Editorial Comment: Is Mnangagwa morphing into another dictator?

THE scenes in Parliament yesterday afternoon just before the presentation of the 2019 National Budget by Finance minister Mthuli Ncube were unbelievable. Police fighting with and pulling at opposition Members of Parliament to drag them out of the chamber like a scene from a Theatre in the Park play. Except this was real and pictures were being beamed to a worldwide audience.

Editorial Comment

The crime? The MPs had booed when President Emmerson Mnangagwa entered the chamber.

When the dust had settled and the pesky MPs had been shut outside, the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda thundered: Emmerson Mnagwagwa is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and no one must be allowed to hold any other opinion.

That is an extra-ordinary declaration from a man who is supposed to uphold the tenets of democracy in an institution which is supposed to be a beacon of the highest levels of democracy in the country and whose composition is as a result of supposedly sacred democratic principles.

Female MPs were dragged and pulled at and their undergarments were exposed. During all this drama, Mnangagwa sat stony-faced like an angry King Tut.

He could have stopped this nonsense, but chose not to, watching as his lackeys harassed representatives of the people for not doing obeisance to him.

So we ask: Is Mnangagwa morphing into another dictator? Judging by the scenes in Parliament yesterday the answer is a resounding yes.

It is unfortunate that Mnangagwa seems to think he should be impervious to criticism. Zimbabwe is supposed to be a democratic country unless he means to say he is omniscient and therefore can do no wrong, which is preposterous to say the least.

After 37 years of Robert Mugabe’s disastrous heavy-handed reign which was ended by the very guns that had propped up his seemingly iron grip on power, one would have thought that Mnangagwa ought to know better than to borrow the old emperor’s clothes and then some.

Perhaps it is time to remind Mnangagwa that the number of votes he garnered at the July polls are almost equal to MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and that the authority conferred to him as President does not extend to harassing the legislature.

Is it any wonder that the United States, while renewing the sanctions under the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act in August, noted that Zimbabwe had no ‘culture of democracy.”

This is where the need for skilled and wise diplomacy comes in. Of course, diplomacy does not provide salvation, but it does provide hope. So what happened in Parliament yesterday was untoward, uncalled for and a public relations disaster to say the least.

While Zanu PF continues to insist that they do not need the MDC Alliance, the truth of the matter is that they do and the many doors that should have been opened for Mnangagwa to make his rule smooth-sailing will remain tightly shut.

The Speaker’s decision to call in the police was also overzealous. This is a job that should have been done by the sergeant-at-arms.

We believe it is this kind of overzealousness that can lead to regrettable consequences just like what happened during the August 1 shootings.


  1. The question to ask Mr Editor is , “When are your party MPs going to stop behaving like profound idiots? ”
    ED has really restrained himself because he doesn’t believe in answering the barbarism of Chamisa’s MDC with barbarism. He has , to my utter dismay, continued to remain quiet even under the most severe provocation. Yesterday, Mr Editor-cum MDC activist, you wanted ED to usurp the power of the speaker of Parliament and start barking orders in Parliament? What a shame! Chamisa could have done that because he has no respect for constitutionalism! ED wouldn’t do that & thumbs up to him.

    1. The only barbarism is coming from ED’s side. He sent the army to shoot people and he sends his goons to manhandle elected officials. Every incidence of terrible violence in Zimbabwe see ED’s naming popping up all the time, try again Musoni and I am not an MDC or Chamisa fan for the record.

  2. ‘Action speaks louder than words’ ED’s attitude is a sign of prospective general failure of his gvt and his leadership. He is loosing the confidence he has from the beginning, now he tend to be radical.

  3. Is booing not a right?

  4. ED is very stupid

  5. They also made complete fools of themselves at the commission of inquiry hearing on Wednesday and had to be restrained by commission chairperson Motlanthe. MDC is a total disgrace.

  6. elections were made your jiggies thumped making ED the democratically elected leader evn Mugabe who on the eve of elections supported Chamisa agreed to the results and congratulated Ed its a sign of political maturity evn Sadc&AU gv thumbs up

  7. Danayi Pazvagozha

    Mr Editor, you wield a very dangerous mind to believe that democracy means anarchy. Tell me, is your daughter free to bring his boyfriend and sleep with him at your home in the name of democracy of cause. So you think it is democracy when MPs boo a president of a country? Apparently, Mr editor, you have displayed your lack of Maths at O level because of the lack of thinking laden in your editorial comment. You spoil the otherwise very good newspaper

    1. Obama got booed in US congress sometimes and the British argue face to face with their premier all the time. So whats so special about your ED that you don’t want him booed? Is what you want is a Kingdom then go establish it elsewhere.

  8. Idiocy at its highest level- mature people trying yo copy behaviour if EFF members from across the border. EFF is much younger than MDC yet MDC is busy trying to copy what the EFF is doing, even where inappropriate.Shame sitereki tinokunyarirayi guys, you are showing that you just do not have brains of your own!! Tsvangirayi muat be turning in his grave.

  9. Wena Editor, don’t be flipping excited over nothing.Do you really understand the doctrine of separation of powers or you are just playing dumb?

  10. The speaker was over zealous and the law does not condemn what the opposition did,so editor is right when he offers his perspective it should be from a legal stand point so emotions dont count just like in a court of law.Yes the MDC was wrong in a way but rights are rights,should be respect and the president should take it in his stride thats maturity and the speaker was very emotional hence he made an irrational decision.Those scenes make Robati look like a saint.

  11. The only barbarism is coming from ED’s side. He sent the army to shoot people and he sends his goons to manhandle elected officials. Every incidence of terrible violence in Zimbabwe see ED’s naming popping up all the time, try again Musoni and I am not an MDC or Chamisa fan for the record.

  12. Satsha bakithi

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