Ex-Zanu PF terror leader spills the beans

THE ruling Zanu PF party’s dirty tactics of allegedly using security forces to manipulate elections and deal with political foes through abductions, torture and smear campaigns were laid bare as former terror leaders spilled the beans under oath before the commission of inquiry investigating the August 1 post-election violence.


While the commission, which is chaired by former South African President Kgalema Motlanthe, is investigating, among other things, the killing of six civilians, allegedly by members of the Zimbabwe military, the party’s former commanders of terror walked the commission through the dark arts that have enabled the revolutionary party to cling to power for nearly four decades by using the military, State security agents and its militarised youth wing.

Former Zanu PF provincial youth leader Jim Kunaka told the commission that one of its commissioners Charity Manyeruke was a key cog in Zanu PF’s alleged terror campaigns.

“I am shocked that as commissioners you are seating with Charity Manyeruke, she is actually one of the architects of violence in Zanu PF, when I was provincial chairman of Zanu PF we actually sat on the same table planning how to attack and beat up MDC supporters. She was my commander and she sent me on errands of violence, currently she is the secretary of the Zanu PF women’s league in Mashonaland East. Manyeruke is dirty. I don’t want to answer any question from this woman,” Kunaka said.

Manyeruke responded by saying: “Chairman, mine is not a question. Let me set the record straight. I’ve never sat in any meeting with Jim Kunaka.”

She did not respond when Kunaka threatened to spill more beans and produce more evidence against the commissioner.

Kunaka said during the 2008 general elections Zanu PF youths met with members of the military at the Zanu PF headquarters basement where they received instructions to defend the revolution after the late MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai had won the election against former President Robert Mugabe.

“There is a meeting that took place in the Zanu PF headquarters basement. Zanu PF had lost elections in 2008, we were called, especially me by the military personnel and I was told that Zimbabwe will not have a power transfer through a pen and ballot paper. I was told to go and defend the revolution, I was told to do anything and you know what I did,” he said.

Following the meeting with the military and ahead of the presidential run-off vote, Kunaka, who was leader of a Mbare terror group called Chipangano, then led a violent crackdown on MDC supporters in the bloodiest election in Zimbabwe since the turn of the millennium.

The testimony gave members of the public and commissioners a sneak peek into how the military has been dabbling into civilian politics and propping Zanu PF’s stay in power. Kunaka said the new dispensation had not broken from the use of the army, torture and abductions to retain political power, citing instances where he was abducted beaten up and left for dead on allegations that he was a member of G40 – a faction in Zanu PF which elbowed out along with former President Robert Mugabe in the coup of November last year.

“Zanu PF devours its own children, let me tell you in 2014, I was kidnapped by members of the military intelligence, one of whom is part of your security detail, they beat me up and when they thought I was dead, they dumped me close to Chitungwiza. During the 2017 coup the same people came to my house – the military and the Zanu PF people – they destroyed everything in my house, beat up my wife and children because I had ran away,” he said.

Kunaka said Zanu PF was behind the August 1 violence which rocked Harare in an effort to justify military intervention which killed six people.

“I am saying this so that you know where these issues of violence are coming from. If you refuse to toe the Zanu PF line they will deal with you … The noise that happened in town was sponsored by Zanu PF, because they knew they had been defeated in the past elections so they sat down and planned the violence to justify bringing in the military and blame it on the opposition. We used to do this when I was in the party,” he said.

Former Zanu PF Harare provincial political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe broke down as he gave testimony of torture, abduction and theft of his property by the military during and after the coup.

He told the commission that he was subjected to electrical shocks and beatings after being abducted at Rainbow Towers in broad daylight by members of the military who also stole $50 000 from his vehicle sales company.

Mashayamombe, who stood accused of fanning violence and supplying MDC youths with alcohol on August 1, distanced himself from the demonstrations, saying he was not part of the protests because he was in Harare South at the constituency command centre with other candidates as results of that constituency had not been announced at the time.

He told the commission that Zanu PF had a habit of paying and sponsoring fake witnesses for the sole purpose of soiling the image of political opponents.

Mashayamombe said he was being targeted because he had a close relationship with Mugabe and had been part of the agenda to push out President Emmerson Mnangagwa from the party.

Another former son of Zanu PF, Paddington Japajapa gave what he called eyewitness evidence before the commission, saying he saw soldiers firing into fleeing unarmed citizens. He said the soldiers killed two while he watched.

Japajapa said he later learnt that another person had been shot dead by a police officer who was guarding the Zanu PF provincial offices.

The officer, who appeared before the commission two weeks ago, denied shooting anyone, but said he had fired 25 warning shots into the air.

Ballistics evidence presented before the commission by Superintendent Tsitsi Paradzai showed that AK47 assault rifles were used to fire shots into Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions head office and also the six civilians who were killed.

