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It’s not the trouble that troubles!


“Avoid what is strong and strike what is weak. Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy without fighting,” once advised Sun Tzu in his classic book, The Art of War. That’s a life requirement. It is for the real life hustlers. Life is not a straight foward journey.

Motivation: STEVE NYAMBE

Life is a long winding one. It is one journey that can be inspiring or really boring. It has its bright sides and its dark, frightening parts.

Sometimes it turns dark and give you situations that may be hard to accept and difficult to believe. All this mustn’t make you tire.

That’s the reason why its’ called life.

Remember “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence,” (Helen Keller).

The cake

Life may appear like a cake. Appetising and palatable to the eye, but sweetness and bitterness is what makes a cake to be what it is.

A cake is made with different ingredients to teach us different life lessons.

Life always demands deeper digging, not the laggards who scratch on the top. It calls for strong mental toughness. This means you must be positive no matter what happens.

Just “keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you,” (Walt Whitman). Follow your positive track. Don’t stop following.
Being positive gives you an upper hand when you are in the battlefields. It nourishes your soul to move forward.

Even in the valley of death, with positivity you won’t be shacken. Positivity gives power. It empowers. It creates energy and a strong sense of appetite to face future challenges.

Darkness may strike you. But it’s what you choose to look at and see that matters. Such an attitude can make you a winner, nomatter which road you take.
What you tell your mind always translates to be your reality. And what you fear comes to you.

Reality is not determined by what is on the ground. Reality is only determined by how you decide to look at a situation. That decision helps in shaping the true you.

It’s not the problem that is a problem. It is not the trouble that troubles.

It is what you choose to do with that. Some problems can take you up the sky, while the same problem can drown someone into the bottom part of the sea.
When they come don’t waste time and your energy cursing the sky. No matter how many curses you pronounce against the sky, the sky will never change its colour to suit your demands. The sky will remain as it is because that’s how it must be.

The story of the 12 spies

Twelve spies were sent from the wilderness of Paran to spy the land of Canaan.

When they got there, they were supposed to see if the people who dwelt there were strong or weak, how many they were, if their leadership was good or bad and whether the land was productive.

They all went. This was the time of first ripe grapes. When they got there, “they cut down from hence a branch with one cluster of grapes and they bare it between two upon a staff and they brought of a promegrade and of figs,” (Numbers 17: 23).

Different reports

But when they returned, they gave different reports. Some said it was for them to possess the land. They were convinced that the land was theirs. They saw themselves as having won the game. Not as losers. They regarded themselves as victors, not as victims.

But surprisingly others who went with them were convinced that it could not be done. They said they would not be able to go up and fight against those inhabitants. They were just engraved in fear. Fear had turned out to be their greatest hinderance.

They all saw the same thing

One surprising thing is that they all saw the same land, but when they came back, they gave different reports.

One report was clothed in negativity and another was anchored on positivity.

You may be in the same situation, but choose to see things differently. Some may look at you and think that’s your end. It can only be the end if you believe and accept that.

If you are temporarily down, it doesn’t mean you are out. If you fail, it does not mean you are finished.

They may say you are now completely finished. While others may say you are finished completely. You still have a chance as long you are alive.

It can only be over, after you are dead and buried. But even if you are buried, you still have a chance to resurrect. So chances are always there. Some may see an economic melt down, but don’t just melt together with them. Choose to see everything anew and differently.

Choose to sing a different song with a new rhythm. Even if you sing and listeners say you are out of tune, continue singing.

Sing as if you are singing from a different hymn book. Just sing. That sound’s reverberation will soon be enjoyed.

It’s not the problem that will leave you psychologically tattered and torn. Choose to be strong, for being strong is a choice.

When they complain, don’t complain with them. It can be done. Be blessed.

Steve Nyambe is a motivational speaker and leadership coach. Email: leadershiptouch@gmail.com

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