I’m not fazed by arrest threats: Chamisa

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa says he is unfazed by threats of arrest by the police and will continue to do his party work as usual.

By Everson Mushava

This comes after the acting officer commanding (crime) Harare, Detective Chief Inspector Edmore Runganga early this week told the commission of inquiry into the August 1 shootings led by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe that the police would soon arrest Chamisa for allegedly inciting his supporters and ordinary Zimbabweans to protest.

Runganga said police were still clueless on who was responsible for the shooting that claimed six lives when members of the Zimbabwe National Army fired live ammunition in a bid to quell post-election violence, but plan to arrest Chamisa for “causing” the demonstrations.

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga also told the commission that the police planned to arrest Chamisa “soon”.
“He can be arrested any time soon. The evidence is there, the documents are there, crime does not rot like meat, he will be arrested,” he said on Monday.

But Chamisa retorted yesterday, telling NewsDay that his hands were clean.

“I have clean and harmless hands. I am, however, equally concerned that police want to link my statements at rallies and calls for electoral reforms to the violence that occurred on August 1,” Chamisa said.

“My statements are known and are in the public domain and they are not in any way related to the unfortunate development of August 1.”

Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda also said his principal was not moved by the threats of arrest and would continue with his work as the leader of the party.

“He is not moved. He will continue to do what he knows best,” Sibanda said.

Earlier on while making a presentation at Hudderfield University in United Kingdom on the History and Outcomes of World Tyrants, Sibanda said Mnangagwa would have crossed the Rubicon if he arrests Chamisa.

He said Mnangagwa was one of the many world leaders who have resorted to use of violence, torture and harassment on opposition supporters.

Sibanda said threats to arrest Chamisa all but show that Mnangagwa wants to maintain his position in that “premier league”.

He said Chamisa was briefed three months ago that Mnangagwa was planning to nail innocent people for his political gains.

“Even by Mnangagwa’s own standards that he set throughout his life, of impunity, disrespect of the law, he will be crossing the Rubicon if he decided to arrest president Chamisa,” Sibanda said.

“He will be crossing the Rubicon. He will certainly be visiting no-man’s land to be so reckless as to arrest the leader of the largest opposition political party in the country.”

Sibanda said Chamisa had always committed to dialogue, not violence, and would not be deterred by threats, especially when he knows he hasn’t committed any crime.

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  1. Its not a threat but real arrest as there is too much evidence which you need to defend against in court as the nation saw a lot of videos were reckless utterences stiring violence were made which culminated in the disturbances which took place in the country so the courts need to work on this so that you give your side of the story, but it can only happen once you go behind bars Mr Man

    1. Have you used the evidence of August 1 shootings? Evidence is there in the public dimain, so are witnesses but the shooters and their commanders are still roaming the streets. Shame on you

      1. i have the electronic evidence

        1. Muchapembedza n,anga inobata mai vako, wat evidence are u talking about.
          Even ndikakuti enda unoba ukabatwa ndini ndinosungwa here. Demonstrations are a constitutional right kana usati waudzwa nevanokutuma. They always have been happening in Zim, its not a crime to demonstrate…hapana nyaya even ikapinda mudare nhasi.How can be people so shameless and cruel, because ukupiwa mari, dirty money for that matter. Shame sitereki.

  2. just a week inside will knock sense into him tomuunza ku court in leg irons takamupfekedza juzi ra Chipanga he will be as humble as a puppy,… anenge akakurira kwa Mbuya kwaunoita madiro kuchingonzi kazukuru manje this is Zim unotewedza gwara rewatongi uchingotongwa

  3. Have you used the evidence of August 1 shootings? Evidence is there in the public dimain, so are witnesses but the shooters and their commanders are still roaming the streets. Shame on you

  4. Let justice be done as nobody is above the law but we should avoid witch-hunt.

  5. The videos of soldiers in the public domain so far do not give any evidence of killing. We only see soldiers shooting in the air. Even that kneeling soldier triggers his gun while tilting it at a very steep angle meaning that if any people were short at that particular incident, they were either up in a tree or at the balcony of a multistorey bulding or up on top of a mountan. If he shot people on plain ground in town, those people were as tall as trees or cell phone boosters.

    1. Constantine Mhindurwa

      Imi baba itai mushe imi

    2. You have the brain of a vampire. Could you be the rogue soldier?

  6. Vakomana wakatamba nengwena wachita yakavata.

    Who would have thought ED was going to set up a commission of inquiry to help expose these 2. Clever indeed.

    Kana masheedzwa ne commission musazorambowo kuenda pliz tikuda kunzwawo mhinduro dzenyu under oath.

    Commision ngaisheedzewo gogo Chamisa vatiudze kuti why waisada nero parufu rwemwana wawo KKKKKKKK

  7. Every opposition leader in Zim since independence has been intimidated & locked up one way or the other. It’s the zanupf way & there’s absolutely no need for Chamisa to fear archaic political methods which have never worked in the end in silencing anyone. Not even a toddler in kindergarten can be afraid of such a threat anymore

  8. I double dare the so called ED and Chiwenga and Police to try and arrest the President of Zimbabwe. Kana manga musati maona imwe version yema Zimbabweans ndopamuchaiona. Try it I dare you.

  9. Mwari ngavapindire panyaya ye corruption irikuitika pa Delta Beverages Mutare Depot. Isu vasina ma connections hatichawani madoro achipihwa vemu town. Corporate governance inoti vashandi ve Delta havafaniri kuita mabhawa asi almost all the senior employees vanawo and vamwe vane ma shares mumabhawa ari maMutare nekumamisha. Saka mumabhawa aya ndimo munowanika ma doro chete isu tichiswedzwa tiri pamutsara. The problem ndeyekuti vakuru vakuru vacho varimo mu game iri uye vanoshanda pamwe na journalist Zhakata saka ma complaints edu haanzwiki. Chokwadi tobudawo here mu business nokuda kwe corruption. Hurumende ngaitiwanirewo imwe company inobika doro kuti industry iyi iite competition.

  10. We want justice in the country, everyone should be brought to account for their actions, statements. zvekuti zvakataurwa parally or where ever should not stop justice nekuti parally painge pakazara vanhu not miti. People should not be reckless taking advantage of the situation in the country.

  11. why not arrest soldiers who killed in the 1 Aug Gukurahundi?

  12. macomrades aremerwa nekutonga,daidzai Zec pamwe Chigumba ane plan.

  13. Let the truth come out because i am seeing people bringing in facts about the incident but facts can be brought but not the truth.

  14. So Elisha did Chamisa shot those people?

    1. A person who wanted to discredit the elections shot the people/ A persorn who wanted to seek international attention and to make sure that Zimbabwe burns killed the victims? Why is it that no one is coming forth to the commission and say he/she saw soldiers shoot the civilians? The victims were not all shot by the kneeling soldier, vamwe vakapfurwa nani? Akazviona ngaauye kucommission.

  15. maiti ed pfee muchitoti pfocho ipopaya muchamama nebond imbwa dzevanhu

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