Editorial Comment: Thank you rallies are not important Mr President

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to begin his “thank you rallies” this weekend in Mashonaland West province, ostensibly to express his gratitude to the thousands who voted for him and Zanu PF in the July 30 elections.

Editorial Comment

This is something that the opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has also been doing.

These are two key political leaders fronting key institutions in this country.

However, while these two protagonists have every right to thank their supporters in any way they deem fit, we believe it is wiser to be more attuned to the needs and challenges of the citizenry who are struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis.

Such gatherings require thousands of dollars and to waste large amounts of money into useless and even meaningless rallies that do not put bread on the table at a time when the citizens are struggling to purchase medication for various ailments, paints a picture of leaders that are disconnected from the everyday struggles of their supporters.

In fact, it’s all a game of power, it’s all hubris.

Such extravagance in light of the economic hardships in the country shows fickleness of mind. We can understand the opposition when they do that because they are not in government, but Zanu PF is the ruling party and Mnangagwa has a duty to deliver on behalf of his nascent regime.

In fact, it appears this is a perpetuation of his predecessor Robert Mugabe’s way of doing things — forcing millions to abandon their gainful work to make the numbers at meaningless ventures. Zimbabwe open for business? It is still business as usual.

These are some of the simple things that our political leaders should do away with as a sign of their sincerity to change and show of appreciation of the difficulties that ordinary people are going through.

Instead of holding such pointless rallies, Mnangagwa should instead, thank those who voted for him by doing things and implementing policies that will transform ordinary people’s lives. What’s the point of going to a “thank you” rally only to come back home to face hungry children, huge bills and a whole lot of other problems that the country’s leadership should be dealing with?

We believe that Mnangagwa needs people around him that can tell him the truth rather than praise singers who are helping organise these events.

The President needs people that can tell him of the sufferings of the people who could really benefit from the money that is pumped into these rallies, which after-all are not profitable in any way. All they will do is to pamper the political leadership’s egos.

Any transformation agenda should be inclusive of the way we do our politics and rid ourselves of traits of the Mugabe’s era.

Gathering people for rallies long after elections will only keep the nation in election mode at a time people are supposed to be working and contributing to the development of the economy.

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  1. All this nonsense just goes to show how vision-less ED really is. Busy trying to copy or outdo Chamisa even when he is President of the country shows lack of confidence, focus & direction. Anyway we are not surprised

  2. It was worth an ear when the minutes of the rally are brought forward for review and analysis and the message be diagnosed word to word. If i was to ask the author the agenda of the meetings by both parties he would hardly hit the solid truth.

  3. Surely it appears even media houses have ears but cannot hear that we are in a New Zimbabwe.
    In the New Zimbabwe there is separation between Government and the Party in so far as ZANU PF politics is concerned.
    For the first time in the history of ZANU PF, the Party now has heads of department working on a full-time basis at Shake Shake. The Party programmes are self-funded.
    Amongst a host of other interactive programmes is the Thank You Rallies. This is a Party programme. And as if to prove his commitment to Gvt programmes it has been slated on a weekend. Also to prove commitment to Gvt business the rallies are coming after Cabinet has held 8 sessions.
    Surely those against the Thank You Rallies are those wishing the detachment of President and the Party from the people. But it will not work. ED believes in servant leadership ….let the listening President meet those who voted him into office. Why should Zimbabweans be concerned about how ZANU PF uses its money one might ask

    1. How do taxpayers distinguish state money from party money? or state newspapers from party newspapers or state broadcaster from party propaganda carrier?…the line is very blurred as it is. Tax payers feel cheated whenever Zanu pf uses state property for private party business.

      1. Gvt business is coordinated by the Chief Secretary of the Office of Cabinet and President Dr Misheck Sibanda and funded through Treasury whose head is Prof Mthuli Ncube.

        On the other hand ZANU PF business is done at the ZANU PF HQ popularly known as Shake Shake and funded by its Finance Division whose head is Cde Patrick Chinamasa. People can easily follow up on the source of money by checking with the service providers.

      2. Tax payers and Zanu PF are one and the same for some.

        At the same time The People and MDC are one and the same for other group.

        All depends on who is talking!!

  4. Let us learn to prioritize issues. We should thank the people by deeds (service) but not the usual social gathering rhetoric.

  5. I find the thank you rallies strategic if the properly masterminded. These should present an opportunity to create a common and shared understanding of Govt’s vision, policies and implimentation plan so that it cascades to the ordinary person whose individual work should aid into the broader picture of taking his/her community and at large Zimababwe to the next level. vise versa the current administration should use these rallies to probe further the challenges facing communities and probe home grown solutions for same.

  6. I dodn’t think people must be concerned about what a neighbor does behind his four walls. Zanu PF is not using Government money. It has its own money which it must use in any way it likes. You only have the right to complain if you are a Zanu PF member.

  7. Zanu PF has its money which has nothing to do with national treasury. As a result, nobody outside Zanu PF must complain on how it uses its money

    1. What brought down Zupco or Air Zimbabwe? Wasn’t it Zanu PF which used these resources and never paid for them? You talk of Zanu PF is such grand terms as if its a very successful business when it is actually broke…by their own admission.
      Thinking and pretending to think are worlds apart.

  8. The way ED tries to outdo NC boggles the mind really and Zanu followers who only yesterday were telling us it is a useless exercise are busy defending it……….remember during campaigning; NC went to food outlets and we all saw ED at Nandos in Chegutu, NC had a fun run and we know Gweru was the venue for ED’s, all this after criticising then doing it hahahahaha.

  9. Chamisa is fine to rally his supporters in preparation for the mother of all demonstration however ED is very wrong to alert his supporters about this plans ,they should keep quiet and let Chamisa stole the show.No no no ED must tell his supporters also to defend their vote at all cost. Are we not heading for a civil war.Tell your young that it is very easy to start a civil war but very difficult to stop it.Instead of concentrating on how electrol reform can be speeded someone is dreaming about the state house only three months after election shame on agency of sanctions you failed to kill the people of this great nation with your sanction now you are agitating for a civil war shame shame

    1. What part of “great” still remains in Zimbabwe, the ruins, perhaps? Because they are increasing in size to cover the whole country.
      It is “once great nation”..past tense bro bro….past tense. kare kare.

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