Josh Kays in double launch

TOP gospel musician Psalmist Josh Kays is set to do a double launch of a single titled Jesu Kristu and a book on worship under the title I Heard a Voice on December 1, at Kingston House in Harare.


Josh Kays, who had initially planned to release the single only, said he later found it prudent to launch the single simultaneously with the book since the latter carried an important message for worship musicians and the church at large.

“I will be releasing a new single titled Jesu Kristu and a book about worship called I Heard a Voice in the beginning of next month. I wanted to release the single first, but I later thought that the book could be helpful to musicians or even churches as we enter a new year. That’s why I am going to do a double launch,” he said.

Josh Kays said the book touches on several issues, including how gospel musicians struggle to please their fans by dishing out new songs instantly, forgetting the role of the Holy Spirit in worship music.

“The book mainly talks about forces that many musicians face, and this includes the pressure from friends to release song after song or to give something new. This pressure from the surroundings is eventually making gospel musicians forget that the Holy Spirit is the one who gave them the hit song,” he said.

“When you lose hope and when your friends and family are nowhere to be found, Jesus Christ is there to help us. He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. That’s what the single talks about.”

The double launch is going to be free of charge.

Josh Kays is well-known for his runaway hit, Aripano.

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