In Pictures: MDC Alliance Demo

THE opposition MDC Alliance yesterday said it was unfazed by threats and discouragement over today’s street protest while the police warned “some elements are planning to cause violence, disrupt the smooth flow and the peaceful environment”.

Pictures by Shepherd Tozvireva

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  1. Does Chamisa really think that he, as president, with 2/3 Zanu PF parliament can achieve anything?

    I agree that ED rigged the elections and that he and his Zanu PF party must step down to allow the country to appoint an interim administration that will be tasked to implement the reforms and hold fresh free and fair elections. A Chamisa president and Zanu PF parliament is a waste of time.

    Besides, other than Chamisa himself no one else has ever verified the 2.6 million votes he claims to have won. Chamisa has failed to get it into his head that his position of “elections are free and fair only if I win” is a nonsensethat no one in the right mind can ever subscribe to.

  2. The Herald of all Truth, says the demo a monumental flop……..videos on social media prove otherwise.

  3. Herald is so stupid. Check headline re Herald, hanzi the demo was a monumental flop. The herald guys are foolish.

  4. The beautiful ones are not yet born

    What is it that makes a demo successful?

  5. Demonstration chabuda hapana.

  6. It is the love of God. God gives you a choice and Only a demon forces itself on people

  7. Your Name (required):Special Black

    Some people seem to be educated when they are not. They only have the word ‘WIN’ in their political vocabulary. They think if they demostrate they attrract the G20 summit as well as trying act, whilst the commission members are still around, as if they always carryout peaceful demos, not the 1 Aug.The truth is MDCA under the current leadership wants to trigger civil war in this country. Tsvangirai did not do it coz he was mature and could unite people.

    1. better to have a civil war

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