Paradzai, however, said because the scenes had been tampered with at the time of her forensic investigations, she could not establish which gun the bullets had been discharged from.

Police only did ballistics investigations three months after the shootings, she added.

Post-mortem reports by medical doctors show that the six dead had been killed with high velocity guns which Paradzai said were in the range of rifles including AK47, and not pistols.

National Reaction Force and Presidential guard commander Anselem Sanyatwe last week told the commission that he suspected the dead could have been shot using pistols by the alleged MDC military wing, the Vanguard.

Top MDC officials including party vice-president Morgen Komichi, secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora, chairperson Thabitha Khumalo led a group of rowdy parliamentarians from the party who kept interjecting as witnesses gave evidence to the commission.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, who was expected to take to the witness stand yesterday did not after the commission refused to entertain his lawyer Thabani Mpofu, who wanted to appear on his behalf.

Commission spokesperson John Masuku said Mpofu was not given audience because they wanted to speak to Chamisa.

“It was a matter of procedure they want to speak to Chamisa, not his lawyer, we are still expecting him to appear before the commission. There is still up to November 25 from him to appear before the commission, including Tendai Biti, who is out of the country on Parliament business,” Masuku said.

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  1. Well done Jim Kunaka. That was an excellent presentation which exposed the junta. We cannot continue being oppressed anymore. We need more young men like you who tell “truth to power”.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, even Japajapa and Mashayamobe, ndimwi vana Saul vakatendeuka pedzisire vave vana Paul

    2. Team iri ndofunga vakatombogara pasi vasati vauya ku commision, ummm vaka zajareta ummmmmmm. Now you are saying they did well where !

    3. The truth has been said but there is no evidence Jimmy Kunaka only told us how hardheartedly he was and still is. The narration suggests that Jimmy did what he used to do in Zanu-pf to kill and he did just that on August 01, 2018. Shame on poor strategy, it back fired.

  2. The sad part of it is that Kunaka did not say how much he regrets his evil deeds and whether he had repented. How much of his violence experience he applied on 1 August would be of much interest to the commission of inpuiry. Otherwise, all those rantings were very much off topic. As for Chamisa and Biti, they can’t stand before the commission for the obvious reason that they are responsible for both the violence and the shooting as a way of smearing Ed’s government but unfortunately, everything is now known.

    1. Bvisai mablinkers cde muone chiedza.

  3. Unfortunately we are dealing with men with pure evil hearts of stone who will still want to continue defending the impossible otherwise Kunaka’s testimony is enough to wind up this inquiry & have several zanupf thugs thrown in prison forever. But then no evil can prevail when God steps into the ring

  4. kkkk Evidence yaipiwa nevanhu vakaita sana Kunaka, Japajapa, Mashayamombe can not be very useful to the commission because it was biased, out of emotions and not necessary etc. How can a fair minded person say haana kuona any demonstrations he only saw army shooting from all angles. thats why Commission did not even ask any question on Mashayamombe except to just say thank you.

  5. tendai chaminuka

    Kunaka and Japajapa trying to outdo Chaibva.Unfortunate part is that you were never zanu (p.f) but was in the party for money and power that’s why you did what you define as dirty works.

  6. Then let justice take its course. If he has confessed he must charged for his deeds and provide evidence to nail those those he have named.

    Then to the one who claimed his USD hard currency was looted there is no need to feel sorry for him, there are a lot of people in Harare South who are homeless right now because of this guy.

    We await the Amy and Zanu’s response to yesterday’s allegations, if all these are lies then you need to provide hard evidence not verbal

  7. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, Zanu PF and its military henchmen will never admit to anything. No one will ever admit responsibility to ordering the shooting of civilians. The commission, in keeping with all commissions we have had all over Africa, will not apportion any blame on anyone in authority… If anything at all, a soldier or two will be sacrificed to take the fall, arraigned before the military and court-martialed, end of story.

  8. Chaminuka, no one is purely Zanu-PF. Don’t just mention Kunaka that he was in Zanu for money. We all know many of you are there for money. The part that allows looting of country’s resources without fear.True cadres of Zanu PF are dead.

    1. so u think mu guy go on, some are jus in Mdc bcz ey were fired 4rm Zanu y ddnt ey resigned, wamwe wakatodzingwa kaviri,

  9. josphat mugadzaweta

    kkk abavuma mhosva mubatei

  10. Where is one Eliasha? We need him to comment here just like his brother Farai J Nhire who sees no evil and hears no evil as long as it is Zanu PF being talked about.
    The chickens are finally coming home to roost for the establishment.

