and other guys…they have managed to bribe publishers and journalists….hence the sudden loss of interest in this Queen Bee saga,which means if they succeed in muzzling these individuals they would have succeeded in silencing us the general populace and the looting will continue.I admit that this Mutsvangwa fellow is a dubious individual but we must give him credit for shedding light corrupt activities of public officials….

    1. great piece

    2. Well put. The local Medellin Cartel is re-strategizing to silence all dissenting voices against their nefarious activities of State capture and Chris Mutsvangwa is one such target considered too dangerous to their institutionalized corruption. These Mashonaland based war vets are merely court jesters and cheerleaders with a solid history of sycophancy to those in power. Remember Chinotimba? Chinoz was singing lyrical praises to Dr Amai then like the biblical Peter later disowned her before the cock had crowed the proverbial three times in the wake of the fictitious new dispensation (ostensibly a new lootocracy from Midlands and Masvingo.)The Mashonas have no shame at all and will whine lyrical to anyone who promises them crumbs from the lofty table.

  2. sorry mutsvangwa the jawbreakers will not save you from this one

    1. Actually its Zimbabwe you should be sorry for. I don’t believe in Chris’ philosophy but he seems to be the only person in ZPF with the balls to stand up to authority. In that respect, imho, he’s a MAN. He dosen’t seem to be a bootlicker like the rest.

      1. you are wrong if you are part to a club you dance to its tunes if you want it your way you form your own unit thats how it is in life and it will remain like that, standing to authority will get you booted out and the club will remain unshaken

  3. Ciao Comrade motor mouth. You should have known better.

  4. So Mr Editor, why do you block my comments that are not incendiary at all? Where is my freedom of expression which I thought your stable of newspapers religiously promote and protect? I am not vulgar, either. What is the matter?

  5. I was expecting an investigation on the alleged cartels not the other way round. War veterans should learn to slow down, do more listening than talking no wonder why the majority of u live in poverty becoz you can’t define your interests, for the record the interests of economic cartels are not yours. We all look to you to provide direction but you are proving to be one of the biggest liabilities of this nation. Mutsvanga made serious allegation of state capture and corruption which every patriotic zimbo shld not accept. Why firing him instead of putting a commission of enquiry to dig dipper. The gvt was on record urging people to come forward with any information on economic criminals and Mutsvangwa is a Zimbabwean citizen he did it now you want his head, what a rubbish. If you don’t want people to talk then you are the real economic criminals.

  6. I don’t have much sympathy for Chris but quite frankly the guy put up a gallant fight in the removal of Mugabe last year. Apart from that the entire bunch all deserve to fire themselves from Zim politics for good

    1. I have learned NEVER to sympathize with any Zanu Pf person.

      (P/S: remember Matemadanda, kutonga kwaro, Chinamasa/Chinotimba saying it was Zanu who removed Mugabe etc)

  7. Comment…Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Kiri was very vocal against Dr Joice Mujuru and RGM. Zvaiwana gwarati. Hokoyo ED. Pasi nejunta

  8. The bottomline is ….is the prez really clean? Does he have no skeletons in his cupboard? Chris will provide some answers, I bet.

  9. Remember Ed is also a war veteran. He will not allow the dismisal of cardres willy nilly from their positions because that would amount to a dangerous precedence which would also similarly threaten his position. Procedures have to be followed in which all provinces take part not just that someone in Mash West province is salavating for Mutsvangwa’s Position. People like George Charamba should also clarify when they uter such statements whether they are talking on behalf of the president which i doubt very much.

  10. Chris is not a push-over and ED is very much alive to that fact. The so called warvets of Mash West have a short memory, Chris lost the zanupf primaries in Chinhoyi but threatened ED with a bhora musango who then re-instated him only to lose to Themba Mliswa. Chris is not going anyway infact he still remains a special advisor to the President.

  11. ngaaende ngaaende anechi superiority complex chinobhowa.,..chekufunga kuti kugona kutaura chirungu wave better than everyone else….he shld sit down

  12. Natural Insight

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