Harare scouts for waste management partner

Harare City Council has tasked the town clerk Hosiah Chisango to source for partners to turn waste into energy as the local authority seeks to increase its revenue base from available resources.


Minutes of the business committee tabled at last week’s full council meeting state that councillors tasked Chisango to engage potential investors in waste energy production so that a joint venture could be entered into.

“Efforts were underway to invite partners and an advertisement to this effect would be published inviting such potential partners to make presentations to council,” the minutes read.

In 2017, council attempted to engage a private company for a joint venture deal to construct a $100 million waste management plant at Pomona dumpsites, but the deal collapsed after the tender expired.

The then State Procurement Board was supposed to adjudicate over the tender which was submitted in 2016.

Council was then told to restart the process and follow the provisions of the Joint Venture Act which requires that the city should send a proposal to the joint venture unit (JVU). The JVU is responsible for considering project proposals submitted to it and assess whether or not they are affordable to the government or any of its parastatal or enterprise intending to enter such agreements.

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At least six companies had shown interest in the project and now council will have to invite them afresh before a determination is made.

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