  11. Mashayamombe kutochema wena nanhasi achiri kuchema kudyiwa kwaakaitwa pamaelections,elections are over haarambi achingoitwa, after a period of five years ndokuti aitwe akaruza no ways wait for 2023 again

  12. Kunaka should be jailed for his actions. he has come open, what other evidence is needed, saying before the commission does not make him good.

  13. Its time for everyone summoned, Chamisa not an exception, to drop their egocentrism and face the objective reality to heal the broken people.
    Devoid of witch-hunt, let us go and fix whoever we think participated in the killings.
    Going by the evidence presented by Kunaka, another commission should be formed to cross-examine those implicated in this first commission now that it has touched a commissioner among other prominent personalities.
    I however doubt whether it will finally be implemented if it touches certain ‘delicate parameters’ or its just another PR in the pipeline.
    Time will tell, nonetheless!

  14. The commission is simply doing its work, asking relevant questions but some of those invited choose to dodge the questions and instead, opt to insulting the commissioners. Kunonzi Kuvharavhara Pachikaranga. When asked to respond to wether one was involved in inciting people to violence on 1 August, one simply needs to say no, and ask your accusers to be invited to bring forward their evidence to support their allegations. You do not start insulting the commissioners as this will only fuel the suspicion that you are hiding something. Unfortutely for these guys, there is overwhelming evidence against them and it would be beter to confess and apologise before it’s too late. Jim Kunaka’s confessions in an attempt to soil Zanu Pf will only proove that he was involved in this violence but this time directed against his former allies.

  15. Nobleman Runyanga

    Jim Kunaka did not give anything new. He merely stated the usual opposition unproved and tired accusations against ZANU PF and Government in the vain hope to impress the foreign component of the Commission and to earn undeserved global sympathy. In the process he paradoxically incriminated and implicated himself in crimes which will naturally attract the attention and action of the national law enforcement agents. He has entrapped himself in the excitement of attempting to spite and fight ZANU PF.

  16. wana wedu wedu the prodical sons wachadzoka kumusha chimbowatambirai nemufaro wachadzoka wotiudza zwamaironga nawo ku Allaence ikoko mawapinza muma structures enyu ndiyo inonzi Politics there are no permanent friends or enemies they are a cut from the political rule book nxt muchazoshama mukafenda Chamisa na Ed wakutamba wese ndopamuchapepupa

  17. In the good old days there was a common saying ” Take him half-way Jimmy!” This was when people wanted a fellow to tackle an opponent. It seems Jim Kunaka tackled the Junta and its sidekicks like Sister Manyeruke “all the way”. Well done Kunaka. Ndiko kunaka chaiko uku!

  18. honestly who would listen to Kunaka a political renagade who is looking for a new home? he previously denied kuti there is no Chipangano now he is simply admitting for the convenience of his political interests. he is just but a political mercenary who is deliberately lying for smear purposes.

  19. surely since mugabe error zanupf had been killing people these are the soldiers who are supposed to guard the nation who turned to be terrorist being armed by the the chinese who give zime arms while looting the minerals look at who is mining zim they even brought in missiles for what the west is better than the looters chinese the zim army must stop behaving like terrorist nothing remain hidden forever

  20. Norman Mhonda Muchemwa

    Jim Kunaka is just bitter coz he was removed from ZANU-PF, he is a pathological liar coz on the day in question, he was seen roaming around with Biti yet he testified that he has never been in contact with him in his entire life. Jim is dirty and has more blood in his hands. He was never send by ZANU-PF but was just using the Party for his personal gains and above everything else Jim Kunaka’s ZANU-PF died in November.

  21. Jehovah Samasimba musiki wedenga nenyika. Ndimi chete muzivi wezvokwadi nenhema. Ndimi chete munoziva anenge mazaya echando kuchena neasina. Nekudaro, rangayi vose avo vanoreva nhema vakabata bhuku renyu rezvokwadi. Paradzayi avo vanodeura ropa zvisakarurama revamakasika imi nemufananidzo wenyu. Tenzi, pindirayi imi vemasaimba ose. Kana iniwo ndiri mumwe wevakadeura ropa, handirambi kuparadzwawo nemi Tangakugara, Muwanikwa Chidzivachepo.

  22. How much violence did this Kunaka guy import into MDC A. By his own admission he is a murderer. He thinks he is exposing ZANU PF when in actual fact he is exposing the violent nature that is now resident in MDC A.Facts have been laid bare. He must expose the Chipangano guys he has imported into MDC A.Kunaka and Violence are just inseparable.

    1. Jim Kunaka is an NPF member not MDC YOU DUNDERHEAD. Did you listen to his speech?

  23. Congratulating Jim Kunaka for admitting that he beat abd killed MDC members simply because he is now a ‘member’ of the same MDC is an insult to his victoms…all to spite Mnangagwa?

    1. He clearly stated he is a deputy commissar for NPF. This MDC link is just in your dull head

  24. Lets wait for date of shutdown the whole country.Ed ,CHIWENGA and compony must go

  25. Vana Kunaka na Mashayamombe ndivo vaiva pakatanga mhirizhonga, saka hazvinakupera pavakabva ku ZANUPF.

  26. If the accusations against Manyeruke are true then you are quickly losing the respect you have earned from the academic field, how then do you go back to University and teach politics with objectivity. I am disappointed in you at least until you are cleared of this shame.



  28. The ZANU PF which Kunaka refers to is the old one which was under the clutches of the treasonous G40 cabal. The expulsion of Kunaka, Mashayamombe et al cleansed the party of the rogue members who were tarnishing the good name of the revolutionary party. He has no credibility whatsoever. He is a criminal crying over cut sources of extortion

    1. Bvisai mablinkers kumeso muone chiedza cde.
      You can fool some people sometimes but not everyone all the time.

  29. Haiwawo its not a secret that Zim is captured by military generals, vanhu veZanu pf musada kungwara nhema. nxaaaaaa

    1. nhaiwe urikuti Jim Kunaka azonaka nhasi here nekuti avekutsigira MDC A uuuuu pafunge futi irovambira yapfeka bhachi chete asi hunhu hwayo inhahwo ….kunaka akakuvadza vanhu veMDC nhasi uno akuuya achiti ndanaka Zanu yakashata inhema idzo iye ndiye akashata tarirai muone kuti maelection erwondo rwuno asina iye kunaka aitwa murunyararo wani ndozvinoratidza kuti ndiye kunaka aikonzeresa mhirizhonga kuZanu achitora advantage …ini ndofunga kuti mhirizhonga ya1 August chaiyo Chamisa haana kutuma vanhu vaye kuita demostration asi Kunaka ndiye akatsvaga vanhu vaya kuti varatidzire muguta….Kunaka has a case to answer

  30. Kunaka was off topic.His judgement was based on emotions.He know they messed up by inciting violence on 1 August. Chamisa cannot even stand to defend the violence.This is the reason why Chamisa said that “it was stupid for MDC supporters to do violence before elections were announced.”He knows that demos cause more harm than good.

  31. 1). The issue is who killed (shot) people?
    2) Who had send them and with what instructions

  32. Janana Bikaz Bikaldo madhogodhogo

    There is nothing new about what Kunaka said,at least to those that see evil and hear evil when it is there.But to those that see happiness when there is a funeral,well the will always live in self denial even if some zanu pf thugs rapes their wives.They will tell you that they have been sent by Chamisa.A very idiotic lot.They think supporting a party means that even if they kill innocent people in cold blood you should continue to support them and find excuses on why they butcher their opponents.Such kind of people have killed the future of many youngsters including their own children if at all they have any.They continue to hide their filthy heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich convincing themselves that all is well when injustice is done to innocent people.Instead of sympathising with victims they accuse the victims of inviting their misfortunes.Their malicious behaviour is totally devoid of any element of humanity.They have a human body and a satanic heart.Of all the atrocites that zanu pf has committed against its own citizens not even one zanu goon has condemned them,surely can we really call these creatures people?Kunaka is spitting out everything that they used to do when he was still in zanu pf,whether he is doing to spite his former comrades in zanu pf mafia or to really find closure ,it is neither here nor there,what matters is that he spilling the beans really truthfully.Its so sad that Manyeruke who is supposed to give evidence since she is one of the dirty jobs handler in the mafia party is actually collecting evidence as one of the commissioners.What a sick joke!

  33. Chamisa cant face the commission because he know what was done was stupid.This is the time for MDC to repent and shun away from violence.Mashayamombe said he was robbed USD 55 000 from his house.Where did he get the land and the forex.We thank Zanu PF for getting rid of these crook who are also of violent nature.

  34. God will continue to expose the evil in ZANU PF . More is yet to come .It is true , ZANU PF devours its own , where is Tongogara,Rex Nhongo,Mahachi,Boarder Gezi,Elliot Manyika just to mention a few as the list is endless.Darkness will never prevail over light because Jesus died on the cross and uttered a cry of victory ,“IT IS FINISHED“.The Sovereign LORD has a plan for ZIMBABWE and no one will stop his plan for ZIMBABWE . It`s only a matter of time before ZIMBABWE enters its prophetic destination and no powers will stop that because God is on the throne.At the end , everyone shall stand before the Judgment Seat of God to give an account of His life.Just like the children of Israel who went through the wilderness on their journey to the promised land , we persevere in our wilderness as a nation as we look forward to the new ZIMBABWE !

  35. Phunyukabemphethe

    They created the dissidents situation so they could justify military action against ZAPU. They have been following his same script since the 1980s. The pattern has remained the same since!

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